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Red Oak News, People, Places, Things, December 30, 2013

Happy Birthday to you if this is your week and to: Barbara Hertlein, Nickolas K. Titus, Michael Grant, James Kress, Betty Theaders Marshall April Mullins, Donald Dick Taylor Dotson Ron Flannery Carlie Higle Carol Hoffman-Orr , Amanda Lucas, Mary A. Brierly, Allison Prine, Carolyn Chandler Deaton, Leon Salisbury , Cassie Higle, Sarah McNutt Ronald Yockey, Ruth Brown Bick, Janice Bunn, Suzanne Thomas Hopkins, Clinton Hanselman , Harold Wardlow Brenda Young, Nancy Dick, Ruth Brown Johnson , Susan Taylor, Robin Mills, Elvis Presley, Wm Flaugher Jr, Rhonda Frodge, Cheryl McClain, Louella M. Black Shelton 

The Salisbury Christmas was a very exciting time. Since September three new babies had arrived. Two of them was
grandchildren of Kristel Titus-making me great aunt two times, and one is the great grandson of Don and
Nancy Salisbury-making me a great-great aunt. Oh boy! Blink, blink and wow time is gone! Congratulations to all!

Shirley Brierly enjoyed Christmas holidays with numerous visits from friends and family, Christmas eve and 
Christmas Day visitors was Mary Howelett. Christmas evening dinner was enjoyed at the home of Angie and 
Danny Polley. Cathy and Stephanie Morgan and boyfriend Nick, of Columbus/Black Lick came down Friday and 
they all went Ripley's 50's. Diner for the evening meal with a stop at specialty shop of Rocking Robin's on
Front Street, Ripley, and ended the evening at Angie and Danny's. Gary Morgan, of Englewood, spent the weekend 
with his Mom and telephone visits by son Raymond Brierly working in San Antonia, Texas and sister
Kerry Stamm of Greenwood, Ind. 

Lately, Shirley Brierly, Xavier Salisbury and Mary Howelett made some Christmas rounds visiting our friends in 
Higginsport and then traveling up to Georgetown to visit with Gloria Ulrich and Gus. And at the "bosses" request-that
is Xavier-we dined at Georgetown McDonald's. Here he was very pleased to receive in his meal the very
Ninja Turtle that he desired. It is always a good day when things like that work out.

After this Mam-maw Mary celebrated the thrill of Christmas morning unwrapping gifts with the grandchildren, 
and as they prepared to go to Mam-Maw and Papaw Gallenstein's this Mam-Maw's day was still eventful.
I decided to partake in the generosity of the Georgetown Methodist Church's invitation to come for their annual
Christmas Dinner. I also extended the invitation to two other ladies to ride and partake of this generous meal
with me. One lady, Karen Robinson, accepted the invitation and we enjoyed a very tasty meal, and a take out
meal was presented for the other lady. I so very much appreciate the Georgetown Methodist Church 
for this annual ministry. After taking Karen back home the meal was dropped off at the other ladies house and
then a visit to Shirley Brierly's house where we shared a pot of coffee before giving her a lift over to Angie's
house. Quite a full day for the BlssU mobile.

Having a prior commitment I missed the annual Christmas eve services at the beautiful historic Red Oak Church
looking so very beautiful in it's Christmas attire. The following is a report given by Donna Woods.
"Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! To all the congregation and guests that attended our very, very special
Christmas Eve Service! Thanks to the members of the congregation that participated in the service, Barb and
Sarah Campbell on the piano, Paul Woods on the harmonica, Mary & Joe Bick for decorating the church, and
all others who worked behind the scenes so that we could enjoy this time to honor and celebrate the birth 
of Jesus. Special thanks to Dale Ryan for accompanying Barb 
on the piano, to Steve Prickett for playing the guitar, and Nathan Woods for delivering the message.
" Many, many thanks to all!!!

Red Oak is so very blessed to have great worship leaders and people that love Red Oak Church. Yesterday, seemed 
like a special message when Presbyterian historian, Ronnie Moffett, told many things that I did not know.
Very interesting and special.

Donna also reported that the shoe-box ministry that Red Oak Church participated in designated for
Operation Christmas Child Samaritan's Purse went to Burundi, Africa where half of the population is under 14. 

The annual congregational meeting for the Red Oak Church will be held January 12th. 

My heart was saddened very much to hear of the deaths of three precious babies during Christmas holidays.
Two families I do not know but cry because of their loss while remembering a death of a little girl at Christmas
while I worked at the hospital. I have always believe that deaths of children have no place in the world but for it
to happen at Christmas time is unreal. 

The death of the third baby was a miscarriage, the grandchild of Dan & Tammy Henning. Dan, was one of the 
ministers who prayed for my very ill newborn niece. They prayed prior to a revival service at Russellville many years
ago and the Lord heard that prayer and she was healed. Dan and Tammy also conducted healing services at 
Red Oak a few years back and now I ask for prayers of grace and mercy for them as they travel through
life-learning experiences.

Every day I learn of more and more loved ones with health issues. One of them is my radio friend George Morgan III. 
I have known George and his precious parents since the days that the Full Gospel Business Men International met in
Maysville, Ky. Many, many blessings to you George, Janet and Mark.

George is not the only one traveling a rough road right now. Please pray for your neighbor. You have no idea 
what they are going through or what their loved one is going through that is affecting them. 

One of the greatest gifts I received at Christmas this year was the Dr. David Jeremiah Study Bible. Oh my, the 
historical notes and how Dr. Jeremiah explains each verse bringing the words into our everyday life is really great.
Another friend invited me to their Bible study which she thought was in James. It was somewhere else but mystudy
of James with Dr. Jeremiah made even that study more personally understanding. Many, many thanks for this bible!
To learn more about this bible and what Dr. Jeremiah 
says about James and his ministry, the apparent half-brother of Jesus call me at 937-392-4261.

One thing I want to stress, in these days where fear seems rampant, Please, please, please watch your words.
Life and death, according to the Word, is in the power of the tongue!!! It has been said that even before praying praise
the Lord for his grace and mercy in what you are about to say because the enemy is out seeking who he can devour 
and could hear/might hear what is being said and might/could say himself, "OH, YEAH let's just see about that!" 
reeking havoc on precious, innocent words. My personal opinion is that ignorant, useless, jesting words could 
be/might be why bad things happen to good people!?!  

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things, December 28, 2013

I received notice this week of something new at Faith in God Fellowship. This church is located south of Russellville, Ohio beside George Miller Road. What is going on you say? Every Friday evening at 7pm the church is hosting Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholic Anonymous. For more information please call Dave Houghton at 937-515-5670.

By the time that you read this it will be next year, the year of 2014. I praise the Lord for the learning experiences of 2013 and looking forward to the year that can be divided by seven. On the seventh day the Lord rested, so Peace be to your storms and rest in the manifestation of the calm according to The Word.

Happy, Happy Birthday and Anniversary to you if this is so and to: Corrine Adamson , Warren Frost, Ronald and Berta Snider, Doris Martin Cooper, Elizabeth Helen Titus, Warren Frost, Curt Rau, Gwen Dawley, Morgan Gelter, Louella C. Aldridge Gullette, Dorothy L. Saddler , Sarah D. Baird Taylor , 

Albert S. Baird , Jeffery Clifton Jr., Shelley Daulton Inskeep, Amy Davis, Yvonne Kemmenter , Angie Wright, Earl L. Fisher, Erica L. Fisher, Vane Johnson, Rachel Sawyers, Dan Edmisten, Retta Fite, Sigrid Erickson, Cindy Lewis, Ed Roberto, Alice and 
Ronald Spires, Joan Weis, Kevin Yockey, Barbara Hertlein, Nickolas K. Titus, Michael Grant, James Kress, Betty Theaders
Marshall, April Mullins, Donald Dick, Taylor Dotson, Ron Flannery, Carlie Higle, Carol Hoffman-Orr , Amanda Lucas , Mary A. Brierly, Allison Prine, Carolyn Chandler Deaton, Leon Salisbury, Cassie Higle, Sarah McNutt, Ronald Yockey, Ruth Brown Bick, 
Janice Bunn, Suzanne Thomas Hopkins, Clinton Hanselman , Harold Wardlow, Brenda Young, Nancy Dick, Ruth Brown Johnson, Susan Taylor, Robin Mills, Elvis Presley, Wm Flaugher Jr, Rhonda Frodge, Cheryl McClain, Louella M. Black Shelton 

*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things, December 21, 2013

Happy, Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to John Carl , Debbie Ferguson, Adam Griffith, Marrissa Rodgers,
Nancy Siemianowski Paul, Courtney Hafer, Chris Holtman, Seth Blevins, Viola Craycraft, Melissa M. Snider
Dodson, Luther Pelletier, Mary Rose Watson, Jane Truesdell Polley, Nikki Poole, Charles D. Rice, Stella Rice,
Phyliss Pelletier Brandenburg, Patricia Mountjoy, Ward Brierly, Cameron McCall, Michael Mills, Martha and Gerald 
Mitchell, Cade Walkup, David Neal, Elizabeth Baker Pennington, Maude Baird, William W. Baird, Mary Yockey, 
Joseph B. Meeker, Matt Williamson, Connie Woolard, Connie Sweet, Allison Wells, Megan Tolin Dotson, 
Bill Ackley, James A. Gilliland, Corrine Adamson , Warren Frost, Ronald and Berta Moffett, Doris Martin Cooper,
Elizabeth Helen Titus, Warren Frost, Curt Rau, Gwen Dawley Morgan Gelter, Louella C. Aldridge Gullette, 
Dorothy L. Saddler , Sarah D. Baird Taylor, Albert S. Baird , Jeffery Clifton Jr., Shelley Daulton Inskeep, Amy Davis, 
Yvonne Kemmenter , Angie Wright, Earl L. Fisher, Erica L. Fisher, Vane Johnson, Rachel Sawyers, Dan Edmisten,
Retta Fite, Sigrid Erickson, Barbara Hertlein Nickolas K. Titus, Michael Grant, James Kress, Betty Theaders 
Marshall, April Mullins, Donald Dick Taylor Dotson Ron Flannery, Carlie Higle Carol Hoffman-Orr, Amanda Lucas,
Cindy Lewis, Ed Roberto, Alice and Ronald Spires, Joan Weis, Kevin Yockey

This year while decorating I decided to keep closer to the real meaning of Christmas by using any of my Santa 
decorations. Well, lo and behold , while eating at Maysville's Ponderosa late Tuesday afternoon who should 
walk in but Santa Claus! Santa walked through the dining area of customers and then of all things sat down
in my booth-something he had done with any of the other customers. Ms. Gloria took our picture, which is now
on Facebook. To tell you the truth it was a thrill to be that close to Santa. That was my first time ever! It seems
that my little girls heart still would like to believe.

Merry, Merry Christmas however without the message of the Easter cross, and one man's sacrifice,
Christmas could mean

*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things, December 16, 2013

Happy, Happy birthday to  you if indeed this is your birthday week and to Robert Germann, Rich Warehime, Walter W. Kemmenter, Jeremy Spiller , Dale Smith, Melody and Roger Bick, Charles W. Grimes, Terry L. Minton, Stephanie Skagg's, William W. Salisbury. Nicole White, Sarah White, John Carl , Debbie Ferguson, Adam Griffith, Marrissa Rodgers, Nancy Siemianowski Paul, Courtney Hafer, Chris Holtman, Seth Blevins, Viola Craycraft, Melissa M. Snider Dodson, Luther Pelletier , Mary Rose Watson, Jane Truesdell Polley, Nikki Poole, Charles D. Rice, Stella Rice, Phyliss Pelletier Brandenburg, Patricia Mountjoy, Ward Brierly, Cameron McCall, Michael Mills, Martha and Gerald Mitchell, Cade Walkup, David Neal, Elizabeth Baker Pennington, Maude Baird, William W. Baird, Mary Yockey, Joseph B. Meeker, Matt Williamson, Connie Woolard, Connie Sweet, Allison Wells, Megan Tolin Dotson, Bill Ackley, James A. Gilliland 

A good thing has come out of this author writing the Red Oak News. What was is this happy thing? Well, I recently met a married couple that survived the Moscow, Ohio tornado. This past week I had the pleasure of visiting them in their Brown County home, 
"were the deers have a place to go." What a real pleasure. We talked and talked and even the neighbor stopped by for a visit- a very nice evening as they shared food and conversation. However, it was until I was leaving did the most eventful part of the evening happen. What was that you asked? On the entry/exit wall they have a collage of various kinds of people photos. At first I thought it was family, but no it was a collage of the people who came and reached out to them and helped in many various ways after the tornado attempted to destroy their lives and their livelihood. It was a very humbling experience to see this wall of everyday heroes. 

In a follow-up email to confirm information I received this answer: "The group was the Buddhists, they came and gave each family that had damage, $500.00 Visa card. They were compassionate about our plight......The Buddhists wanted to help us. They were so very kind to us. The tornado was March 2, 2012.The photos on the wall were of the people that really cared, really gave, really cried with us and are really special to us."

You are invited to the beautiful Christmas Eve services at the Red Oak Presbyterian Church beginning 6pm. Services will be conducted by our loved one Nathan Woods. Music will be presented by Dale Ryan and our very talented Barb Campbell. 

A traditional for the Red Oak community and friends has been ongoing for approaching 200 years. What is that you say? The traditional annual covered dish New Years Day Dinner on January 1st. Please come and be part of the tradition in the historic stone church.

The day after Christmas Ripley's community meal will be served at the Ripley Methodist Church with the serving time beginning at I believe to be 5pm. Please forgive me if I am wrong.

The Red Oak Presbyterian Church is accepting canned goods suitable for the food pantry. If you would like to contribute you can call me at 937-392-4261.

The annual congregational dinner and meeting of the Red Oak Presbyterian Church is scheduled for January 12th. 

Many, Many thanks to Paul Woods and Joe Bick and anyone else involved in obtaining and installing the new dimmer switches on
the lights at Red Oak Church! Having dimmer switches on the lights will be a great asset during the special evening services and weddings. Many, many thanks!!!

This Friday the monthly Brown County Sing will be held at the Eastwood Community Church. That is located in the complex at Eastwood Road that also contains the gas pumps-not sure the name. The church is straight across the parking lot to the left.

I would like to say a special thanks to the congregation of the Russellville Church of Christ and all who give of their time,energies, and prosperity giving and providing for the less fortunate. Many, many blessings all!

For many, many years Donna Montgomery Hile did extensive work on her family tree, which includes multiple families, that dates as far back as at least the 1600's. One day she gave all of her work to my Mom, which was in the same family line. Now that work can be found at the Brown County Genealogy Office with exception of several families located at the Union Township library in Ripley. 

Thursday evening a 6:30 the Brown County Historical Society will met at Ripley Presbyterian Church. This is the society's annual Christmas carry-in dinner. You are invited to join in on the meeting, dinner and recital on the beautiful pipe organ. As an added bonus the church has installed during the past year's renovation a new ramp that leads from Third Street right into the upper floor. You are invited. 

Friday, December 20th, "The Messiah" will be preformed by the Adams County choir at the West Union Presbyterian Church. 
A freewill offering will be taken for "Christmas Sharing."

A big thank you to the nice "Letter to the Editor" written by Benjamin Pedigo and printed in the Brown County Press regarding a very special unsung hero of Brown County, Russellville's Doug Green. Doug for 40 years has dedicated his life to training the future generation by "providing instruction for young people that has built character, a greater understanding of responsibilities of citizenship and developing of personnel fitness." "Doug has dedicated hours of time to mentoring boys from the ages of 11-17 with a combination of educational activities and lifelong values." I had the fortunate opportunity of meeting and realizing first hand on two different levels Russellville's Doug Green and how pleased that I was to learn that he lives what he teaches. Doug will be honored at an open house recognition ceremony Sunday 12/29 at 4pm at the Russellville Presbyterian Church. I very much stand in agreement with Ben Pedigo's statement, "Thank you Doug for your outstanding community service work to the youth of Brown County."

The 2014 Garden Seminars will begin Thursday, January 16th,. Steve Boehme, owner of delightful Good Seed Farms, located near the stoplight at Macon on Tri-County Road, will be speaking in SSCC's library south campus at Fincastle from 6-7:30pm. Steve will be talking about moving into a new landscape. All the seminars are free and open to the public. 

If you are scared of a home invasion by unwanted pest of some kind I have heard that wasp spray could greatly hinder that plan. Wasp spray will spray a very long way and according to reports very effective. He is hoping and praying in the name of Jesus that we will never have to prove those facts.

Please speak and say blessings to your neighbor, they are only human too. There seems to be so much sickness and sadness these days it is just head wagging at times. Please speak and say blessings to your neighbor and look for the blessings: as the old song says, "Count your blessings, name them one by one, count your many blessings see what God has done."

Huggles to you!

*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things, December 9, 2013

Happy, Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary memories to you if indeed this is your week and to: Geneva and Blanchard Baird, Johnathan Brierly, Brenda and Alan Gast, James S. Knoche , Kali Spires, Greg Moran, Gloria Johnson Rutan, Bonnie Frakes Beath, Jack Gelter , Carol Ann Carrington, Daniel Klein, John Litzinger, Jennie Warren, 

James King, Katy Mullins, Cashton Hupp, Lisa Myers, Lila and Arthur Hardyman, Harold Oberschlake, David Osman, Mark Wardlow Opal Kabler Florence, Bill Sanders, Joyceann Daulton, Theron Hopkins Nancy Mullins, Betty Kirk Taylor, Cody Nehus, Betty Schroth, Melinda Shropshire, John Lainhart Agnes Joy Baird, Hannah Baird, Tami Baird, Mike and Vicky Johnson, Elizabeth E. Baird Cricher, Fred D. Dyer, Eula Naylor, Tim Swearingen,, Kenneth Morrison, Laccee Mefford Vernon Baird, Lonnie Moran, Pansy Jolley Flannery Eric Fulton , Mary J. Harness Stacey, Aileen Tuel, Robert Germann, Rich Warehime, Walter W. Kemmenter, Jeremy Spiller, Dale Smith, 

This week Mom lost her special best friend. Mom went to Ohio Valley Manor every single week for 27 and one half years to visit the residents and to obtain their visitors list. The story of how she started doing that is very special and the results of her dedication is outstanding and in this author's opinion it appears that people are still being blessed these many years later. It was during these visits that no matter how tired or talked out she would be she always, always visited her special friend Lila Mae Hardyman. Lila always had a smile and Mom and her would talk and talk often Lila Mae would show Mom the new quilt that she had just made. Lila Mae loved her quilts and was very good at making them-prior to nursing home where Lila Mae had been for many, many years. She never missed church. I loved her too but never visited as I had the poor excuse of it was such a long way to the Alzheimer's Unit. Though daughter was not able Mom never forgot.

Tuesday evening Shirley Brierly and I attended the visitation for Luther Knechtly. Luther though related on Dad's Knechtly side was the brother of Mom's very best friend in the whole world, Leora Knechtly Fisher, wife of Roy Lee Fisher. It was after dark before starting out but I am sure glad I went because I did not know very much about Leora's brother Luther nor his daughter Beverly. Of course since I look like my mother, possibly, Beverly had no trouble in recognizing me. Then she pleasantly surprised me of showing me a picture that I have longed to see for many, many years. Evidently Luther and his wife bought the farm from my grandparents around 1954. It was a photo of the house that my Mom was born and raised in. I was thrilled!!!. 

Ripley River Village is this weekend with it's many activities. 

Among them are the "Tuba Drop" with proceeds going to benefit the music department of RULH especially the percussion instruments that have not been updated since the early 1990's. For more information about this call Kristel Titus, Band Booster President and Music Advocate at 937-213-1554.

Other events include Saturday activities at the Nazarene Church including but not limited to Lunch and Bake Sale and crafts from 9am to 3pm.

This year a special gift has been donated to the Youth group to be auctioned off in a silent auction. It is a Log Cabin Dollhouse made by Ronnie Moffett. Pictures of this beautiful two story log cabin can be seen on Facebook by visiting my profile page-the one with the scenery. 

As with many churches and school December is a busy month. The Ripley Nazarene will have a young people's Christmas program the Sunday the 15th at 6pm. You are invited.

Also, the Ripley Nazarene will be having their monthly "singspiration" the Wednesday night gospel sing at 6pm. This is always a great time. You are invited.

I love getting churches newsletters and looking at their bulletins. Lately I received my monthly newsletter from the Russellville Church of Christ. Thank you so much to the sender of this very nice newsletter. On one page of this month's edition contained what at first glance appeared to be a drawing of a Christmas tree. Second glance it revealed that the tree was actually words written so that it took on the Christmas tree shape in which contained historic, factual, and interesting facts about the Bible. If you are interested in hearing what it says call me at 937-392-4261 or call the church. Also, there is an anonymous poem that so much speaks of the what I would like to say to all the people who have touched my life, warts and all. Again, many, many thanks to all who put this wonderful newsletter together.

Speaking of newsletters I have failed for a long, long time to mention Intercessors for America newsletter called "The Connector: Connecting Hearts of Prayer for the Nation to God and to Each Other" Each first Friday of the month they gather to interced e and 
they encourage all others to join them in fasting and praying for America. Decmber's intercession prayer centered around Christ-Awakening, 2013 Election results and the Homeless/Underemployed. They said that the demand on the food banks is reported to be high in most every state. They ask prayer for adequate food supplies, finances, and volunteers to met the needs for food, 
shelter, clothing, medical care, and work. They also as for intercession that the Lord draw the homeless, abused, addicted, and 
lonely to believers, churches, and agencies who can be there for them. Thank you for praying, trusting and obeying.

Sanctity of Human Life will be observed January 19, 2014. If your church or organization is planning a sanctity of human life event please call 937-392-4261. 

This year, Wednesday, January 22 is the 41 annivsery date of Roe vs. Wade and is also the date for the 40th annual March for Life. For more info go to

Another newsletter that I receive is from Hope Emergency at Fayetteville. They stated that in the first 8 months of 2013 they welcomed 21,900 individuals, 417 of them were new. Besides donations-they take every thing- the newsletter reminds us to register at Kroger's. When we use our Kroger Plus Card Hope Emergency receives money. To register go online to, create an account, enter your Kroger card number, select your Kroger store, the Hope Emergency NPO number is 82808. this program does not affect your reward points. On the "wish-list" is Personal care and household items. Diapers of all sizes are needed as well as new underwear and socks, and bedding, which can be gently used, as well as coats, hoodies, fleece shirts, and if gift cards are given give only the basic such as WalMart, Kmart, Kroger, etc. . This year 778 children from 328 families received school supplies in August. The phone number for HopeEmergency is 937-364-1055 or email Thank you for giving.

More places for giving are but not limited to are: God's closet, God's Kitchen, God's Pantry located at the Russellville Church of Christ. Also, Ripley Food Pantry, Georgetown Methodist Churches various ministries and community meals, F.O.R.K.'s Ripley, an outreach began by several teachers at RULH Middle School. Another address for sending donations is: WOMEN'S CRISIS CENTER, 111 E. Third St., Maysville, Kentucky 41056

Wonderfully beautiful music is in the air especially with the outstanding Liberty Band and the Adams County Choir and Adams County Bell Ringers. Thank you Maggie Hoff for spreading this word! So far their schedules are as follows:

On December 16th the Liberty Cornet band will be giving their Christmas Concert at the United Methodist Church in West Union at 7:30pm.

On Decembeer 20th the beautiful concert "The Messiah" will be given at the West Union Presbyterian Church by the Adams County Choir. A freewill offering for "Christmas Sharing" will be taken. 

Recently a benefit concert was given at the West Union Presbyterian Church. From that concert $1500 was given to
"Doctors Without Borders" earmarked for the Philippines. Thank you all.

This year at 10pm Christmas eve services will be held at the historic West Union Presbyterian Church with the Adams County Bell Ringers. Doesn't that sound beautiful!

This year at 6pm the Red Oak Presbyterian Church invites you to Christmas eve services. How beautiful the church looks at this 
time of year with the deep-seated windows full of candle light to guide one's way and the music by Barb Campbell is outstanding! 
This year multi-talented Dale Ryan will be back. Just a very special beautiful time.

A note to the intercessors there is suppose to be a conference/meeting or something coming up soon that will affect many, many peoples. Please pray the mercy and grace of our Shepherd to intervene on this meeting for the sake of the gifts of God. Life and
death are in the power of the tongue. Speak life. Only positive can come out of a positive word.

Please pray blessings for your neighbor. You have no idea what your prayers might mean to them. One person's acts affect 
many, many people, as proven by Adam listening and then partaking, the ripple effect hardly has an end or so it seems at times, please pray for your neighbor, even if you do not know their name!

Huggles to you!

*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things, December 2, 2013

Please pray for The Bicycle Man of Ripley. I do not have any details at this time but...please pray, "Peace be still" to the storm.

Please pray for the moral of our soldiers. It was learned that at least one bases mess hall was closed for the holiday. This left all the soldiers on base without any food. Please pray that these kind of acts do not tear down the moral of our soldiers. Not only that but they have to pay for whatever they eat. UNREAL!!!!

Well, suddenly it it that time of year that we must be prepared. An acquaintance raise by an Marine Drill Sargent father and who would walk in and say, " we are moving, pack up!" and then moved his son to 17 different schools. He instructed his son to live by the 7P's "Prior Proper Preparation Prevents P.. Poor Performance." True there is something to be said for being prepared yet in my opinion of one I prefer the saying, Prior Proper Preparation Prayer Provides Positive Performance.

Part of being prepared goes along with a life-learning experiences teaching me the value of having clear plastic bags available. 
These bags come from in sizes from snack, sandwich, quart, gallon, 2 gallon, kitchen , to garbage. These are just about the handiest items you'll have in your home. Sorting becomes a cinch as like things are put into like bags. These bags store very easily sliding
into a small spot effectively ready for when the real business of sorting begins. I am very excited about these clear plastic bags as their usefulness has been proven over and over at Howelett House. Also, a very useful gadget along with the plastic bags is a food sealer machine. Let's just say that an extremely very disorderly room can be put straight nearly instantly.

I have been on a sabbatical for the last few weeks. During this time I have listened to teachings from Robert Morris about what is written about the great necessity of keeping the Sabbath, the five foundational ministries of Jesus: salvation/spirit baptism/healing/deliverance/emotional healing all based upon the scroll given Jesus at the temple where he read from Isaiah. 
There is much more to this lesson and it can be found just by entering Robert Morris name. If difficulty arises 
call 937-392-4261.

Another minister that I ran across in my search was Ron Phillips. His message was about the Spirit of Cain, and another about the spirit of Jezebel. And then there is T.D. Jakes. Through the teachings of these men my understanding of scriptures has taken on a new dimension.

A weird thing happened, a person forgot a beloved item in my vehicle. Twice they mentioned the item and spoke
of it in terms that seemed to speak a great longing for this item. However, at the time we were in another vehicle and when
we finally arrived back at my vehicle the longing of item was quickly forgotten when the phone rang and a friend was onthe
other end. I cannot help but wonder if later on that night when quiet time came if that item was again longed for, their 
beloved item still missing because of a distraction.....Thinking on that experience made me wonder how often I have
missed a blessing because I have been distracted. ....then an interesting thing happened at the Red Oak Church.
Our Prayer of Confession was "O God of Ages, we confess we are distracted way too often, We forget to focus on 
Your Reign and Your way of life. Please forgive us. Help us learn Your ways so that we walk in Your paths and be
Your instruments of peace in our families and Your world. 
We pray in the name of the Prince of Peace. Amen. 

Sincere sympathy to the family, friends, and loved ones of James Franklin Steward Jr. 

Gary Morgan of Dayton, Ohio was a weekend guest of his mother Shirley Brierly. 

Thanksgiving weekend guest at the home of Ronnie and Berta Moffett were: Rick, Karen Ann, Luke, Cameron, and Levi Chandler, Jordon and C.K. Lewis, Dury, Jennifer, and Trevor Moffett and April Forsythe, Dsle, Monica, Manessa, and Quentin Mason, Logan Church, Buss and heather Moffett, Charlie Davis, Belinda Moffett, Karen Snider, Ronnie and Sheryl Snider, Chelsea and Brady 
Snider. All enjoyed the visit.

In 1982 Ronnie Moffett built a log cabin around the area of Martin Hill Road. His daughter made a scrapbook of the time that this construction was going on.....Now, in 2013 
Ronnie has built another log cabin. This time a dollhouse log cabin. He has donated this to the Ripley Nazarene 
Churches Youth Group and it is to auctioned at a silent auction during Ripley's River Village Christmas. Hopefully, 
there will pictures of this log cabin dollhouse circulating soon.

Berta Moffett says that she is planning to be setup at the Ripley Nazarene Church. One of her main items will be sugarless apple butter, only apples and spices. The young people of the Nazarene Church are having a bake sale. Another lady always has
blackberry and raspberry jellies and jams.

Just learned that Paul Crouch died. Paul and his wife Jan began TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network back in 1973. Paul and Jan 
had a vision, a goal and starting out with one TV station grew their TV stations worldwide. Ny condolences to the Paul's family 
and many loved ones.

Tuesday I attended the funeral of Martha Kincaid Clinger. She was the second wife of Arthur Clinger, who was first married to
Beulah Shelton, Mom's sister. For many many years the family and friends of Arthur's would gather at his house in August and
sit out under the shade tree and tell stories. Now Arthur has been long gone and August comes and goes and my city cousins 
and this dirt road girl rarely get to met up, though I learned in our quick meeting this time that I have three things in common with
one of my city cousins and that my granddaughter and I have a similar interest as my other city cousin Interesting, is it not? I very much enjoyed seeing my cousins once again. 

After the funeral I visited at the home of my Aunt Edith Osman. My aunt has done so much for me over the years and I definitely appreciate her for all her acts of kindness.

Also, recently I attended the funeral of Lisa Salisbury's grandmother, Ester Clark. After the service I rode to the grave site with Mark, Lisa and Hallie. What a pleasant surprise as a neighboring yellow lab dog came to greet all. He/she acted as if a huge party was being thrown just in her honor. He/she went from person to person grinning, and happily waging throughout the whole complete time.. Surprisingly, it was a great experience. It was said that the dog frequents many burials. I wonder if all of the burials get the same welcome or if the dog acts differently at different times???????

Recently a tree fell on the fellowship hall of the Red Oak Presbyterian Church. Praise the Lord that it did very little 
damage. Another blessing from that was that when the tree cutter arrived he found that the outside water spigot had frozen 
up and was running water. Oh Boy!! I myself had that same issue at the very same time,a water leak. Life comes at you fast 
sometimes. Anyway, both problems have been repaired and I pray that you will never have those issues.....Anyway, through it
all the roof of ROPC fellowship hall has a beautiful new look. Many, many thanks to all involved!

Speaking of the Red Oak Church I want to say a big THANK YOU to all who stayed committed through the years. If you have
never been anywhere and felt the presence of the Lord in a place come to Red Oak. Services begin at 10am and is one hour long,
the best one hour you will quietly experience especially with a continuing four century congregation.

As always this Christmas season would be a great time to come and enjoy basking in the presence of the Lord especially while
the Christmas candles in the deep seated windows light the way. This year as in times past Red Oak will be having Christmas eve services beginning at 6:00pm. You are welcomed. Dale ryan will be presenting special music. Also, ROPC is participating in the 
Ripley Food Bank. Please bring non-perishable food but more important bring yourself.

Another special event is the presentation of "The Messiah" by the Adams County Choir.
This will be December 20 at the West Union Presbyterian Church at 7:30pm. You are invited.

The Liberty Band, one of Adams and Brown County greatest assets will be giving a Christmas Concert. 
The date and time will be announced when I learn them.

The home of Kim and Debbie Hedges was full of the joyful sounds of Thanksgiving when their special 
Thanksgiving Day guests were Chad Hedges, Jennie Weiss, and Hailey Burnett. A good time was had by all.

For the first time that I can remember I was blessed to share Thanksgiving at the home of my only brother, Don Salisbury.
What a lucky man as his wife, Nancy, is a great cook. I thoroughly enjoyed this hassle free time visiting with the four
generations now representing the Salisbury's. 

A bit of cold weather does not stop Jim Arnold from opening the Ohio Tobacco Museum. I stopped in Sunday to check out 
the museum and watch as Kristel Titus and her loyal crew of volunteer's consisting of Sam Titus, Sarah Titus, and
Logan Stidham decorate for Christmas holidays.... The tobacco museum is a very unique place the only one of it's kind 
in the world-fully dedicated to the raising of tobacco and what tobacco has meant to the world. Extremely unequaled to 
any other museum dedicated to farming tobacco and Jim Arnold makes it even more so as he has remembrances of what
the many different displays mean/meant all based upon raising tobacco, the product that built school,roads, and churches
for southern Ohio.

Thank you Jim!

Another possible place of interest for many is the newly restored Ripley Presbyterian Church, along with the high level new ramp
that goes directly from Third Street into the main level of the church. This is wonderful.

Since the 1990's there has been no update to the percussion musical instruments of the Ripley Union Lewis Huntington School.
This year the music booster and the music department have planned a drive to update the musical instruments called "Make a Change with Change!" A special tuba, which in my personal opinion deserves a name, (think maybe Tuney Tuba, Toney Tuba, 
Toner Tuba) has been prepared as a special receptable to receive change/monies donated with all proceeds going to update the musical instruments. This tuba will make it debut at the Dec 10th concert at the RULH's band and choir concert.....
Then on Dec 13th the tuba will be at the Christmas tree lighting at the town square at the Union Township Library and then 
at 19 Main Library Annex, during the library's annual book sale Saturday the 14th and again on the 15th. (Maybe slogan
something like "Feed Tuney Tuba-Hear your money shake, rattle and roll for more percussion sounds....
Yeah, missed my called hea?)

I sure wish that you could have been with me at Red Oak Church yesterday and heard the message of Lisa Corum Fox with me. Everyone of our worship leaders are great! The book of Isaiah has always been one of my favorites; but after yesterday and
hearing Lisa tell that this book spans 250 years, and if I heard right, it is like the warning bumps in the highway yet at the same
time bringing hope and joy and all the time pointing to Jesus and quite promising for our present-day times. It was one of those messages that made one wish that it was being recorded for added listening during down times.

Happy, Happy Birthday and anniversary memories if this is your week and also to: Lydia Smith Black, Samuel Moore ,
Shirley Malone, Sara Johnson Darrah, John Titus, Tammy Werline Brown, Alice M. West , Janet and Jim Malone, Sondra Grant,
William Stallard, Sarah Teeters, Janet Raines,Carissa Rau Thatcher , Ronald Snider, Sarah Teeters, Tracy Prine Vaughn,Richard Zachman Thomas H. Cluxton, Olivia Purdin, Milt Thompson, Florence E. and Charles A. Gilliland, Dianna Owen, Glenna Huff , 
Jaime Shelton, Heidi Mitchell , Lucinda Hauck, Christie Dyer

Michael Rhoten, Sarah Darrah, Margaret L. Kemplin, Gene Gast, Kevin Miller Thomas Sawyers, Oscar Hoop, Shelly and 
Troy Thatcher Mike Johnson Jody Riggan Linda S. Saddler Martha Escue Britt, Carey Salisbury, Judith and John Edgington
Perianne and Bob Germann Danny Hillard , Quentin Mason, Cynthia Brodt Osman,Cindy Lawson. Jack Love
Agnes Stephanson Black, Perianne Fulton Germann Nathan Poff , Ronald Spires, Joe Steigleiter, David Webber, Kay E. Polley 

As I read over the names of the RULH students that made the honor roll I began recollections of how that I knew them. I meant to include their names in this week's column but time and space are issues. However, I will take this opportunity to say how very
proud I am of them of sticking t their commitments of being good citizens.

Please pray blessings for the frowning person. You have no idea what they may be going through. My friend just said that her
friends just lost their 10 year old son to cancer today. Please pray blessings for the one that is short tempered with you. 
You have no idea what happened to them before their encounter with you.

Huggles and blessings to you!

*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things, November 18, 2013

Jim Lally of the Old Washington Wordsmith's sent this email lately: "Thanks to all who helped to make our Nov. 10 reading" so successful, What a wonderful sound and word event. Katerina and Colin and Nick and Gabriel were great.

Our next regular monthly meeting is a week from tomorrow. We will be back at the ORVAG Gallery in the Cox Bld. at 7:00 pm. 
Thanks to Mary Ann Leet's inspiration, our prompt is writing a letter(s) to someone living or already passed to say something that we've always wanted to say but never did. This is in keeping with a series of prose prompts for those who are weary of poetry,
This is totally optional and we certainly want to hear any verse composed by our poets. 

"I'm doing a little better about using the computer and checking my email so if you have any questions or comments 
send them along."

Happy birthday to you if this is your birthday week and Happy birthday to: Donna Eckler, Matt Brookbank, Sydney Dotson, Zachary Dotson, Betty Hines, Eric Rhoqten, Sarah Boone Montgomery, Thomas Klump, Mark T. Klump, Mandy Taylor Mason, Minnie and Benjamin Black , Benjamin Smalley, Florence S. Sturn, Carolyn Ard, Isreal Truesdell, Taryn Haitz Burton, Sheryl and Ronald Snider, Thomas K. Hanselman, Olin B. Shelton, David Williams Bobby Frakes, Randy Goodman, Ashley Leonard, Gerri Stacey

-Sincere condolences to Lisa, Jessica and Hallie Salisbury on the death of their grandmother and great grandmother, Esther Clark. 

-Sunday worship leader at the Red Oak Presbyterian Church will be Jeff Campbell. After service we are having our annual Thanksgiving Dinner. You are invited to come hear Jeff sing and play his guitar all to the glory of the Lord and fellowship with us afterward. Services begin at 10am.

-The Ripley Nazarene will be holding their monthly Singing for the Lord time at 7pm. 

-God's Closet will be held this Saturday. God Closet will open at 10am and God's Kitchen and God's Pantry opens at 11am. 

-Happy belated birthday to my friend Vivian Van Harlingen. As I had mentioned before somehow reading the newspaper does anot always occurr in a timely manner. So was the case yet again as Ms. Vivian birthday party came and passed without my realizing the event. Ms. Vivian has been an inspiration to me throughout the years. I deeply appreciate our friendship and our fellowship and our conversations about the goodness of the Lord's grace and mercy, but most of all I appreciate that Ms. Vivian had children and one especially means so, so very much to me. I love you both very much, and appreciate you from the bottom of my heart for your acts of kindness to me through all my struggles, doubts and fears and for making it possible to grow in God's grace and mercy-through it all!!! Happy birthday Ms. Vivian!!!

-My heart is crying, crying with great saddness over a person that I met only a time or two but....what a great joy and pleasure to be in the company with him and his wife. I am speaking of Larry Lindsey. My mouth and my heart dropped when I opened the newspaper to his death announcement, and still shaking my head saying that it cannot be true. Oh deepest condolences to Mary and all of Larry's family, friends, and loved ones. 

-This past week I traveled to West Union Square especially to recieve a medical massage from Amy. WOW! Are my pains gone. Well, that is a challenging question, however, I have done more work since Friday than I have done in many months. I actually felt my spine as she worked. Also, my lower back has always been a challenge for any chiropractor. Well, Wednesday I experienced what felt like a board become softer and more pliable. WOW!!!

-Tomarrow I am traveling to Flemingsburg to meet with an Amish man that does Iriodology, and foot reflexolgy. I am so very excitied! Plan to talk more on that later!!!

-Many thanks to Donna Skinner for coming to Howelett House to pick up family tree records of many, many families. This names include White, Swearingen, Montgomery, Boone, Shelton, just to name a few, there are many more. This is the work of Donna Montgomery Hile. Also, donated to the library is the extensive works of Leora Knecthly Fisher. These scrapbook's alone are a great work and very informative.

-I am so very grateful to Lord God Almighty that the storms that recently went through the area was much less than predicted.
Praise the Lord!

-Huggles to you!

*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things, November 11, 2013

As harvest time is occurring everywhere I cannot express enough how very grateful that I am to see yet another harvest time. Since my Dad has been gone harvest time has been my saddest time of year with spring planting being a close second. I miss my Dad 
more every day but one day it will be my harvest time and then I will see him again. What a day that will be! I am grateful for the time that I was allowed to spend with my mother as she would 'work' my flowers and grass, missing her own garden that Dad planted for her. That harvest table is being prepared, no matter the way that ones spirit reaches that table or when one arrives it is being
prepared and all are welcomed. Come join us! 

Worship leaders for this month and December at the Red Oak Church are: Next Sunday the 17th Barbara Jean Havens; the 24th Jeff Campbell and his guitar-after services we will be celebrating Thanksgiving with soup, sandwiches and desserts; December 1st will 
be Lisa Corum Fox; the 8th Ken Spielvogel; the 15th Jeff Campbell; the 22nd Ronnie Moffett; the 29th Barbara Jean Havens 

Ken Spielvogel wishes to thank each and every one that participated in the Samaritan's Purse Outreach Ministry by preparing shoebox's with Christmas gifts. I am especially grateful to the readers of the Red Oak News that participated in this Shoe Box Ministries. Many, many thanks!!! What a true blessing!

My Mom always, always loved the Red Oak Church. In her autumn years she would contently stand in the yard and talk about the church. During that time she would point up to the trees and be very concerned about them falling on the church. Well, her concern, and possibly her prayers, manifested last week when a tree did fall on the church during a big wind storm. Praise the Lord the
damage seems to be minimal. Thanks Mom for your prayers!

Happy, Happy Birthday this week to you if indeed it is your birthday and Happy Anniversary remembrances to : Rachael Girsovich , Pam Purdy, Jean Griffith, Joan Kirk, Sarah A. Lord, Roseanna Osborne White, Eve A. and Lewis C. Shelton, Jackie Cottingham Schneider, Leon L. Snyder, Carol Crawford, Ashley Brandenburg, John Fuegate, Paul Hertlein, Anna M. Waldron McDonald, 
Gladys R. and Arch L. Salisbury, James Shelton, Craig Stout, Kim Berrier Mason, Jeffery Brown, Jason Hardyman, Jarred Boone,
Jack Schlomer , Rufus W. Shaw, Vicki Brenner, Rufus Baird, Bailey King, Catherine Owens, Barb and Steve Sheeley, Juanita Benjamin, Ronlad Ralston, Devon Snyder , Shauna Weis, Elmer ". Adams, Austin T. Fulton , Cecila Myers, Bob Alexander, Emma Blatter, Elizabeth Gullette Campbell, Phillip Hines Randy Kennedy, Darrell Yockey, Donna Rice, Denver Shelton Jr., Lillie and 
James A. Gilliland, Thomas Case, Nigel Royal,

May thanks to Donna Skinner of the Brown County Genelogy Society for coming and getting the donations to their libray out of Howelett House. Much materials were sent including but not limited to the very extensive Family Tree works of Donna Montgomery Hile and the equally intensive works of Leora Knechtly Fisher. Both of these ladies works are something to be applauded, the 
names included in their works are too, too numerous to name here! The library is open Thursdays and Saturdays and/or possibly by appointment. Enjoy viewing their work!

While pulling out the family tree items I rediscovered pictures from Cane Ridge taken when returning from a trip to Jackson, Ky with my really special friend Jean Hundley. If I had been alone I would have cried with great sorrow of missing my friend, confidant, and story-teller. However, this church was the site of one of the greatest revivals of it's kind back in the 1800's. It drew crowds from far
and wide, even this area. Quite a place. Cane Ridge is located on the highway between Paris, Ky and Mt. Sterling. A beautiful stone building is built around the original church. An extremely nice place to visit and the drive is easy and beautiful!!! 

A fun and interesting time was held last week when Gloria and I attended the Russellville Rambler Craft Show. This is an event that is marked special on the calender. What a joy to see friends and acquaintances again and to make new friends. This year a special treat was outside the door between the two buildings. Two very young but industrious guys were selling cookies and baked goods between the two buildings. we seemed to be dragging our heels about leaving, everyone was packing up and many were gone. The young men were still at their post. As I walked past I spied my favorite cookie, Macadamia Nut! Oh boy! And then it was really Oh Boy when one said he would sell all the packages for one price. Well, about that time Gloria came back and asked why they were selling these baked goods. With his answer she reached into her pocket and between us we bought all the pastries on the table. Those were the best cookies I have ever tasted!!! Yum, Yum, Yum!!! If you know who these two young men are tell them that I am very proud of them #1 for sticking to their goal of selling these pastries and not closing up when people began to leave, #2 creating a goal, #their mission work-caring about others, #4 their delicious cookies, #5 anything that I may have left out.

As harvest time continues and farm equipment is more plentiful on the roads moving from point A to point B just attempt to remember in the midst of your frustration at being slowed down a bit to ask yourself if you like to eat!

Many people seem to have a cough lately. Well, during my Home Care years I learned about Vanilla Extract killing odors and stopping coughs. Truly just smelling this extract, and lemon, also has been used effectively to open airways, stop coughing, and kill offensive smells. Learning this has meant so much to me that I carry a bottle in my purse! 

As the days go on and life's harvest time progresses I value seeing my friends and loved ones again. As this was written I looked up 
to see a photo of my Dad and three of his children (I was the photographer) sitting beside the Red Oak Presbyterian Church at the 1991 Aunt Jemima Pancake Breakfast. Though that was just yesterday,it seems, the actual reality is that two of these much loved people are gone, the baby being held in arms now is married with a baby of his own, the young man in the background has three children and is a grandfather, and the Mommy holding this child went on to have three more children and now is a grandmother of three. WOW!!! through all the tears I say WOW!!! 

I guess this was brought into reality this week when the son of my high school best friend announced that this week hios mom and dad were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. That is highly impossible! We were together in high school just yesterday 
and I certainly am not that old!!! Oh well, the harvest is ripe!

Well, how can I not mention Facebook again this week. This week I learned something very important. 
One of the most meaningful and important songs ever written; and it is written using every letter in the music scale
and is played backwards using pauses. Of course, when I first heard this song I had to play it for myself-IT Works! The song? 
Joy to the World, The Lord Has Come!!!!

Please pray for your neighbor, it might be their harvest time and they or their loved ones may be having 
issues letting go. 
Pray peace to their life's storm. Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow.


*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things, November 4, 2013

Happy, Happy Birthday and/or Happy Anniversary to you if this is your week and also to: Lauren N. Bradford, Kristel Titus, Dianna Brown, Justin Cluxton, Guess Bradford, Bonita Theaders, Tammy Davis, Frankie Greene, Jeanne Taylor, Nancy G. and Samuel Kirkpatrick, Ross Myers, Cathy Reed Kennedy, Mary E. Holton, Teresa Klump Davis, Mildred and Clarence Cluxton, Jeanne Taylor, Peter Wung, Teresa Klump Davis, Ruby Claypool Hardyman, 

Justin Cluxton, Catherine McNutt Finley, Leona Lawrence, Matthew Mitchell, Ada Saunders, Chuck Cooper, Barbara Hare, Molly M. Prine, Rachael Girsovich, Jean Griffith, Joan Kirk, Sarah A. Lord, Roseanna Osborne White, Eve A. and Lewis C. Shelton, Jackie Cottingham Schneider, Leon L. Snyder

Indeed much has happened this week and many words spoken

My heart was greatly saddened this week to hear of the death of one of our colorful cousins, Charles David Salsibury. Oh my. Charles David would come down to the still annual New Year's Day Dinner with his Mother and Father, Esther and Leon Salisbury. What can I say? My heart is broke knowing they are not here. The fellowship hall has never been the same as Dad and Leon would sit and tell story after story and Charlie bursting at the seams for a turn to speak. Gone they are all gone.

Please pray for your neighbors, friends and loved ones. You have no idea what your simple little prayer of love, joy, health, and peace could mean to them, remembering that your last conversation just might be the last time that you see them breathing; and as I make that request of you I say the same for you!

Huggles to you!!!

*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things, October 28, 2013

I was just reminded of checking anti-freeze and remembered a leaky radiator of years past. You know what I did that lasted six months? Dropped a raw egg in the radiator. Worked very well!

What did I learn the first time that I went to college? How to fold linens and how to put them away until future use. Yep! For real! Explanation: I worked in the college dining hall where Mrs. Bell as a very strict and nonindulgent leader of the force. It was Mrs. Bell who taught us that when folding the linen how to place the fold. 

The fold had to be stacked in the way that the one retrieving the linen would not pull on the loose ends thus affecting many other linen or just making a big mess. Well, this autumn I have another reason for being glad that I still today fold my linens the way that Mrs. Bell taught me it seems that the autum, because this autumn has been a bumper crop for spiders that love to hid in dark places. Spiders everywhere. Two in the house have reminded me that I am very glad Mrs. Bell taught me in college how to fold and put away the linens so that I know exactly what I am picking up.

Well, what started out to be a pleasant afternoon trip turned out to be a praise report as two women who needed to be in the safety of their own homes ended up at Serpent Mound, just as the sun set on the horizon. Maybe another time would have been great, however, in this late evening cold temperatures without walking sticks it was not, especially not when both of us stumbled returning to the car. All I could think of was "Praise the Lord" that all turned out well, especially since my cellphone's battery had run out of power! Truly I was very thankful when we were belted into Karen's vehicle and back on the road again!

I had a very nice conversation with Brian Shearer this week. He is the organizer of M.A.R.K. This means Meaningful Acts of Random Kindness. Located in the Peebles area the group consists of volunteers throughout Adams and Highland Counties performing acts of kindness, like visit shut-ins, visit nursing home residents who have no visitors and etc. Brian is on Facebook. I heard about him through Mom's great niece Jazz Osman. I am mighty proud of Brian and of Jazz and all people similar to them out making a difference!

This Queen Bee had a setback this week and people similar to Brian and Jazz, helped make the impossible possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!! One of those people was one of the hardest working people that I know, my neighbor Bonnie. She called one morning and said, "Do you want to run to Maysville with me" Well, me, always the driver, jumped at the chance to set back for a change and said, "Yes!" What a treat as she did the Wal-Mart thing, taught me about a new exciting store, and ate at Pondersa-where on this day everything tasted exceptionally good!

Jim Lally of the Old Washington Writers sent this message: OWW will be meeting this Tuesday night at 7pm at the Cox Building in downtown Maysville. The prompt for this month is to write a prose piece about a work of art. We will also be discussing plans for our public reading on Sunday, November 10th at 3 pm at the Cox Building. We will have 2 featured readers, Katerina Stoykova-Klemer and Colin Watkins, the co-founders of the well known Lexington writers' group, Poezia. Hope to see you there. If you like to write you are invited to join the group.

Did you know that Maysville has an interesting new store? The name of it is Black Friday. It is chocked full of stuff of interest to someone-even perfumes and colognes-all priced reasonably. They even had a Himalayan Salt lamp-which might be called by another name. My suggestion is that when you visit you may or may not find your exact items but I am almost sure you will find something interesting. They are located just down the street from Sav-A-Lot.

Remember to set your clocks Saturday night, an event that I hate with a passion. Oh well, I guess that I have to have something to complain about.

I had the great pleasure of attending the baby shower for expectant mother Sarah Beth Titus. The shower was was open to the husbands as well. It was a great time and Sarah received many nice gifts. 

Ron Moffett will be the worship leader at the Red Oak Church this Sunday. Services start at 10am.

Remember that the two churches at Decatur have joined forces meeting at one church one week and the other church the next week. Guess just go where the cars are parked. 

Also remember, that on November 7th Georgetown Methodist Church is opening their door at 9am for a time of "Coffee and Chat." This is a place where friends can met and have a time of sharing with each other or jon into a guided conversation. Rumor has it that the first topic of the day is: What was your first car" Come and join the fun!

Also, after a time of Coffee and Chat the next place that could be visited is the Genealogy Society located just around the corner. 

Sincere sympathy to the family, friends, and loved ones of Steve Prather. 

Happy, Happy Birthday to you if this is your week and to: Kenny Mason, Sara P. Creighton, Billie M. McGinnis Whisner, Natassha Wright, Tony Goodman, Rebecca Black Townsend, Melinda and Frank Green, Tim Yearout, Michael A. Girsovich, Aaron Griffith, Richard Wiles, Carolyn Briesler, Kathryn Dugan, Lauren N. Bradford 

Let us try a little challenge and keep note of the results for future reference. When praying or speaking the word to yourself let's start the phrase/verse with "Praise the Lord that..." Lately, I heard a message that said when you pray that the enemy is also listening and says, "Oh yeah, Let's Just See About That!!!"

"But the Lord shall be your everlasting light and the days of your mourning shall be ended. Your people shall all be righteous and shall ever possess the land, a shoot of my own planting, a work of my own hands, to bring me glory. The few shall become ten thousand and the little nation great. I AM the Lord; soon, in the fullness of times I will bring it to pass." Isaiah 60:20-22 The New English Bible You are blessed!!!!

*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things, October 21, 2013

Happy, Happy Birthday if this is your week & Anniversary blessings to: Caleb Jodrey, Karen Robinson, David Snapp, Edddie Flannery, Marla Lester, Katherine Lightner Kinder, Mary &Harold Oberschlake, Jeffrey Tackett, Hazel Reginstien Kirk. Edward Flannery, Myrtie Catherine &Joseph Shelton, David Wagel, Hazel Arick Duderstadt, Jenny Cooper, Jerrod Fussnecker, Matthew McFerron, Boone Montgomery, Jennie M. Bolendar Shelton, Tommy Hawk, Nancy J. Coleman Rice, Dorothea Bruine Tackett, Shirley Berz, Erin Tackett, Morgan Goodman, Kay Nichols, Vicki King, Marla Lester, Frances Gilliland Huggins, Ora M. Knechtly, Marty Hauk, David Benjamin, Ben Germann, James Gilliland, Lila May Hardyman, James J. Jones, Beth King, Jesse Meadows, William A. West, Wilma Paul Ritchie, Kevin Fulton Terry Baird, Ronald Moffett, Rebecca and Joseph McNutt, Ramona Kinder

God's Closet will be this Saturday at the Russellville Church of Christ. You are invited to come "shop" and then invited have lunch at God's Kitchen. Please remember that if you have items that are no longer useful to you please donate them to God's Closet-a very worthwhile outreach ministry.

Business in Adams County was made pleasurable by the company of Ms. Gloria. Afterward, we enjoyed a delightful and delicious lunch at the CrossRoads Dairy Bar, just south of the Seaman stop light on State Route 247. ...since it is so rare that our schedules correspond we made a leisurely day out of what was left by visiting the Hollowtown Spring. There Ms. Gloria taught me about several native plants and about the Beech Tree and the three faces of the Beech-Nut. This was very exciting to me, as I strongly believe,
"it is a very sad day when nothing new is learned!" .....From there we started for the A&M apple Orchard but because of the late hour 
of the day finally decided against chancing that the business would still be open. Instead, I remembered a new friend that I had made while down at the spring that said they owned a nearby antique store. We took that challenge of searching that out. Oh My Lands!!! what a pure delight to visit retired educator, Mr. Pulliam and the stories he told about the items of Pulliam's Antique Store!!!

More business led me to Portsmouth. Found out that mileage is slightly longer going US Route 52 but time-wise nearly the same. 
Also, it seems that 52 is smoother and the hills of Kentucky are beautiful, especially right now in this autumn season but so it Shawnee Forest! Just beautiful. Either way the scenery is not disappointing!!!

Friday evening, after spending eventful time with Miss Hallie and Mr. Xavier who wanted me to take pictures of his teeth, Shirley Brierly and I had the opportunity to represent Red Oak Presbyterian Church at the annual Gideon Appreciation Dinner for Pastor's. What a very nice experience!

It was at this dinner that I learned that Mt. Olivet Church has a monthly sing on the first Sunday evening of each month. This next time, the first Sunday in November Brother David Carr of his wife from WZWP Somerset Radio heard locally here will be guest of the church. You are invited.

Lisa Corum Fox will be the worship leader Sunday at the Red oak Presbyterian Church.

If you are interested in filling a child's Christmas shoebox there is still time. Call me at 937-392-1323 for more details.

You also are invited to a new thing in Brown County. The Georgetown Methodist Church is opening their doors Thursday mornings for an informal time for friends and acquaintances to come together for "Coffee and Chat." However, if an organized discussion is preferred that will be available also. This is all free to those who would like to join in for aa time of coffee and chat with a donation box available for those who like to give to an outreach ministry. The organized question will be a question of the day type thing. Rumor has it that the first question is going to be "What was your first car?" Everyone is welcomed. This will begin November 7th at 9am. Also, if desired a prayer tree will be available to post concerns and joys.

A free community lunch will be held at the Georgetown Methodist Church October 26th. And Sunday evening Bible Study starts at 6pm

Also, the Georgetown Methodist church has what they call "Toiletry Pantry."S In September they served 59 adults and 34 children! They also have a prayer shaw/blanket ministry

How do I know so much about Georgetown Methodist church so suddenly? Because Shirley Brierly and I attended the Brown County Genealogy Annual Dinner there Saturday. What a delightful time we had as we met again with friends and acquaintances prior to the meeting and at lunch-time; then Donna Skinner gave a most informative, spunky, descriptive report of Brown County's forgotten towns. After a delicious lunch, and a time to view the map including these "forgotten towns", we heard a surprisingly interesting talk about the prisoner of war camps of the Civil War. Then it was time for the door prizes. I happen to be one of the winners. Some of the door prizes were the biggest mums that I have ever seen, they were huge! However, I picked a small gift bag. Well, surprise it contained a cup, a spoon, and two packs of hot chocolate. One was one that I had been told about but I would have never tried/bought on my own. It is called "Carmel Sea Salt".

Also, from the church's newsletter I learned that the next evening was their annual Fall Concert. I attended, especially after learning that my firend Mildred Tracy was doing well and would be singing. What a joy to see her again and learn that she, in her young age of 91, is still going weekly to the nursing home to sing and play the piano for the residents!!! What a joy!

What a joy to attend this concert as 21 people came together in unity to present a very beautiful sound. How precious!!!with the wonderful musical talents of Steve and Glenna Smith, and beautiful solos by Megan Dunkin, Mike Smith, and Aimee Germann. Precious! Just precious, along with flutist Jane Sininger. The Bell Chior also preformed sounding a very, very beautiful-just makes you want to go Wow!

It was with great grief that i heard of the announcement of Dick Baird's death--an hour after his visitation time! Richard & I became friends in the early 80's running into each other every couple of years or so, however, he became a true friend to Mom and I when he allowed me to realize a dream come true for myself by allowing Mom & I camping priviledges at his fifth-wheel sitting on the banks of the Ohio River. Many times I wrote about our experiences there at the place I named "Healing Waters Campsite.". Looking back it is hard to believe the changes that have taken place since that time at Healing Waters Campsite-the loss of four people very important to me. If it would help I would/could cry rivers of tears as three of them just walked away, and then it only got worse. Anyway, Richard evidently believed that Mom visiting that campsite would boost her spirits. She truly did like it there. My only regret, looking back on it now is that she did not die there, at that campsite, doing what she loved-picking up walnuts, fallen twigs and leaves. Not sure which is worse losing loved ones to death or them walking out of your life. Nevertheless, I appreciate Dick Baird's generosity from the bottom of my heart!!!!

It is with further sadness that i read of the death of my childhood friend Darrell Wills. He had returned to visit the area several years ago. It was at that time that he said he was having some health issues. I thought that I had made arrangements to get to see him again if matters got worse. Evidently, my request was not taken seriously as I learned of his death while reading the newspaper. Morris, Audrey, Jerry, Helen, Mom, Dad and now Darrell!!!! Oh Lord our Lord speak peace to this storm!!!!

I am sorry that grief has made me look and act ugly at times. A full moon night makes me remember what Lyndon Yocum's young nephew said when he was grieving his Uncle Lyn. Every full moon brings that memory back as if it 
were said yesterday, and I miss my Dad as if it was yesterday.

*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things, October 14, 2013

Happy birthday to you if this is your week Happy Birthday & Anniversary Blessings to Xavier Marcus Salisbury, Clifford Eskew, "Reggie" Taylor, Clinton Kessell, Paige Blevins, James A. Gilliland, Judith Harp, Anga N & Samuel Johnson, Samuel Johnson, Clinton Kessel, Don Paul Kirk, Laura Christine Gilliland, Margarett Krotchen, Patty Pelletier McFerron, William E. Salisbury, Eden Williams Rachel Rau Wung Eden E. Williams, Kira Watson, Greg Dyer, Madsion Dyer, Kimberly & Nick Fussnecker, Robert Jodrey, Annie Gallenstein, Matt Latham, Sandy Swearingen Schubert Jasper Kennedy, Ruth E. Kirk Knoche, Christopher Parker, Mary L. Starrett Parker, Amanda Starrett, Madison Dyer, Elizabeth F. and George R. Gordon Walt Hampton, J.C Kessell, Josh Day, Ray Vaughn, Marion Berry, Dorothy E. and Clem Osman, Caleb Jodrey, Karen Robinson, David Snapp, Edddie Flannery, Marla Lester, Katherine Lightner Kinder, Mary & Harold Oberschlake, Jeffrey Tackett

A picture of Laura Christine Gilliland hangs in the foyer of the Red Oak Presbyterian Church. She is smiling so sweetly. A such warmth comes from that picture-a true testimony of her life and her dedication to all children, a precious memory forever in my heart is this woman one of the two most influential women in my young life, with Leora Baird Salisbury being the other most influential person in my life. Oh how I miss them. "Grandma Leora" always fixed us Hickory Nut Cake. I can still taste this cake even though many, many moons have passed. Back then I never realized how much work goes into a hickory nut cake. 

Anyway, Miss Christine, as we children always called her, was the first Red Oak News contributor. It has been stated that her first column started out to introduce the birth of my nephew, who will be 43 in November. My Mom, Ruth Salisbury, always had a part in the Red Oak News so it was nothing new to her to fill the vacant columnist spot when Miss Christine went on to be with her Lord and Savior Jesus, the one that she mentioned so very many times while continually being the teacher to teach "her" children. Happy Birthday Miss Christine!!! and thank you!!!!

Speaking of teacher I had a very interesting conversation this week. I was telling about my personal experience of going all through school believing that I was mentally retarded, and then while in college as one of the assignments finding out that my grades was very decent except for the subject of mathmatics, and the anger that I felt that noone had ever taken a moment of time to give a notice.

Then the conversation took a turn when the listener said, "Well, get this. The day before graduation we were told that my daughter was not graduating because she needed a half credit in English." Then another person hearing the conversation said the same thing had happened to him, that he had no clue that he was not graduating, that he had good grades and at least two years perfect attendance and hours before his graduation, after going through all the graduation type activities and accurring expenses, was told he needed a half credit in order to graduate. 

That took me back to another time when I had never before used a laptop and still learning the computer in general. It was during all of this that I thought possibly I could make a living being a news reporter. During a reporting session at RULH that year it was learned that 12 students would not be graduating. TWELVE STUDENTS!!! I considered that unreal. Wanting to find the cause of this problem I approached a person in charge and recieved permission to pass out a survey addressing the problems of why this was the case. I never dreamed, until this weeks conversation, that it was lack of attention of the people in charge. If this happened in your family email me at or call 937-392-4261.

Something interesting happened yesterday when I flipped on the TV. Oprah was interviewing a lady that said that she had died and went to heaven. She said so much that I cannot remember all but a couple of things I would like to point out is that she said included talking about the beauty of heaven and how even each flower petal sang praises to the Lord and in the waterfall each drop of water was singing their own song of praise. Oh, how wonderful that must be!!!

Another thing the lady said that happened was that there was a time in which she saw her life in review; this was backed up by experiences of other people interviewed during the same program only with different experiences. Everything that was done to another-whether good or whether bad-was reviewed. Personally, I believe this because the blessings and the cursings are laid out in Deuteronomy and again in the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew. 

Then last night flipping on the tv again the program that happened to be playing was an author being interviewed by Benny Hinn. This man was saying like the fact that when we speak our good intentions that the enemy comes in an attempts to completely disrupt and destroy all of our good intentions and create great havoc. That is why it is so very important to know and to rooted and grounded in faith, such as Psalms 1 says, "Like a tree planted by the waters".

Southern Ohio has lost another precious person as the Death Angel came and took away Earl Nash's spirit. Condolences to Isabella and Earl's family, and host of friends and loved ones. 

Please continue to pray for Greg Applegate and all farmers. Many, many blessings to all of them!!!! 

Please pray for your neighbor. You have no idea what it is that they are going through that makes them act the way that they do. Please pray blessings upon them, as you would a new born babe.-- 

*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things, October 7, 2013

Birthdays-Lindsey Kroemer, Ryan Kroemer, Linsey Sawyers, Roger L. Watson, Tara Paeltz and Chris Coleman, 
Ruby & Norville Hardyman, Helen & Leonard Highfield, Constance Kirk, Ray Gelter, Gerald Brown, Henry Craycraft, 
Mary Smalley & John Salisbury, Harriett Jackson Groh, James Hall, Ann & Alexander Mooney, Tristan Watson, 
Conner Benjamin, Melody Morefield Gallenstein, Elizabeth S. Finley McNutt, Collins T. VanOrden, Gene T. West, 
Lillie Jones West, Andrea Edminsten, Francis and Allen Jordan, 
LiLaina age 9, Xavier Marcus Salisbury, Clifford Eskew, "Reggie" Taylor, Clinton Kessel

Well, I played Grandma this past week-end, to my own Granddaughter and her friend-that I did not know. 
It started out being picked up after school and ended just about the same time that Sunday night's rains started.

Congratulations to Miss Hallie for making the interim Honor Roll. Mam-maw is very proud!!! Congratulations to 
each and every 4-Her, FFA and FHAer that participated in in projects for the Brown County Fair. I am very proud of you.

Congratulations to Kimmy Fizer, Breanna Fizer, Rose Eckler, and Bobbi Jo Eckler for making the interim Honor Roll.
This Grandma is very proud of each of you!!!

Sadly, the Russellville area has lost another noteable personality, Leo Wietlauf. A hard-working man 
Leo went about his business in a quiet way. It was told that Leo in his earlier years led a hobo's life jumping trains 
to find work. Leo and his blue truck always seemed to make one have a sense of reassurance that all was well. 
This past week the Death Angel came to Leo's truck and took Leo's spirit away. I hate that! 

One of the activities that Mam-maw had desired to see over the weekend was the horse auction at the
Adams County Trade Days held at the Adams County Fair Grounds. Well, we made it to the grounds, but neither 
girl was desirous to see a horse auction-that is not until Hallie's Mom and Dad arrived. Then after seeing two animals a 
donkey and a beautiful, beautiful horse, sell for nothing I had enough. However, something really good came of the
time there as I once again met up with my brother and sister in the Lord, Steve and Barb Sheeley. I had not seen them 
since the early 90's. What a joy to get updated from them and the ones we fellowshipped with, plus remembering i
n my mind that I had survived this and then that and now here today I stand-glory to the Lord-through it all-tears and all!!!

Speaking of tears and all I have some really sad news and some good news. The sad news is that due to low attendance at both 
of the Decatur Churches, the Methodist and the Presbyterian, the Elders of both churches have decided to join forces and share Sunday worship services. As far as I am concerned this is good news because the Fall to Spring Bible Studies are attended by members of both congregations. The worship service which starts at 9:30 is led by much respected, informed, studied, learned, 
from the Bible to modern-day-life thought-provoking Kevin Jodrey. Kevin also speaks on Sunday morning at 8am at the uniquely beautiful Ash Ridge Church. You certainly are invited to visit any of these churches.

While we are on the subject of Decatur I have to say that Decatur is very near to the biggest joke on the southern Ohio area spanning three centuries. WHAT??? you say! YES!!! (at least in the opinion of one) Actually, I stand corrected this is the third time-though I am getting ahead of myself. This last escapade concerns State Route 125 that has been closed for many, many months due to improvements to the curves from Grimes Road to top of the next hill. RIGHT!!! The joke is on ever single driver that has waiting in great anticipation as those dangers curves and that naughty little hill was made more compatible to safe driving, especially when snow covered, and dangerous such as they have been for me more than once through the years. This new stretch of road should go down in history as a landmark, at least that way something good would come out of someone's efforts, as should the "NEW" stretch outside of Russellville and U.S. 68 that has a long winding curves from the base of Mile Hill to North Pole Road, for real, for real, for real!

Please pray for another-as you would a newborn babe.

*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things, September 30, 2013

Happy, Happy Birthday and anniversary to you if indeed this is your week-Shannon Daulton, Alexandra G. Depenbrock , Mark Prine, J.D. Meeker, Lee Schweickart, Pam Hanselman, Sonja Kirk, Greg Mullis, Lillie Rice, Tom Salisbury, Kathryn Tong, Samuel Kirkpatrick, Alisha Lang, Mary A. Hertlein, Jesse McKinize, Patrick Prine, Jim Sowers, Kenneth Yockey, Eve A. White Shelton , , Heather N. and Nickolas K. Titus , Leslie Baird, Shauna Berz, Richard Bohrer, Joyce Kirk Knechtly, Zachariah Black Sr. Dwight Bogart, Essie Drake, Andy Kessell, Happy birthday this week to Cathy Salisbury, Donna Housh, Drew Smith, Cortney Smith, Katelyn Wright, Robert Bundy, Devon Kennedy, Wesley Sweet, Phil White, Ezra Black Jr. Andrew Byar, Latrell Jones, Joseph Castle, Richard Bohrer, Priscilla Moore, Chip Kennard, Larry Scott, Dwight Bogart, Andy Kessell, Ella Schlomer, Jacob Castle, Carol Kiskadden, Ryan Kroemer, Lindsey Sawyers, Gordon Mitchell, Mason Phillips, Ray Gelter, James Alexander, Bonnie Murphy, Gerald Brown, Henry Craycraft

This week as I happened by the Red Oak Cemetery a car was parked in an obvious attempt to find Aunt Jemima's gravestone. Being a reporter that opportunity could not pass by me just like that so I stopped to ensure their goal was attained. Yes, all was well. It was a day away from Cincinnati and taking in the sights of the countryside as well as visiting the Simon Kenton Festival over at Old Washington, the Aunt Jemima grave-sight was on the agenda list. Well, as this conversation progressed a baggie was placed on the windshield of the car. Immediately my interest level increased as I recognized this was a bag of several persimmons! Well, here I go immediately asking questions and relating my story of my grandfather, Arch Salisbury, had at least five persimmon tree planted around the house. The response was that yes, it was necessary to have many persimmon trees as they were male and female and to have a fruitful seed several trees are necessary to be planted to ensure a fruitful seed. Then I commented that the persimmon tree was not very pretty and the answer to that was that the persimmon wood is one of the strongest of woods used for many items with the top of the golf tee being one of those items. Then this teacher stated that they grew persimmon trees from seed and when large enough would give these trees to a certain place in the Cincinnati area where they are carefully placed for others enjoyment . Then came time for the taste testing. Wow! I was impressed and amazed that through all of the days travels this special teacher/person picked the historic Red Oak Church site to share his prize that he had gathered from a special place in Cincinnati. Then this impromptu teacher gave a plump, hardy and very delicious looking persimmon to the accompanying student. 

The student was given directions on how to eat a persimmon; gently break the skin, but not to eat the skin, then gently suck the meat of the persimmon out into their mouth. Of course , I watched all of this wide-eyed remembering days on the farm when we thought the persimmon "might" be ready to eat. I have to admit my grandfather must to have loved them a lot to have planted so many trees but his granddaughter just never quite attained a taste for the persimmon, but then that was with the skin on.

Meteorite-supposedly this week a meterotite entered the earth's atmosphere and hit a house in Adams County burning it and it's occupants to death. This came from a trusted Adams County source.

Afghanistan War began 2001

U.S. Navy established in 1775 on October 13th. 

Columbus Day observed October 14th. This week I turned the cable back on after the summer break. One of the early Sunday morning programs that I viewed was a cooking show. What was special about this particular program was that it was Native American recipes. Along with recipes was a history lesson of what really happened those early years. One can only shake ones head in repentance and saddness when an apparent truth is revealed. 

National Bosses Day is observed October 16th. Please take this day of remembrance and pray for the people that decided that they wanted to be the boss and to take the lives of other people into their own hands, especially the one's that never read the Golden Rule, nor had a clue about the meaning of the term my first boss-my Dad-taught me, Judge not-least ye be judged.

The Appalachian Mountain Artisan's Fest will be October 11-13th. For more information call 937-695-5545. 

Also, the same week-end the Wheat Ridge Olde Thyme Herb Fair & Harvest Celebration. For more information Kim Erwin 937-544-8252. 

Confederate Railroad will e at the Red Barn on the 12th and the 11th annual Jack Roush Day at the Manchester Riverbarn will be the 13th.

Sometimes I do not always get my newsapapers read. This has been a trait that I dislike in myself especially when I miss an event that I feel is particularly of great interest to me. This disgust at self happened again lately when I read an article about an happening at Camp Oyo just east of Portsmouth. Camp Oyo, a boy scout camp, was also the church camp that I attended as a young girl. Oh I wish that I had attended this event!!! I still have pictures of church camp days there. Many thanks to the unnamed person that wrote up the beautiful article about Camp Oyo. 

Well, an item that has drawn interest has been called "Fly-In at Adams County Salamon Airport." The press release lists many interesting sounding events including at least one if not more sky drivers, plus various aircrafts. For more information call 937-544-5454. well, what I just found out that this air-show is a re-dedication of the airport. According to a letter from Dr. Salamon daughter, Dr. Salamon was born and raised in Czechoslovakia. He, along with his second the woman who became his second wife, were imprisoned in concentration camps Auschwitz and Dachau. Doctor Salamon's first wife and young daughter were killed by Nazis, as were both sets of parents.

Somehow they, Dr and his second wife and somewhere along the way two more daughters were born, found their way to Winchester, Ohio were Dr. Salamon practiced medicine until his death from lung cancer in 1971. Dr. Salamon had bought a farm that reminded of the farm where he was raised in eastern Europe. When he learned that Adams County was hoping to attract industry to the area he donated a portion of that farm for an airport. The letter goes on to state, "We believe this was an act of gratitude to the people of Adams county. It means a great deal to us to see our father's name kept alive in Adams County, a place that gave him a second chance at life."

In reading the article about The Alexander Salamon Airport and all that this doctor and his wife, along with remembering the testimony of the mother of "The Singing Isaacs" and, remembering the sweet vocals of Sonja Isaacs, and her family's woes at the hands of the Nazi's, I cannot help but think of present day events and Ken Spielvogel's words during yesterday's sermon, "EVERY eye shall see the glory of the Lord!" It does not matter the color of their skin or where they were born!" and Every Knee shall bow. And though there seems to be a be a great move on to create fear, and cause hearts to fear there is only one thing for certain-the death angel will come for all-just like the fading flower-ALL, but there is a blessed hope, a hope for each and every breathing human, the repentance into the name and the blood and the cross of Jesus. Life is very, very short-just one breath away.

Yesterday's worship leader at the Red Oak Presbyterian Church was Ken Spielvogel. Ken and his home church are very involved in the mission project called Operation Christmas Child through Samaritan's Purse. Their mission statement is: Samaritan's Purse is a nondenominational evangelical Christian organization providing spiritual and physical aid to hurting people around the world. Since 1970, Samaritan's Purse has helped meet needs of people who are victims of war, poverty, natural disasters, disease, and famine with the purpose of sharing God's love through His Son, Jesus Christ.

The organization serves the Church worldwide to promote the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ" Ken stated that on October 13th he returns to Red Oak. At that time he plans to bring shoeboxes for anyone that is interested in participating in packing a shoebox for a child. In the meanwhile, if you have questions I will plan to attempt to answer them or find out the answer for you. Call 937-392-4261 or email 

Yesterday was a sad day yet still a day to rejoice as the Manchester Presbyterian Church held it's final service. Shirley Brierly and I attended this service. What a pleasure to see the church filled with former congregational members and friends of MPC that came to celebrate the rich 200 year history of the house of worship. Communion was served for the final time as songs of worship were sang without the aid of a musical instrument; it is very doubtful that there was a dry eye in the house. 

Bless your neighbor you have no idea what is going on with them. Bless them as you would a newborn babe.


Well, I just learned that my friend Bryan Peck is no longer at the Ripley Bee and News-Democrat. I say friend about Bryan 
because being a "self-thought computer expert" he had to put up with a lot of junk due to my "technical difficulties-the nut 
behind the board." All I can say is, "Very best wishes my friend!!! and bunches of huggles to you!!!!" 

*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things, September 23, 2013

Happy, Happy Birthday and anniversay to you if indeed it is your day and to John MacDonald, Jeffery Wallace Russell Watson Jessica Salisbury Raymond Brierly Olive Dyer Rose Eckler Payton C. Geraci, Jody A. Spires, 

Rick Wiles, Trish Wagoner Blevins, Jason Day, Arch Leroy Salisbury, Arch J. Titus, Clara Fryer, Shannon Daulton, Dustin Fussnecker, 

Mark Prine, Linda Hampton and James Leo Shelton, Alexandra G. Depenbrock , Charles W.". Frakes, Billy Fauth, Susie and George C. Baird, Donna Housh, Brian Hamilton, Charles D. Salisbury, Ernie Crump, Donna Housh, Lee Schweickart, Pam Hanselman, Sonja Kirk, Greg Mullis, Lillie Rice, Tom Salisbury, Kathryn Tong,

Well, here it is time to start thinking about winterizing. Here is a message that I sent to my friend and it holds true for you also, if you know anyone that is like this;

Hey Girl, I know that you know many people so here is a request. 

I am looking for a maintenance person (from now on in this request will be known in my traditional way of speaking as "he") that can "help" winterize this home and car. 
This person must be: honest, prompt, punctual, knowledgeable about the tasks at hand, 
able to work off of the Things-to-do-list, 
not "second-guess" the list-except to brainstorm with me a better way, 
and then allow ME to make the final decision, trustworthy enough to be left alone with the task, 
able to control smoking cigarettes until the tasks are completed, 
do the job requested, brainstorm any ideas pertinent to the job, 
have NO hidden agendas-saying up front what pay is expected and when,
able to work for a female person, able to express all qualms prior to starting the job, able to keep their mind on the tasks on the list AND no talk of bedroom experiences, No foul-sounding jokes, and no innuendos!
This person must be as close to making the 7-P's happen as closely as possible-the 7-p's are  are Prior-Proper-Prepartion-Prevents-Pucky-Poor-Performance;
and, repeating myself, able to work for an experienced female person!
And Yes Ladies! When this person shows up and meets these requirements I will share the name and contact number!!!!!!
It was my great pleasure to attend the Loose Thread Quilter's meeting this past Thursday located at Peebles. Bonnie, my new friend Ilena/Sunshine, and I went especially to receive a lesson on paper quilting. How pleasant it was to be in the room with so much talent! Among the group was Jan Holbrook, who I did not know until she introduced herself as the daughter of Reverend Melvin Peterson, who often spoke at the Red Oak Presbyterian Church and who Mom fixed dinner for, at least once-that was when my husband & I were invited also. Will save that story for a later date-one those unforgettable-around-the-Salisbury-harvest-table-experiences! 

Later that day, at Sunshine's house she showed Bonnie and me a cross-stitch portrait of her high school graduation picture. Oh My Lands! I truly believe that this was one of the finest works of art that I have ever seen-and yes, it is on my facebook page-the one with the scenery as the profile picture.

Sunshine said that she would like to do one of her baby picture. While we talked on the telephone I found a place on the internet that makes the pattern and names the colors, www.myphotostitch! The graduation pattern was 12 holes to an inch! That is a long way from my patience level.

This week as you go in the front gate of the Brown County Fair look over to the left and see the decoration under the welcome sign. This is a project by the Russellville Firecracker's 4-H Club a co-operative project led by Lisa Shelton Salisbury. A little known fact about Lisa is that she is a very accomplished artist in oil and watercolors and an with ink and pencil. Lisa is also extremely talented in interior decorating, bringing colors together into a beautiful sight and doing much with small spaces. For many, many years it was Lisa Shelton Salisbury that decorated the drive-thru at Fifth-Third Bank Georgetown, especially going all out for Halloween. The works of Lisa's joy, love, creativity has affected many lives.

Wednesday night, will be a time of great music and fellowship at the Ripley Nazarene Church beginning at 7pm. In the opinion of at least one, I appreciate Kenon Boling for all his efforts introducing musicians to this project and making this musical time of sharing a great time. Lay all your burdens aside come hear Charles and Jim Castle sing. What a true blessing this time of music is to the listener. As these words are written this Sunday evening I will have to say that visiting the Ripley Nazarene Church tonight was a true blessing and even more a blessing was to see so many people out-possibly double of any Sunday night attendance that I have witnessed-ones that I had never met before- and several children included. Praise the Lord!!!

Actually, this day I sort-of visited three churches, but only attended two. Beebe Chapel CME celebrated their 120th year with this 2013 Homecoming!!! Wow! And Congratulations!!!! Speaking at the ceremony was Reverend Charles Williams, Jr. pastor of First Baptist Church of Ripley located on Third St. What a great time!

Also, a great time was that I arrived just for service just early enough to have lunch with my friends, Lily, Debra, Barb, Jeff and Harriet. So cool!!!!

Inspiring were the words written in the bulletin of BeeBe Chapel. They are; "Remember the difference between the lost and the saved are that when the lost fall down they fall into the mud, when the saved fall down we fall into the blood."

I thank the Lord for the blood of the Lamb. Somedays-something like 24-7 I could not even breathe, walk, or talk if it were not for the Lord doing it for me. I have been attempting to learn to let everyone learn their own life-learning lessons. In the many, many moons that have passed since I determined that I could fix a situation it is still ever difficult to remember the words of my young oldest nephew who said to me matter-a-factually, "That's them." The only-the one and only course of action is prayer-I still believe that prayer changes things. However, it did not change the fact that I became great aunt this week to a very beautiful little girl named Mya Nicole, beautiful name for a beautiful little baby. We are told, in scripture, that children are a gift from God, and that is what I believe. I believe that all children are a gift from God-no matter the age of the parents or for that matter any other circumstance. Many blessings to my new great niece, Mya Nicole and her family.

Red Oak Church is unique in that it does not have a pastor on staff. However, each week the pulpit is filled with the Word from the Lord from very accomplished ministers. Here is the rundown for the next few weeks. Come, you are invited each Sunday morning at 10am. September 22, 2013 - Lisa Corum Fox, September 29, 2013 - Ken Spielvogel, October 6, 2013 - Barbara Jean Havens (Communion), October 13, 2013 - Ken Spielvogel, October 20, 2013 - Ronnie Moffett, October 27, 2013 - Lisa Corum Fox

This past weekend while surveying the fairgrounds I ran into an acquaintance. This person said that had been asked not to return to a favored hangout because some little girl said she was "being looked at funny." That is one of the most ludicrous things that I have ever heard, especially of this particular person. However, this brought back into remembrance the time that Jean Hundley and I went to K-Mart. (Jean left us many, many years ago.) Jean wanted something and I wanted to go to the toy section. This particular instance I was looking for a particular toy. In the isle was a little girl about seven years old. I asked her if she knew where this item coulod be located. She looked at me like I was a rattlesnake. I left. Then within moments I heard the announcement for security. What a frightening experience, for myself I am speaking about. Well, it so happened that Jean knew one of the guys that was security and I just walked up to her saying I was ready to go and we left. This incident, though many years ago, still makes me shiver realizing the fear being instilled in children's minds. People need one another-at least that is what I believe. I have had too many flat tires and other needs to believe anything any different. My acquaintance of this week's incident is a person that very much enjoyed hanging out in this establishment, speaking to nearly all that came inside-(including the people that brought the accusation) and being validated by others that stopped by for a chat. Now a little girl mistook a smile and an offer for ice cream to bring an accusation of wrong doing. OH MY LORD-HELP US ALL!!!!

It is with a mixture of great saddness and great joy that I write about the daughter of Red Oak Presbyterian Church. After 200 years of Presbyterian worship services in the Manchester Presbyterian Church the congregation will no longer be considered Presbyterian. However, it is with great joy to know that the work of the Lord continues as New Beginnings Church will begin holding services there on October 6th. Praise the Lord!!!

Also, continuing still after 3 successful years is the monthly songfest. What a true blessing it was to me this morning to talk with Fred Edgington as he told me what a song meant to him. His words brought tears to my eyes, as I attempted to write the beautiful words of wisdom he was saying about songs. He said in part, "Song is the easiest way to God. A song will bring tears to your eyes, thoughts to your heart.....and closer to God." I sure wish that I could write faster. Anyway, back to the building-known as the Manchester Presbyterian Church- Praise the Lord that itt's life continues and that song will still be heard within it's walls.

A Celebration of the Life of the Manchester Presbyterian Church will be this Sunday the 29th. Sunday school beginns at 9:30 and church services begin at 10:30. After services will be a time of fellowship. You are invited, especially if you have a memory to share. Come and congratulate the faithful for their service through the years, and let them know that you appreciate their works and their service to our Lord.

Well, with very mixed emotions I am announcing that Miss Friday passed away. Yes, I cried. Now what am I gonna complain about?

If you happen to be looking for a church I recommend all the churches that I have spoken about. 

If you happen to be looking for validation please know that you have already received validation. I recommend turning to the scriptures to find the validation that will set you clock to ticking in the right direction. A favorite place of mine is Ephesians, Psalms, Isaiah from chapter 50's to the end. Something to think about is the fact that God called Abraham alone. Look it up! home 937-392-4261 facebook-the profile picture with the scenery.

As said earlier there are many time that I could not even walk if it were not for the the power of the Holy Spirit making me go. September is my most difficult month emotionally. It is the month of the birth of my precious Mom, the birthday of my precious nephew A. J.-on Dad's birthday, the birthday of my precious granddaughter who came into our family as a small infant, the Brown County Fair with all of it's memories, the birthday of my precious Dad "Tinker Toy" my very loving and daughter spoiling father, and the anniversary of the death of my sister-on our Dad's birthday. The wife of one of the home care clients would always say, "I just HATE the days!" Somedays I know-or think I know exactly what she means. Maybe someday I will do a study and try to find out what it meant when scriptures say, "God called Abraham alone." because I too sometimes hate the days and then have to spend much time repenting for cursing the gift. Then all that can be said is, "Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow!"

Eating blackberry jelly on my specially dried toasted bread seems to make all things better! Even if the jelly was made in 2014!

*Mar Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things, September 16, 2013

Happy, Happy Birthday to you if it is your birthday month. I am very sorry for missing last week so here are both weeks. Happy birthday to Kayla Powell, Nancy Pennington Salisbury, Jeff Titus, John C. Hardyman, Gladys R. Shelton Salisbury, Barbara Jean Havens, Zachariah Black Jr,. Evans Montgomery, Andrew Ulrich, Carter Eckler, Elizabeth F. Baird Gordon, James Finley, Matilda R. Atherton, Roy E. Shelton, Elizabeth Ruston Finley, Chelsa R. Adams, Doris D. Jones, Edwin Dyer, Wilbur C. Baird, James C. Kessell, John Stacey Jr. Nancy Mefford Truesdell, Richard Bick, Kayla Pelletier Stricklett, Jeffrey T. Silka, Irma Burbage Blevins, Chelsa Adams Patsy A. and A.C. Myers Shauna Spires Randy Howelett, David and Maria Klump, Doris Jones, Teresa & Ben Germann, Beth Stacey,
J. C. Kessell, Katie Kessell, Jeff Cluxton, Austin W. Bizzantz, Austin W. Ratliff, Roderick & Debroa Scott, Ed & Mary Alma (Henry) Richey

Michael Combs is to be at the Adams County Christian School Friday night. This will be a Great, Great concert-at least that is what I believe!!! Tickets are $10 at the door.

Sunday, BeeBee Chapel will be celebrating their homecoming. Call the church for more details. This will be a great service and celebration to the glory of the Lord, at least that is what I believe.

Wednesday, the 25th, is the Brown County Seniors Dinner at the old Alverda Reed School building in Georgetown-now the
A.B.C.A.P. building. This is a fun group. All seniors invited. Lunch is 12 noon. 

Did you know that Ripley, Ohio has a facebook page called Ripley, Ohio and another one that I just learned about called Ripley, Ohio History. It has many pictures spanning the space of time and it also has a song by Patti Griffin and Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin fame. Very nice page.

For early morning US 68 travelers you might see a man making his way up the highway on his bicycle. The word is that he makes this trip daily to be with his wife that is in the Villa Nursing Home. He goes early to help her with breakfasts and stays until after supper. Many blessings to him and his wife.

At the 9/11 Remembrance service at Georgetown's Courthouse Square I ran into Cricket Ward. Cricket was a Smith when we worked together a few moons back. She shocked me by saying that Christian TV singing personality, Betty Jean Robinson, (and one of my favorites) was her mother's niece and her first cousin. Betty Jean had been in the area for several days lately visiting friends and relatives. One of those relatives was her aunt, Oma McIntosh, now living at OVM. 

..Are you interested in the traveling history of this area and the roads that are no longer in use? Paul Young of the Belfast/Hillsboro area wrote a book about these same roads. It is said that the only place to purchase this book is at the Old Piano Factory in Ripley in Kay and Randy Koski's section. 

.. Speaking of Paul Young it was him, my mom Ruth Salisbury and possibly a few others that formed the Friends of Red Oak. They were formed specifically for the benfit of the perpetual care of the three cemeteries located at Red Oak Church. For many years the Friends of Red Oak held the Aunt Jemima Breakfasts every Memorial Day weekend. I happen to believe that there was nothing like eating Aunt Jemima Pancakes & syrup along with sausage out is the early morning open air of the Red Oak Church surrounded by the graves of the forefathers. Now, Ruth Suggs daughter of Aunt Jemima (Rosa Washington) who attended those breakfasts now 
lays beside her mother and are not far from my own mother and father who worked tirelessly to bring all of that together. However, though they are gone the perpetual care of the cemetery goes on; though the one that for years and years worked tirelessly seeking donations and selling gravesites has joined the others in the beautiful graveyard at the Red Oak Church. This summer each and everytime I have visited the Red Oak Cemetery I have marveled at how beautiful everything looks up to and including a polished, cared for, I-love-this-place look about the whole area. Many, many thanks for the ones providing the care! However, this care does 
not come free. To learn more about the perpetual care fund or how to purchase a gravesite call Don Salisbury at 513-218-4661 or 937-377-2005. And many thanks to Paul Young, Mom & Dad-who both celebrate birthdays this month, Tom Bennett-who also has joined the others, and the many other Friends of Red Oak, who had the foresight to see that the perpetual care was necessary.

It was with sadness that I heard of the death of Mildred Bruce. Mildred is one of the few readers of the Red Oak News readers that contacted me on the a frequent basis. She would write to me and tell me of the sending care packages to my father and two other
local soldiers while they were in service during the World War 2. The letters I really appreciated hearing from her and hearing what
was going on in her life. I'm very sorry to hear that she's is now gone, along with her soldiers that she cared about.
. Does anyone know what's going on over on Chicken Hollow Road; the whole area a couple of the hillsides are all stripped bare just wondering if anybody knew what was going on?
. This week I attended the beautiful 9 / 11 Remembrance ceremony that was held in front of the Georgetown Court House. Of course
I took my camera. This was a really great experience and if you would like to see pictures of the performers go to my facebook page the one with the scenery. I very much appreciate each person and performer that in any way had anything to do with this 9/11 remembrance.
This week I'd heard about a new church up in Adams County so I decided I thought I would attend. I called a friend to see if my friend would like to go with me to visit this new church.
This has been done earlier in the week so about a three hours before time to go I called to say that I wanted to stop by the nursing home prior to going to church , so we would be leaving a little bit earlier.
Almost directly after placing that phone call I received a phone call stating that some friends were stopping by for a moment and asked if I was going to be home. I said yes for the moment indicating I was preparing to leave.
Well, sometimes things just don't get why you plan. Anyway I called my friend and said that it was going to be later than planned because I had people stopping by the house for a few minutes.
It was a beautiful day that when my company came we sat outside and talked. As many of you might know when talking sometimes time gets away from you before you know it. That is exactly what happened this day. I did not have a phone with me so I lost all track of time and place in a few minutes at my friends were here.
Then believe it or not when they left a look at the clock revealed it was it exactly time for the church to start.
I hurriedly called my friend, that I had invited to ride with me; my friend was extremely, extremely livid that I did not run my company
off and that I "had put them before our plans!" The problem is that I did not realize that "WE" had plans, other than nursing home
and then church which had been my plan of action with the invitation extended to join me if that was pleasing to them. No, I was NOT going to run my company off! I was sorry the plans did not go the way I had intended but the disappointment from having My plans changed I felt was nowhere near the ire I felt after a lecture on the ills of my plan of action for the evening. 
Where's Judge Judy when I need her?

This incident reminded me of the time many, many moons ago when an acquaintance of mine was In a bar. Her child was outside on the street crying because of wanting mommy to come out so they could talk. So being the helper that I have always thought that I might be I went inside the bar to get mommy. Mommy was busy. She would not go out. Suddenly she looked up at the bartender who proceeded to say to me , " Look lady, we had NO problems until YOU came!"
Well, sometimes I'm a slow learner.  I've always believed in the Pollyanna type lifestyle. I have always believed myself to be 
" a helper." And believe that my chosen profession of Home Health showed that trait within me. However through the 80s through
the 90s through the 2000's and now the  2010's  it appears that it has been "Look lady we did not have any trouble until you got here."  So
I'll take this opportunity to say if that shoe fits you and that I got into your way, believing that I was helping, I am very sorry. If I invited you and then I disappointed you I am very sorry. If I made a way for you and you were disappointed at the outcome of the event I am sorry. If you did something for me for what I thought (assumed) was a gesture of return of helps and you were disappointed in the cause and effect of that time and place I am very sorry.  If you had an expectation of me and I failed to be a mind-reader and failed 
your expectation I am very sorry and possibly human. If my Pollyanna type heart seems a little calloused I am sorry!!! WILL you forgive me???

I learned something this week as I was attempting to find on Facebook the name of the man I had heard sing at the 9/11 Remembrance. His name is Glenn Miller. In that search I learned that Glenn Miller, famous bandleader and song composer of the big band era, is classified as MIA-missing in action; while entertaining the troops during WWII his plane went down over the English Channel in December 1944. His remains were never recovered. So now, when viewing the MIA/POW black flag I can place Glenn Miller's name on it and remember. This Friday, the 20th is the National MIA/POW Recognition Day. Did you know that 9/11 is the USA Patriot Day? I did not either until seeing it listed on my calender.

Friday, the 20th is the date for the Brown County sing. This month it is located at the Church of the Nazarene in Sardinia. All are welcomed to come and join in a fine time of musical fellowship. 

 Next Monday, the 23rd, is the opening day of the 162 Brown County Fair. Come and enjoy and have fun. There is lot's to see and do. The opening day parade is Monday evening. That is always a good time.

The 25th, Wednesday evening, is the evening for a great time of music at the Ripley Church of the Nazarene. Come and hear some great talent. You will not be disappointed.

Please remember if you have any itmes that are no longer useful to you and they are only sightly used please remember God's Closet located at the Russellville Church of Christ. Donations can be dropped off anytime. This is an outreach ministry serving all who wish to participate. This month God's Closet and God's Kitchen is scheduled for the 28th- the Saturday of the Brown County Fair; have not yet heard if there is a change in plans because of the fair. 

Please pray for your neighbor you have not a clue what they are going through, please pray blessings for them, all to the glory of the Lord.

*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things, September 9, 2013

Last evening I had the extreme pleasure of attending the Appreciation Dinner for Donna Sue Groves. Her idea of quilt squares on barns has spread like wild fire and is now throughout 46 states and into Canada. She has a Facebook site. Also, Donna Sue's idea not only has brought beauty to the landscape but her idea and tribute to her mother Maxine has also brought tourism into each of those areas, made income for many peoples, and promoted thinking in young people with 4-H groups and other groups involved in promoting the quilt barn squares. Now Donna Sue is having some health problems and no income-thus the appreciation dinner and auction. Please check out the Quilt Barn site. there is much more to say about this. Many,many blessings Donna Sue Groves and Maxine. 

Last night at Donna Sue Groves-The Quilt Barn Lady's Appreciation Dinner I was taking photos when suddenly my true heroine in life said, "You don't know me do you?" No, I did not many, many moons had passed and marriage had gotten in the way of a friendship of one that I highly, very highly respect my friend, my bridesmaid, my co-worker, and my mentor. Why, do I respect Gemma so much. She married extremely young quitting school and having two precious little girls ,returned to high school, yes returned to high school many years later. When she graduated she joined the work force, where I met her, and then while I was dealing with being married then unmarried she continued on with her education to became a nurse, and I believe that I heard first an LPN and then an RN. Wow!
I had looked for Gemma before and it was not until me attending last nights dinner I still would be looking. 
Thank you Gemma for speaking to me and for your positive influence on my life!!!!!!!!!!


The Red Oak Church has been very busy these past few weeks; two weddings and at least two fact-finding groups have come seeking information. Shirley Brierly entertained a group looking for information concerning Aunt Jemima and Shirley and I had the pleasure of meeting with Cissy Rose and her group looking for information on the the Bowers and the Buckeye Mills located somewhere on Red Oak Creek.

As always any gifts and donations received regarding Aunt Jemima goes to the Red Oak Cemetery Perpetual Fund. Information and a reprint of photos taken during the Aunt Jemima Breakfast is also a possibility. For more information about the Red Oak Cemetery call Don Salisbury at 513-218-4661.

It is no joke poison ivy soap really and truly works! As I was sitting listening to the speakers at the Donna Sue Groves Appreciation Dinner I started breaking out with poison ivy. A few months back I would have been in a panic but not these days. I made the soap into a spray and one squirt has a wonderful possibility for easing that very annoying condition. I once was tied down to a very narrow life not even petting my animals-now I can again enjoy the freedom of the outdoors and enjoy playing with my animals.

Please remember God's Closet if you have items that are no longer useful to you. "One man's trash is another man's treasure." This is located just south of the stop light in Russellville, between the light and the dairy bar. Items of donation can be left in the box under the carport; thanks!

At the Quilt Barn Lady's Aprreciation Dinner last night I must say that Hilltop Designs looked fabulous and the music by "Sounds UnLimited" by Jay Fetters was expertly done and sounded nice, and Yes! An outfit that I would recommend based solely on that one evening. Also, there were three videos that all were very nice but possibly the video "Ten Years Later-The Quilt Trail Gathering" by Steve Boehme would be at the top pf that list. 

Well, one might ask why would I be at this dinner. Well, I appreciate all and everyone that has gone out of their way to make it possible for othrs to dream dreams, be creative, put their minds to work, put their hands to work, interact with others in a positive way, and more. What did I get out of last night. I rose above my shyness and took 216 photos! What did I get out of that? My long, long search for my friend ended when I asked to take a picture of her and her husband and she said, " You don't know me, do you?" It was a good, good day! Sometimes I cry as I travel alone but traveling with a camera sure has it's rewards!

Word was received lately of the passing of Barbara Bramel Gardner. Oh my! Well, now Barbara and her much loved Helen are together again.

Festival Of Hymns, Saturday September 21st from 10am to 12:30 in New Richmond at the Outdoor Amphitheater for more details call 513-923-0982 

The Red Oak family tree grew again this week with the birth of Dempsey Andrew Swearingen born on Sept.2,2013 in Maysville, Andy & Jonna Ring Swearingen. He was 9lbs at birth. His grandparents are Jim & Debbie Jolley of Aberdeen, Tim & Kim Swearingen of Russellville, Fred & Nancy Paul of Ripley and the late Donnie Ring of Georgetown. His paternal great grandparents Pauline Swearingen Yeager and the late George Swearingen and maternal great grandmother Eva Siemianowski . His being welcomed home by big brother Easton. Congratulations to all.

Sincere sympathy to John Brooks's family, friends, and loved ones.

Best wishes to Jim Arnold. It was told to the Red Oak praying congregation that Jim had a mishap that required serious attention. Many blessings to you Jim! 

Glen Jones of Mt. Orab was a Gideon speaker at the Red Oak Church Sunday. Gideons are a great and wonderful outreach group supplying New Testaments to many thousands in different countries and also locally. One hundred percent of donations and gifts received goes to the purchase of New Testaments. I too have a personal story about the Gideons.

When my oldest granddaughter graduated high-school I gave her a leather bound Bible with her name engraved on the front. Well, her kindergarden little sister was extremely upset that she did not receive a Bible-how did I know? Well, in a few months my littlest one announced out of the blue, "Don't worry about getting me a Bible! I got One!!" and she took off running to her room and came back out proudly carrying her Gideon's New Testament that she had just received at the Brown County Fair!

Saturday night, the fourteenth, an old-fashioned tent meeting will be held at Bailey's on Route 41. There is a picnic prior to services. All that you bring is your lawn chair. The word is that the dynamite speaker is a young man from Kentucky with the last name Biven. This is their seventh year. Bailey's is right directly on the creek at the curve of Buttermilk Pike. Hope to see you there. 

II am excited just to think about an outdoor tent meeting. It has been a very long, long time since I have attended one-oops, no I lie not meaning to do so. Last year the Mennonites had one at Georgetown. That was fabulous! Being in the presence of the Lord is always fabulous! 

Please pray blessings for your neighbor. You have not a clue to what they are going through that makes them behave the way that they do. One of my favorite songs is Don Francisco's "Don't Shoot the Wounded They Need you More Than Ever, Don't Shoot The Wounded One Day You Might Be One!"

Talking about that song reminds me of the intruders still in my house Miss Friday and her mother. Well, I left their door open recently to see what happened. Miss Friday is now old enough to be nosy and she came out to see me. The dogs were very suspious that this was something they had no interest in being in their house and seemed ready to pounce at any moment-but did not. Somewhere in the space of the morning something happened that scared Miss Friday. She took off running scared. Well, the dog saw that as his opportunity and ran a had her snatched up in an instant. Miss Friday, who in all of her 4 ounces had stood her ground, for a long time, against this much larger dog was now in his jaws. Luckily, for her I was there for her. As I picked her from his jaws I thought about the many times that I have heard stories about people standing their ground and then becoming fearful, which brought on an unsatisfactory result, yet rescued by the One that cared and cares.

Stand your ground! Remember who you are! All children are a gift from God! The storms will rage, the storms will howl! If you go or if you stay look to the ROCK from which you were hewn!

*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!"

 Oak News, People, Places, Things, September 2, 2013

Labor Day weekend-Can you believe that!!! Where has this summer gone?

I just want to say a big thank you to all the many people who made the First Farmer's Festival a huge success. Having participated in the Aunt Jemima Pancake Breakfast's it has not gone unnoticed all the planning, public relations, press releases data and information gathered, equipment gathered, cleaned and returned to the right owner and the list goes on. A big, Big THANKS to all!

Speaking of Aunt Jemima this would be a perfect time of year to come out and visit her gravesite and then on to the museum. The historic book containing the press releases from that time period has been restored and there is a possibility of pictures relating to those wonderful years being printed out, thanks to modern technology. Though the Aunt Jemima Breakfast's are now only a memory the care the upkeep of the cemetery continues. Any donations and/or inquires for purchasing a cemetery lot should be directed to Don Salisbury, 513-218-4661.

Also, I would like to thank Ripley, Ohio and the person/s responsible for displaying the American Flag and the POW/MIA black flag. I have been searching for one of the monthly news letters I recieved lately. It stated how many serive personnel that that flag represents as still missing in action and/or prisoners of war; the number is huge. That particular article could not be found so I went to the interent and found an article written just this past February that appeared in a well known news media, written by a lady that appeared to have an apparrent misunderstanding, well, a bit more research was done and I stand in awe of all service personnel and their families, friends, and loved ones. Please pray for all that knows from the heart what the black POW/MIA flag represents.

September20, 2013 is the POW/MIA Recognition Day. On the internet I found nothing locally for that day but during the Brown County Fair at 6:00pm in the Main Ring will be a POW/MIA Memorial Service.

September carries a lot of emotion for me, always has, possibly more than any other month; possibly because of cooler days, anticipation of winter, shorter daylight hours, numerous birthdays, loved ones missing from the dinner table plus NO More dinner table, lack of harvesting, lack of hearing the tractor's engines roar, lack of famer's needing Tinker Toy's expertise on their broken equipment, and possibly thesummer's dream that never materialized. 

Donna Sue Groves-the local woman that started the quilt barn trail is currently having medical issues. As appreciation for all that her idea has done for southern Ohio to promote tourism, generate incomes for others, be a supporter and encourager friends, family, and loved ones are coming together September 7th beginning at 5pm for a pig roast, music, auction and be supportive of a lady that has supported so many others. She has recieved no compensation related to the patchwork barns with spread across 46 states and into Canada. Pieces to be auctioned include works by Skip Werline, a 64x76 quilt made and donated by Kim Mefford, Barb Gabriel-a quilt window, Bootsie Robinson's art, and Steve Boehme-owner of Good Seed Farm Country Garden Center, and many more. This will take place at Hilltop Designs. That is located just north and right of the stoplight at Macon, Ohio on Tri-County Highway.

Well, I am pretty excited this week. It has been a good week including two different trips to Scioto County by two different routes and with two different friends. Any of the three routes possible are beautiful. One time we had an opportunity to visit the Portsmouth Flood Wall Murals. What a display!!!! They are so, so beautiful, and did I say life-like, just exquiste! If going for the first time plan to spend considerable amount of time because the sights are many and varied. 

This Sunday is Grandparent's Day. Enjoy!

This week Cissy Bowers Rose is to be coming to town. She is a Bowers/Flaugher descendent and is seeking information. Anyone having information on Bowers and the mills of southern Brown County please call 937-392-4261 or email

The photo journal continues. I was glad to hear that there is at least one other person in the world that takes many pictures and his that his loved ones are encouraging him write the story behind the picture. Actually it was me encouraging this uncle's nephew, Randy Koski to carry his camera as he and his wife, Kay, travel about in search of antiques. Kay and Randy has had an antique shop in the Old Piano Factory for 28 years. I did not have a clue about this fact. They are there every Monday ready to share stories about their findings and listen to others stories. Maybe sitting up a long running video camera would be a good thing to do to preserve these interesting stories.

Wow, two places in one town, (at least two) that interesting stories are told; in seperate directions. Where is the other? At the Ohio Tobacco Museum of Ripley. I have a inkling that you will not be disappointed at either place at least if Jim Arnold is involved.

J.J Osman, great nephew of my Mom, Ruth Salisbury, and owner of DollStar tattoo in August tried out for the TV show Ink Master season 4. I have not yet heard the results but I am surely proud of J.J's work that can be seen on my facebook homepages and of course on his own homepage. Not that I am into tattooing human skin I will say that J.J's work is stunning; and concerning all contests involving art and/or talent I consider each contestant a winner-just to be able to reach that entry spot. All are winners!!!!

Congratulations to Danny and Shirley (Clark) Naylor for being selected to be 2013 Grand Marshall's of the Winchester Carmel Festival, the same weekend that they celebrated their 50 wedding anniversary. Wow, congratulations on both events. Dan is the great nephew of my grandmother and Ruth's mom, Louella Black Shelton.

Read in the newspaper of the passing of Emery Pence. Emery had worked for my Dad many, many blue moon back. I sure wish that I had known he was in the nursing home. It would have been great to hear any stories he had to tell. Sincere sympathy to all.

Still my mind goes to my friend Ada Sanders. I learned at her visitation that she just laid down to sleep and somewhere during that time her spirit left-just like that-no struggle-just left. Wow! I pray same departure for myself and for all interested. Makes me think of the movie "Cocoon" where the girl unzipped her skin and stepped out of it as a beam of light!

Happy, Happy Birthday and anniversary to you if indeed it is your birthday and anniversary and to: Robert Truesdell, Esther Smalley Longstaff, Zachariah Black Jr., Evans Montgomery, John C. Hardyman, Carter Eckler, Elizabeth F. Baird Gordon, Kayla Powell

I believe that I have had another chance at better health. Something special happened that proved to me something different occurred; renewed ability to walk a huge flight of steps like normal. That is a Praise the Lord!!! as far as I am concerned. The special doctor that I am seeing seems to highly believe in a magnesium product that can be purchased over the counter called "CALM." and another product, vitamins, called "Catalyn." Well, with these results so do I!

You heard the the old adage "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" well it might not be an apple but the magnesuim seems, in my opinion, to make things move internally that do not always want to move. There once was a little story about who was boss in the human body. There are somethings that just has to work properly to move out toxins and whatever else. Sure wish I had known about this product several years back when my loved one would have benefitted! 

Years ago, according to a test by one of my special doctors, I recieved a shot that contained a virus that cause melancholy and depression. Through the miracle of science, study and learning, treatment is available to be shed of such toxins and for those toxins that have might have been breathed into the body. Well, being raised in a time of a man I have always considered, from a very young age, as a miracle worker, and in whose steps I have wished many, many times over that I had stepped into, Dr. Osborne; (his office located at the end of the Maysville bridge,) and since then doctored by others similiar, all I know is that I can walk a large flight of stair without difficulty. Praie the Lord!!!

My neighbor, Opal, called to ask that I place a big thank you to the Ohio Highway Patrol officer that assisted her this week. She was mighty appreciative.

Many thanks to Paul White of the Manchester area for sending me family tree information on the Whites. I have been on a particular specific search for awhile related to my family and I believe that search is being narrowed down. Any ideas email me. Paul, who is very knowledgable about family trees, and I have a section of the same family tree on my Mom's side. 

I want to thank Paula Pfeffer, Bonnie Beath, and Nancy and Fred Paul for being a good neighbors to me and making my taste buds happy and also my son Mark & Lisa for inviting me up for supper from time to time. Last night seemed special as we had a delicious supper, a movie about the story of how the Wizard of Oz came to be the Wizard of Oz, and then watched the WEBN fireworks on HD-TV. Many thanks and many blessings to all.

If you have facebook go to my homepage (the one with the Ohio River Hills) and look at the fish that were at the 2013 Farmers Festival. I would still love to see feeding time. 

Recently I was asked to take some photos at a wedding and reception. As the desire to produce a good quality of picture is my foremost goal this challenge has been an unique learning experience for me; including the fact in the past salvageable photos might have been saved with a little extra tweeking. Over the years I have done MUCH cropping. This week I have learned that other options are available for making a bad picture look good. None of this would have happened had I not recieved this comission. Many thanks to all!

One of the photos taken at the reception was one that at first glance was a probable discarded mess. However, check out my facebook page; it has become one of my all time favorites. 

Talking of that particular photo I can not say enough in the way of encouragment for a camera to be in everyone's hand and/or pocket most of the time ready for use. This particular photo is one of a kind and shot in the spur of the moment, as I was walking from point A to point B snapping as I went. 

Children love cameras and getting their picture taken. This little act of picture taking, then taking the time, and allowing the child to see themselves in the photo has been known to calm a storm! I encourage everyone to have a camera within reach at all times, a digitial camera with at least 8mg card! I believe that there has been two things created just for me-maybe three-a digitial camera, texting, and SD card that holds much data-watch the size that you buy, usually the less money the smaller the card, unless the plan includes unload the card each and every day onto the computer a bigger card gig card would be better.

If you are interested in email your photos or would like to brainstorm about a photo you took my email is

Interest in photos from the Aunt Jemima Pancake Breakfasts can be addressed to Friend of Red Oak The reason for the breakfasts-the perpetual care of the three cemeteries located at Red Oak Church. For that reason any donations and/or compensations recieved will go to the perpetual fund of the Red oak Cemeteries.

Speaking of Red Oak Church I would like to say a big thank you to Debbie Hedges, Mary Bick and Ruby Hardyman for their beautiful flower displays; especially this year the fall flowers have looked so very beautiful. Christmas last year was so beautiful there are not enough words in this authors vocabulary to describe. If you have never been to the unique church that has now seen 4 centuries you are invited sunday morning at 10am for service. We have a rotation of speakers so each week is different. That does not matter as the Faith of the Fathers continue to radiate throughout. AND a great place to obtain some unique photo shots (if the inside shots are too dark call me and I will explain what I did fand what worked for that problem) and a good place to see Norville and Ruby Hardyman in the month of their 59th wedding anniversary! Happy Anniversary Ruby and Norville! 

May the blessings of the Lord continue to be upon you! No one knows the day or the hour that like Ms Ada we will be looking at an eternally different view. There is only one-just one-requirement for that eternal view to be one of lasting peace-no matter who you are, what you have done, or where you have been sleeping. 

*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things, August 26, 2013

Today is the first back to work day after Ripley's Ohio Farmer's Festival. I want to thank each and every person that participated in any manner that helped make this first Farmer's Festival a success and I would like to thank the Lord that the weather co-operated very, very nicely. The rumor is (I did not see them) that the fireworks were great. And through all I never heard one complaint, so cool. I particularly liked the huge fish tank of the local fish. 

It helped tremendously that I had a tour guide that told me what each fish was and their purpose. It might be nice to have little attached to the side of the tank handouts with the fishes picture and job outline. What would be nicer is to be able to witness feeding time. Years ago I had the opportunity to witness the feeding time of Joe Myers's fish.
What an awesome experience! I would love to relive that experience where I can see what is going on under water. 937-392-4261!

Maybe because a friend keeps pressing me to do "Something! Anything" with my photos I have decided that sometimes I might include them in my emails. Just a thought. Also, because I have in the past spent much, much time journaling by the wrtten word I have decided to do a photographic journal of my day, even if words are included. My favorite photographic material is the sky, clouds, sun, moon, trees, tree stumps, cows, animals, farm scenes, oh well I may as well just say it, Nature in general! I would be glad to see your photos too. If you want to share, and or want any brainstorming ideas give me a call at 937-392-4261 or  or Mary Howelett, 5743 Mt. Aire Road, Ripley, Ohio 42167.

Well, the saga of Miss Friday continues. She is the kitten of the feral cat that snuck into my house and had her one baby. In the process they have taken over the spare bedroom. 

The worst part is that this spare bedroom also is the catch-all room of the door-shut-type stuff. Well, Miss Friday has now sprouted her legs and can move her less than four ounce self at her will. It has also become her will to have nothing to do with me. It appears that when she hears my footsteps coming down the hallway that she is inclined to hid. Here's hoping that she will become like her mother and become de-feral-tized when she is ready to be weaned and on her own. Being a servant to bedroom-take-over-feral-cats does not really fit into any lifestyle goal that I had
set for myself!

One day this past week I had the opportunity to go to Scioto County, with the travel route being State Route 125 going and coming home past Roosevelt State Park and Shawnee Lodge State Park and through the area nicknamed 
"The Little Smokies!" Do you know why Shawnee State Forest has that nickname? 

Well, it has been the opinion of this dirt road gal that early morning and late evening are very special times of the day. This day proved that theory to be true as very homestead whether human's or animal's that was passed and every scene that was seen had an air about it that seemed like something right out a beautiful Hallmark movie. 

Blue Creek was no exception in the early morning light. Nothing seemed to be able to break the mood of the moment of rounding that curve in the road and bringing Blue Creek (Knauff's) Grocery and the wind of State Route 125 going up Blue Creek hill. As Ms. Gloria always says, "So, so, special!" 

The Blue Creek farmers were sitting on the bench outside in apparent mapping of their days activities. They all looked so special that I inquired if I could take their picture. They agreed and the snap was done. Then amazingly when I went inside the store their was a huge sign announcing that that particular dining area was the homeplace was the
Blue Creek Liars Club. 

Always on the way to my destination in Scioto County I always make a pitstop. The most favored place is the Roosevelt State Park. Possibly the reason for that is that once upon a time when families gathered and were less busy our family gathered there for Sunday afternoon picnics. 

Anyone knowing me or seeing me anywhere knows that I have a camera very close by. All I say that this day is Scioto County are some of the most beautiful photos I have EVER taken. All of the splendor of nature was waiting posing for ME to take it's picture-well, at least it seemed that way. I have a feeling it is that way everyday in the new morning light. 

With so many parks being closed and the Friends of Shawnee Forest sounding the alarms about possible drastic changes up there I encourage a visit to Shawnee State Forest while there is still opportunity.

Well, there was the return trip. Though the return trip was in afternoon the Shawnee Forest Has not lost it's magnificent charm. This time I pulled into the Shawnee Lodge Park. I sure wish that my words we so that you could feel what I saw as white puffs of clouds played peek-aboo with the hillsides with the backdrop of babyblue skies; the ducks, of which I thought there was only two-swimming side-by-side and the surprise to find out that a whole flock of ducks were watching from the far bank as these two, one pure white and the other dark swan and chatted with each other, except every once in a while the white would dip nearly completely underwater in search of a treasure. Then suddenly I noticed that small puffs of air would russell the leaves in the trees and glancing at them something in-between caught my eye. It was a dragonfly. Not only that it was a proud dragonfly that seemed to sense that I wanted a picture as he/she posed so beautifully on a reed sticking up out of the little clear brook. Then something else caught my eye-a butterfly! It seemed to be watching me interact with the dragonfly because suddenly there was a whole buch of butterflies and dragonflies as if all saying all at the same time, "Look at ME!"

Not being one that takes many videos I could not let this pristine duck-dragonfly-butterfly experience escape without attempting to capture it on film. What an experience!!! and I wasn't even back at Blue Creek yet?

At Blue Creek that day I was on a search-a search to find a person that could hear from God! Though several people were asked noone seemed to come up with a name. So I decided to put my years of knocking on strangers doors Home Care experiences back to work and start out on my own by turning up Blue Creek/Wamsley Road. I was very surprised to see that the old familiar landmark, the school house, was completely gone without a trace, just like the West Union Schools. I have not yet become accustomed to any of these landmarks being gone.

Soon I was at Winterstein Road. Several years ago on a day very similar to this day, a in-search-of-day, I had met a couple of ladies that resided on that road and had the most delightful conversations. That particular day Moore's Chapel Church seemed to be calling my name but I did not "have time." This day I had time and took the time to cross the little bridge and set in awe of the beauty and splendor of this beautiful pristine white upon white stained glass windowed church sitting up high overlooking a small valley, breath-taking beautiful. Then a drive around the church revealed one of the most beautiful cemeteries I have ever, ever seen, sitting on top of a small ridge in the middle of a valley. Oh, my.! 

Well, finally I pulled myself away from there saddened to go but also saddened to learn that I had taken so many pictures that the battery of my camera had suddenly gone dry!! Well, that was not going to stop me! I came off Winterstein (which the ladies had told me once was the main road in Adams Counties early days) and turned right-away from home-yet past the little church that at this afternoon time of day was much like me-anticipating-, and on daown the road just a bit more to what was once the entry road to Rudd's Christmas Farm. For a moment the wave of nostaglia was nearly overwhelming as memories of Mom , Dad, husband, children all enjoying the artistry and dedication and love for our Lord that the Rudd's were willing to work for and share with the world.

The I noticed a little road going off to the right. I turned, not having a clue as to the outcome. After a bit of driving and even turning on another little road to quickly backtrack and keep going north I come to a house and stop there asking my question; again no direct answer to my question but the view from that strangers home seemed just about as close to heaven as possible on earth.

I was very thankful that the picture taking trip to Scioto County made me go to my new cameras instruction book. I can not imagine why I had not done that before. The instruction book said that the camera's battery was good for only so many pictures. Guess I had never really thought of it before because of recharging often. However, the mother-of-the-bride had asked me to insure that she had photos of friends and family at Angie and Danny's wedding and reception. Had I not had the battery experience earlier in the week none of those many pictures would have happened! What a thrill! Thanks Shirley, and congratulations and best wishes to the bride and groom.What a real pleasure it was for me this week to hear the very first wedding service performed by Barbara Jean Haven's. Though I grew up thinking that I had to hear a man in the pulpit (just my own personal preference) I have to say that Barbara Jean Haven's is just about up there, along with Lisa Corum Fox, of the top female speakers that I like to hear. As I had believed Barbara Jean preformed a very beautiful wedding service for Angie and Danny in the very beautiful four century Red Oak Presbyterian Church. And I would like to say Praise the Lord for a beautiful day, for the weather, family, friends and loved ones.

Speaking of friends, family, and loved ones my heart is experiencing multiple feelings today as word just came in of the passing of one of my beloved Decatur Methodist Church family, Mrs. Ada Sanders. Just last week Ms. Ada and I spoke at length on the phone. What a true inspiration she was for me each and every time that we fellowshipped together. After our telephone conversation she invited me over to chat. I was very much looking forward to that meeting, but now I am looking forward to our new meeting. Today I am happy for her but sad for me.

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things, August 19, 2013

Happy, Nappy Birthday to you if this is your week and also to Gary Morgan, Nancy A. Baird Bryan, Lowell Carrington, Lisa Shelton Salisbury, Hilldry Campbell, Bob Dyer, Gary Spires , Lillian C. Linville Frakes 

Also, belated happy birthday wishes to friend of many, Jackie Fitch. 

Sincere sympathy to the family Frankie Mann Lawson. Frankie along with her parents ran the Red oak Grocery for awhile many moons ago.

Remembering my little sister,
Helen Mae, on the day that she changed her name and started
a new life. 
Then in a few short years began
a new journey, however in my mind forever young and forever 
beautiful as she is here in the
yard of the Red Oak Presbyterian Church during the Aunt Jemima Breakfast. 
The Friends of Red Oak held this breakfast annually for ten years with proceeds going to the perpetual care fund for the three cemeteries. Helen,
as with anything concerning her church was heavily involved. 
Oh Helen!

This week a call came in from Fort Smith, Ark from a Bowers descendent. They will passing through Ripley in about 
a week and was looking for information regarding the homeplace of William and Jane Bower and their daughter Margaret Jane married a Flaugher and then when widowed married Samuel Dragoo. The some of the family migrated to Kansas. William was a weaver and migrated here from Fayette County, Pa.

Soon the Gilliland decendants are planning to arrive in Brown County. Please if you have any pertaintent information please email me at or call 937-392-4261.

Lately, there was a great grandma that had the pleasure of babysitting her 4 year-old grandson, the first time alone for both-oh brother! The evening went quite well-much to Mam-maw's relief. Possibly causing this peacefulness was the fact that one of this mam-maw's dogs has great difficulty minding very well and was jumping up on mam-maw's legs when the car door opened in preparation to exit the vehicle. Often whenever this happened mam-maw would sharply scold the dog for his behavior and still in the puppy stage he needed reminded from time to time. This day was a reminder day! Well, after all of that commotion was over mam-maw and her guest continued their visit in a calm manner until the zeal of being four kicked into gear, becoming stubborn when coaxed to remain calm. As the little body stiffened to continue his zealousness maw-maw said, "Do you want me to holler at you the same as she
hollered at the dogs?" Immediately, the little head went into a shaking mode indicating, "NO!' and life resumed to peacefulness-and mam-maw was thanking the Lord for having enough sense to us those words!

The fearl cat has become somewhat calmer and more accustomed to me being near her. Her baby, Friday, was finally found and in her whole two ounce self attempted to show me exactly who was going to be boss of the situation! Barely with eyes opened she hissed and hissed. When that did not work she growled and growled. When that did not work she gathered herself up and started spitting. What a sight Miss Friday made sitting there not even halfway covering the palm of my hand. Yep! Cat's make wonderful pets-just ask Harold Clark. He told me years ago that everyone needed a cat-because that gave them something to holler at. Yep, I like cats fine-except for one thing-They Have Body Functions that seem to insult the aroma of the air!!! 

Well, Howelett House has suffered bitterly in the last few years by the amount of people that have stayed under it's roof. Surprisingly, the last few weeks has had a lull, so much reorganizing has been done and much rearranging. 

It is no secret that the Salisbury history goes back a few blue moons. It has been a little known fact that my mother's Finley grandfather-ancestor was one of the first ministers and that it was his father-in-law Job Ruston that might have been very instrumental in the design and building of the present church. 

Anyway, the sorting of the information has started-FINALLY! I have been questioned about my quest to have this history sorted into a reasonable, manageable select of paperwork and asked the question stating, "Really just Who CARES!" Though there is no logical answer to this more than serious question the quest and the search continues.

Mom, Ruth Salisbury had a very unique and wonderful friend, Leora Knechtly Fisher. Friends from a very young age the two never, ever lost their "sisterhood." They were such close friends they even grew to looking alike. Leora always brought a smile to my face. I always thought it strange that both married tall skinny men and both men had 
the name Leroy within their name, Leroy and Roy Lee and they all-all of them talked a mile a minute! I was always upset that I had only two ears to hear with when around them.

Leora was a wealth of information and lately I learned why. She cut out EVERYBODIES name out of the newspaper and made scrapbooks. Awhile back her son brought me a box of paperwork of Leora's. I was hoping and hoping that some of Mom's-finely-detailed-novel-type letters would be in the box. No, but there is information galore on the Swearingen family and all of their descendents. Wow!Though I have not found any blood relation until my great aunt married Lewis Swearingen it was quite interesting to see who is related to who! I had no idea! 

Also, in the scrapbooks is a multitude of information on the White's. To the White's my mom is related. Leora's information is nearly mind-boggling! Then there is "The Scrapbook!" the granddaddy of them all. The others are
spiral notebooks converted into a srapbook but this one is a real to goodness thick scrapbook with long pages.
Yep, it took about an hour just to read what was in the first three pages!!!

Well, the Ripley Tobacco Festival has now been turned in the Ripley Farmer's Festival. Oh well. I was amazed to read larely that a popular local survey amansked indiviuals if they knew a farmer. 39% said they did not know a farmer!

Anyway, one of the events at this years Farmer Festival is a first for me-though I believe the idea to be the beginnings of a wonderful experience. It is called "Bed Turning Quilt Show held Saturday at noon at the big windowed building 
14 Main Street. Anyone who wants to display their quilt and tell it's story is invited to contact Judit Gray at 937-392-0245 or Joy Hanselman at 937-378-4828.

Also, among other great experiences anticipated is the Prayer Breakfast to be held at the RULH Cafeteria at 7:30am. Admission free! This year along with Harriett Groh and Doug Greene the Third Generation Trio will be singing. What a great time I believe this will be, Sunday morning!

The Indian Springs Winery recently held a Dream Factory Benefit with funds raised during this event benefiting the Dream Factory of Ohio in honor of Peyton Murphy. Sisters Standing Strong is a foundation that helps families with handicap children. Donations can still be made to fifth Third Bank of Russellville and Georgetown who sponsored
the event. 

While in Ripley enjoying the Farmer's Festival please stop by and enjoy the sights of the Ohio Tobacco Museum out by the last remaining warehouses. 

Also while in the area make plans to stop by the Aunt Jemima Museum and visit the gravesites of Rosa Washington Riles and her daughter Ruth Suggs, the descendent of slaves, a girl born on Frost Road, Russellville, Ohio that is still after these many years after her death, is still known worldwide.. For contact info call 937-392-1323. 

Many, many congratulations to Miss Emily Wright, formerly of the Red Oak area and attendee of the Red Oak Presbyterian Church. Miss Emily recently, on May 18th, 2013 obtained a Master's Degree in Architecture! I for one am mighty proud. I can say that I knew the Wright's before Miss Emily's birth and as with all the other young people of the Red oak Presbyterian Church it has been my great pleasure to watch and learn from them over the years!

On Wednesday, the 28th, the monthly Nazarene Music Night will be celebrated. As the song says that was written by the young lady blinded and fatherless since a very early age, Fannie Cosby, wrote along with some 9,000 hymns 
"To God be the Glory, Great Things He Has Done!" Truly all of the the songfest and singing get togethers that is talked about in the column and even the ones this author has not yet learned about are truly wonderful expressions of talented people singing to the glory of the Lord.

Well, if you think that all the events mentioned in this column this week is a little slow for you then possibly you 
would like to become one of the 7,000 participants expected to descend upon Big Rock Off-Road Park in 
Maysville, Ky the weeend of October 19th and 20th, and participate in the 10+ mile Tough Mudder obstacle course
that has been greased up, readied for the four foot high flames, and the gauntlet of 10,000-volt charged dangling electric wires that all must be passed through to reach the finish line. Remember, supposedly it is not about the finish time or about winning the medal it is simply about completing. Proceeds of this event it is said to go to the Wounded Warrior Project and its mission to assist severely wounded veterans and has raised considerable amounts of money for this project. This sounds like great fun but ...I let you have the thrill! I am still attempting to process the thought of 7,000 pumped up participants plus their crews in Maysville and on U.S. Route 52!

Please pray for your neighbor this week, even if they seem highly incompatible. Take a rest from them and watch the grass grow and the leaves dance in the wind, so that you can agree with King David who penned, "Bless the Lord 
Oh my soul and all that is within me!"

*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things, August 11, 2013

Happy birthday this week to you if if is your birthday and to Milton Salisbury, John Krotchen, Chester Gill, Donna Murray, Betty Cluxton Scherer, Joyce A. Sheeley, Brady D. Adams, Richard Kessell, Christine Pelletier Armacost, Catherine Thorson Morgan, John F. Salisbury, Chris Eckler, Denver Emmons, Justin Little
This past weekend I had an opportunity to have breakfast out with granddaughter Miss Hallie and great grandson Xavier. What a joy! Especially when Xavier found a new friend at the Dairy Yum Yum, Miss Justice-(sorry if the spelling is off.) What a great time to have a camera, especially one with a zoom lens. They were precious as they sat at their table talking. The evening before we visited with Ms. Gloria (Sunshine) and her niece Lauren and nephew Jacob. This year we traveled up to the Mt. Orab Food Court and let the younger ones let off some steam. What fun!

What is not fun is being servent to a cat. My feral cat, two weeks ago, snuck into my house and had one kitten. Well, the cat, being pampered like a queen has decided that she will be friendly-when SHE wants to be and will rub onj my leg while I am attending to HER comfort. (I HATE her rubbing my leg!)

Well, two days ago Hallie found the kitten and held it-it's name is Friday and it is black.
Today, mama moved her kitten, Friday, with it's newly opened eyes, out to where it is accessible. When I picked Friday up the little miniature cat, in all of it's 16 day old might, began to growl, hiss and spit. Even an old hard-hearted dirt road girl couldn't keep a straight face! Of course my favorite movie is called "The Aristocats."
Please remember to save your old small batteries. Mark Naylor sent me a message about the battery collection. Here it is posted in part. "Mary, Saw in the newspaper your mention about the collection of batteries. I serve as Vice President of the Ohio State Grange and this is a project of the Family Activities Committee of the Ohio State Grange." I will take the batteries to our State Convention in October. The batteries will be given to Ida Sue School and Nick Amster Workshop in Wooster, Ohio. This is a school for special needs children. The students separate the batteries by types; they count them, separate them by colors and then send them to be recycled. The money they receive goes to purchasing "Leapfrogs" or other supplies the students could use. They also use the money to take the students on educational trips. Hope this explains the project. Mark"

Please remember God's Closet. Here you can take all your unwanted-small-items and clothing and/or also go and shop on the last Saturday of the month.. This is a wonderful outreach ministry program. I appreciate all who makes it a go.
I was very sorry to hear of the passing of Cecil Bealer. Cecil rode that old bumpty bump school bus during parts of the same time that I also rode over those rough dirt roads. If I remember right we were the first ones on and then we went back Bealer Road-which did not have a name at that time-and was before any four-lane. That just seems like yesterday what a change in landscape a couple of years can make, breathe in and breathe out and it is all different or all gone.

I keep thinking that in the fall of the year, once upon a time, the Red Oak Presbyterian Church had a large celebration. If anyone remembers this please call me at 937-392-4261. It seems like Helen was about 15-17 in a couple of the pictures. Sarah Lou and son Bobby Watson were there and many others. Reverend Jim Chain was the speaker and Mary was the photographer. A huge dinner was laid out in the yard next to the fellowship hall. Anyone remember the event.
While looking for the information about the above event I located What they titled "Souvenir Carr Shoolhouse District No.5, Union Township, Brown Coounty, Ohio Winter 1898-1899, Presented by Carey Hanselman, Teacher, Directors Ellis Frost, Henry Pence, Carey Beasley. Names of the students are included 46 total, several I recognize as my mentors at the Red Oak Presbyterian Church. Do you know where this school is located? Call 937-392-4261 or email
Did you know that remembering something that can be never again can/will sometimes cause one to be depressed. Hospice calls these times "making tear soup." The tear-soup is often made at inopportune times and the ingredients/circumstances are never the same-making it nearly impossible for anyone else to participate on the same level. Tear soup is a very individual thing that requires much, much patience from the soup-maker and the audience of observers, and to make matters much, much worse it always involves the remembrances of another, whether dead or alive.

I learned something that seemed interesting and fun. Every Saturday night a auction is held in Feesburg. Evidently, sellers can bring their wares to be sold. To get clearer picture of this event contact Patti Gentry at the Ripley FleaMarket.
While at the Ripley FleaMarket stop in and check out Ohio Tobacco Museum of Ripley. It is right next door as it should be because the Flea Market is now located in the tobacco warehouse.

As the warehouse now stands as only a memory in the minds of men and woman who worked the tobacco product making southern Ohio the place that is has become, so does the tobacco museum strife to keep that history alive.
As a non-smoker I never appreciated tobacco for what it meant to the livelihood of Brown and Adams Counties-not until Ernie became a tobacco raising spokesperson. He taught me exactly what raising tobacco meant to me and so many others and our school system and our economy. His verbal essay was an eye-opener that I had never ever considered before-because I was the tobacco farmers daughter and mother that worked in that sticking, smelly, dirty stuff that either made me sweat (yeah, that is what you do working in tobacco-sweat-not perspire)-sweat and/or freeze to death in the stripping room and many more adverbs and adjectives. However, tobacco raising, by Mr. Tobacco Farmer and Mrs. Tobacco Farmer, is what generated income, allowed teenagers to buy and pay for their own vehicles and allowed them to buy their own clothes, paid taxes, built the roads, the schools, the hospitals all to which I say and copy a old Hee Haw term "Salute!"

Also, "Salute" to Jim Arnold, the entertaining curator of the Ohio Tobacco Museum of Ripley for his dedication, zeal and preservance to keep the history of tobacco alive. Go hear Jim tell of the three tobacco holidays-Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving and what December really meant to the tobacco farmer; what happened with the tobacco farmer in January, February, and March. Learn what "burning the bed" and cheese cloth had to do with tobacco and what the "arly a.m." of May and June meant.
Needless, to say I am leaving much out BUT a trip to the special trip to the Ohio Tobacco Museum of Ripley is a very special time. I can almost say with all certainty say that you will not be sorry that you visited the six different rooms and areas of the museum-the only-one-of-it's-kind-in-the-WORLD and hear Jim's personal stories and southern Ohio's unique agricultural history.
Well, as you may or may not know I am a fan of facebook. In the beginning not knowing what I was doing I have ended up with two working facebook homepages. They both are loaded with various recipes and such. This past week I joined several different groups from flea market to genealogy. Possibly the most exciting are the genealogy facebook pages-there are several of them. These group pages can be accessed by going to my facebook home page-the one with the hills of the Ohio River valley. Already, the Red Oak Presbyterian Church has been targeted seeking information of the Hook family that includes a photograph of some of the congregation.
Please pray blessings for your neighbor. You have not a clue what your one little prayer might mean to their life and to yours.
Many blessings to you. Huggles

*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things, August 5, 2013

Many thanks to Ronnie and Berta Moffett for pointing out the very informative and interesting article, "On the Path to Rediscovering Nature" in Salt Magazine written by Eileen Brady. Just this week I suggested to a young father to take nature walks with his child. On one occasion I had the opportunity to speak with this same child after they had been out "In-the-back-forty." Words could not flow fast enough to tell of all of the experiences. Still makes me smile to think of this adventure and to remember when my little friends were here at Howelett House and each armed with their own "sack" and wanting to know just exactly why I would give them a sack to being with; you never know what treasure you will find along the way so a sack just might be very helpful in carrying home all the goodies.

Anyway, besides much more information than I am plan to address this time Ms. Brady told of paths for walking and bicycling in the five-county area of Warren, Clinton, Highland, Adams and Brown. All of which I happen to be familiar with and been in awe of at times. The one in Warren County is near Dr. Duermitt's office; for the longest time I have though I would just loved to ride that picturesque trail along the sights of the Little Miami Scenic Bike Trail. 

But the most important is the one that I was just talking about this week; the one that Michael Hart along with others worked to develop representing the UnderGround RailRoad Route. Michael spoke of this route and this area often which promoted tourism into Brown County and the surrounding areas and promoted the Red Oak Presbyterian Church as being highly involved in assisting salves to freedom. He made arrangements for the New York Times to do a feature article of the route that included the ROPC. Michael spoke of this route at the Red Oak Presbyterian Church introducing the congregation to an organization called "Warm Showers" which was designed to assist the cyclist with safe havens for a night's rest or just plain out-and-out assistance as they traveled the UnderGround RailRoad Route.

According to Ms. Brady and proudly for Brown County the route that runs through Kentucky and makes its way through Brown County placed second on a list of the WORLD'S TOP TEN Bicycling Trails in National Geographic publication "Journey's of a Lifetime: 500 of the World's Greatest Trips!" The 2,028-mile route was created by Adventure Cycling Association. Thank you Ms. Brady for the mighty fine article in Salt Magazine, thank you to all the ones interested in and working in groups promoting "No Child Left Indoors", thank you to all the forefathers and fore-mothers that risked ALL to help many to freedom and thank you Michael Hart for all of your input into making this route a success for Brown County and southern Ohio and points beyond!

While planning to be out-of-doors please make plans to stop by the Ohio Tobacco Museum of Ripley. What a great and wonderful experience of having Jim Arnold give a guided tour of this unsung diamond of a museum sitting almost directly across from Reverend John Rankins monument located in Maplewood Cemetery. There is so much to see and experience in this museum-The-Only-One-Of-It's-Kind-In-The-World! This museum does not promote the use of tobacco but it tells the story of the product that put southern Ohio and northern Kentucky on the map; allowing farmers the ways and means to provide for their families and very probable, at one time, made it possible for the enslaved people to reach freedom.

Happy, Happy Birthday this week to you if it is your day and Happy, Happy Birthday to Alline Hines, Lillian Flaugher , Blanche M. Baird Hammond , Mary L. Finley Kirker , Kimy Fizer, Anna Bosch Knechtly, Wilma C. Hardyman Jimison , Isabella Rodriques, Robert Watson, Barbara R. Knechtly Berrera, Angie Spires , Kendra Hall Baker, Catherine Thorson Morgan , Joshua L. Carlisle, Nancy G. Finley Kirkpatrick, Steven R. Jones, Dan Paeltz , John F. Salisbury , 

Saturday I was honored to be included in the long guest list of family, friends and loved ones gathered for the second birthday of a very precious, sweet and special little girl Miss Raegan Grace Marshall. What a joy to watch her many expressions as she opened her gifts, interact with her many guests, and remain cordial though other little ones wanted to "help" her open her gifts and though so many were calling her name all of the time! It was a great time to have a working camera-especially one that had a wide angle lens!

Sincere sympathy to the family, friends, and loved ones of Nancy Lyons. I cannot help but remember the excellent picture of her with Morris and Francis Padgett taken at Mom and Dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary party. Unbelievably they are all gone now, all of them. Though I only saw Nancy very few times I always thought of her as very peaceful and serene.

Lately I received a call looking for information about the N.L. Hook family. If you know this ancestoral family of Red Oak please call me at 937-392-4261 or email Thank you.

Also, lately I received a call for an electric dryer. If you know of one of these things you can call or email me.

There was also a call about the Eddie Walker family that once lived over here on Brown Road. I faintly remember them but not enough for any information. Please call me at 937-392-4261 or email me at Thanks.

Get well wishes are being sent to Mrs. Martha Clinger.

Read about some good news and bad news and visa versa. Regarding Ripley-Union-Lewis-Huntington School District and Rumke Landfill. The district is paying off one levy but is sseking another one-or something like that. Anyway, the good news is that property owners will not see an increase in their taxes because of the new levy. I say thanks to Pat Kimble and all involved in working all of that out, and also, best wishes on his new life adventures.

The really bad news is that Rumpke landfill is planning on or is already receiving trash into the Georgetown location from Adams and Highland County. 

Speaking of Georgetown-oh by the way did you know that you can see Rumpke Mountain from near the site of the Antique Machinery Show that is located clear over on State Route 125. Just to think I knew a wife and mother that fought with all of her might to urge the powers that be to not allow such a thing as this in Brown County. She lost-she lost all that she had-because she was concerned and showed her concern and fought for what she believed was the healthiest for her family, friends, and loved ones. 

Speaking of Georgetown this week-end is the annual Antique Machinery Show. This is a fine display of what life in Brown County use to be. Many thanks to all who work to keep this history alive.

Please save your used batteries for 4-H projects. Though I have more information about this project time does not permit explaining at this moment. However, for battery pick-up call me at 937-392-1323. Thanks.

Well, the word came from Shawnee State Forest that this is National Moth Month but a brief scan of the internet only shows National Moth Week. So I am confused! However, which ever the case everytime hearing the word "moth" brings memories back to the times that neighbor Carl would tell the kids great and wonderful stories of "Moth Man." Whether true or not true it sure made for an interesting time and lively discussions. Sure do miss those days!

Please check out what is going on with our natural forest resources such as Shawnee State Forest nicknamed the "Little Smokies." This past week I had the opportunity to be a passenger in a vehicle which allowed me to "see" what is going on in the outside world verus having to keep eyes on the road. I could not believe the vegetation that has seemed to have taken over the trees and shrubs that have been my life-long friends. Landscape scenes that has been at my viewing pleasure for many, many moons is now covered with vines. Vines are very scary to me. Seeing these local vines reminded of my visit back to Clay County, Kentucky a few years ago. I asked my friend what was going on with the trees. She said the vines appeared from nowhere and overnight practically they could overshadow a tree. Other than the vines being green at the time it was trully a very ugly sight-similar, in my opinion, to a cancerous growth and now it or something similar appears to be here overtaking Red Oak Creek and it's hillsides!

Lately, I have had a request for information concerning Inez Knechtly, mother of Leora Knechtly Fisher. Please call me at 937-392-4261 email or facebook either of the two accounts opened.

Just heard from Daniel Salisbury, he visited and sat in the church pew of our common ancestor James Salisbury at St. Luke's Parrish, in Church Hill, Maryland. According to Daniel James attended there and married there in 1730 and had his own pew. Daniel is planning to be here next week on another Salisbury fact finding mission.

The feral cat that snuck into my house and had her one kittten is doing quite well. Just this morning she ventured out through her barricade-from the two highly incompatiable dogs-to come and rub on my leg as if in great appreciation that I have made her extremely comfortable, tolerated her and her odor, emptied her yucky litter pan and dealt with That residue, and somewhat have impatiently waited for her very well hidden baby of the past ten days to appear. Hopefully, soon the kitten will appear and all things can return to whatever the normal is at Howelett House.

Once upon a time a guy named Joe that was running for president suggested reading a book called This Present Darkness. I did and now I am making the same suggestion to you. However, I would also more than that suggest reading a book that continues to be on the best-sellers list-the book that appears to answer any question imaginable-The Bible.

Huggles to you!

*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things, July 29, 2013

Finally, I met one of my life-long dreams (sort-of), I got to wear a sombrero thanks to my son Mark Duane who treated me to a birthday dinner at the delicious El Rancho Grande at Eastgate. All the family had great fun while attempting to wear the big and very heavy sombrero and posing for his or her photo, even Xavier who about got swallowed up and disappeared in the big hat.

Also, true to the Salisbury style we enjoyed a sight-seeing trip through the back-roads between the Appalachian Highway and Lake Grant and reminisced about my former Home Care days.

Congratulations to Jared Cluxton for being awarded for his long hours and hard work the 2013 Ohio State Fair Beef Supreme Showman. Congratulations Jared and Patricia, and Jeff, and Marilyn and Tom.

Shirely Brierly had special visitors over the week-end her sister, Kerri and husband, Jeff, from Greenwood, Ind. and her cousin, Karen, all visiting especially for the surprise bridal shower for the near-future bride Angie.

Miss Hallie spent some time this past week with mam-maw, surprisingly Friday night and all day Saturday! She had a great time visiting God's Closet and God's Kitchen; getting to see her friends Bobbi Jo, Carter and Rose, attending Angie's bridal shower, visiting Helen Highfield's shop on Main Street in the old Ripley Post Office Building, and then meeting up with Mommy and Daddy for Mam-maw's birthday dinner at Eastgate's El Rancho Grande. What a day,
but it was great seeing friends and making new friends.

Friday while hanging out laudry on the clothesline in the fresh cool morning air my mind started thinking back to last years's Kencthly Reunion. At that time, much to my distress and dismay, and because of being prone to poison ivy, 
I had nearly twenty some cats, with a litter of seven in the garage. What a mess I was in, mainly due to the fact that because of the poison ivy I did not touch the cats and they had become feral. The only reason these babies ,were in the garage was because my house guest, Ernie, had made friends with some of the adults-what a mess!!! 

Well, for some time Shirley and I had been working with UCAN to get the cats spayed or neutered but i could only do two at a time and then there was the problem of getting them caught-all of that was going on before Ernie ever came. 

Then this year, just as sudddendly as I had found myself with cats, I realized some where missing; of course the "fixed" cats where the first to go! The weird part was that the mommy cat, survived mommy and one of her babies. 

Whe all of this outburst of cats was going on i became terrrified. All of those cats and No Shelters-not in Kentucky or Ohio would take them! No shelter wanted cats! Then at last years Knechtly Family Reunion I found out that a cousin worked at shelter that took babies. What a relief. I packed those kitties up immediately but they would only take four and no more! 

Well, the days went by and then suddenly there were only two, the original mommy and one of the babies. I have
not a clue what happened to the others; it is a mystery.

However, the very same day that I was proudly thinking of being able to telling my cousin that I only had two adult 
cats now a very strange thing happened; I found later in the afternoon the very same feral mommy cat that has 
started the whole mess had snuck into the house and was in the process of having babies in the laundry room. I about cried! However, she must have realized my dismay and only had one baby!

Well, here I go off to the store to allow for her and her baby to be IN THE same house with me and two dogs that are highly incompatable with cats! Well, while I was gone she took the baby and hid it in another spot-on a carpeted floor. Arrangements were then made for her to stay in the spot but on a huge plastic lid. Well, apparently the dogs also found that spot so the cats moved again-back behind the a huge and very heavy piece of furniture where nothing can get them! Oh brother! 

Now there is a barracade at the door of that room so the nosy dogs cannot not interrupt the lives of these two cats! 

Plus already I have found that I am exremely allergic to the first kitty litter purchased so another brand had to be purchased. 

Truly if I could get to them they would be at least in the garage-but even leaving that door open so they could go 
out there did not work-after all it was from the garage that her last babies disappeared. 

Happy, Happy Birthday to you if it is your birthday week and to Louis Knechtly, Frank M. Baird, Esther F. Purdin Black, Sabrinia Wilson, Louis Floyd Bick, Shannon Burchum Farley, Frances and James Salisbury, John Stacey Sr, Gloria D. Escue Ulrich, Alvin Wallace, Chantell Greene

*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things, July 22, 2013

  Huggles to you!!!

Happy birthday to my birthday sisters Marilyn Chandler and Shirley Wagoner. During the course of attending Red Oak Presbyterian I have very much enjoyed the times that I have spent in fellowship with both Marilyn and with Shirley.
I very much enjoyed raising children at the same time as Marilyn and Dorothea and sharing parenting support. Well,
it seems that I took a breath and everything changed, children grew up, sprouted wings, flew away and everything else changed.

Happy, Happy Birthday this week to you if it is indeed your birthday and to: Bonnie Taylor and Dean Dotson, Ethan C.L.W. Williams, Patsy Kirk Smith, Linda Cluxton, John E. Finley, Alma F. and Paul West, Sandra Cluxton Schumann, Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett, Caitlin McCaughey, Shirley Wagoner, Marilyn Chandler, John Godby, Myrtie C Baird Shelton, Marie E. Work West , Charlene Stephanson Regenstein

Read a story this week about a homing pigeon that was lost while flying a racing competition. This weeks story the third time that I have heard of carrier pigeons finding refuge in the local community. I was also eminded of one of those days I was at the Red Oak Presbyterian Church and a car load of visitors came through. A part of that group
was from New Mexico. They had homing pigeons that flew at weddings and funerals, and etc. What a very 
interesting discussion all of that turned out to be. Regarding this week's story two places were mentioned
American Racing Pigeons and Capital City Racing Pigeons. 

Just learned that the Rankin House is opening it's doors until October doing life-learning tours as curators and architects are in action restoring the home back to the days when Rev. Rankin and his family lived there in 1830's when they and their network helped over 2,000 slaves escape on the Underground Railroad. At one time the view of Ripley and the Ohio River was splendid from the Rankin House. As a young girl there are not a lot of photos of me
but one of my favorites is taken at the Rankin House when my great aunt was visiting; that might be the same day
that brother Don had an experience while running the steps up the hill. For more information about visiting check

While in Ripley visitng the Rankin House please stop by the one-and-only-of-it's-kind-in-the-world The Ohio 
Tobacco Museum displaying remembrances of the crop and industry that made southern Ohio. The museum is 
open Saturday and Sunday afternoon, special arrangements can be made by calling 937-392-9410.

While in Ripley visiting these museum and the many others also make arrangements to visit the grave-site and museum of Aunt Jemima. Call 937-392-4261.

This weeks worship leader at the Red Oak Presbyterian Church is Lisa Corm-Fox. Services commence at 10am. 

Please save you used up batteries. There are several 4-H clubs and Monroe Grange that takes them to a special 
needs school. Not sure of the what is done with them there-will attempt to learn more about this project-however,
in the meanwhile please save them and we will see about the distribution spot.

Sincere sympathy to the family, friends, and loved ones of Bob Bick. Bob is the brother of Esther Kennedy.

Sincere sympathy to the family, friends, and loved ones of JoAnn Walker. Jo Ann is the daughter of Hubert and Dorothy (Waldron) Shelton formerly of Bethel and of Manchester, Ohio

The Ohio Antique Machinery Show is coming up August 8-11th. This is a very interesting place to visit. A couple of years ago Samuel went and had a great time. The most exciting part was seeing my first turkey leg and then
watching Samuel devour the thing. The remembrance of his delight of eating that turkey leg still makes me smile. 
We had a great time looking at all the displays and I especially enjoyed riding the wagon around looking at 
everything and everybody. 

A great statement came to me this week; "If it were not for ....what foundation would you have to work off of to build your faith." Thank you my friend!

For those burdened with no apparent relief I will recommend, one hundred percent, to walk prayer circles. However, 
if walking is not possible make a prayer circle the best way possible-the possibilities are endless. Individual prayer circles are a blessed time. To learn more call the Howelett House at 937-392-4261. The first time I "saw" someone doing this was many, many years ago but back then I did not realize the importance as Roger Cunningham-still serving the Lord in a mighty way-was walking circles during a break in the outside fellowship time we had at Ron
and Miriam Liming's farm; a very memorable experience.

Do you have trouble with and has your life come to a stand still and extremely squelched because of poison ivy or 
the fear of getting poision ivy? Well, fear NO MORE. Just ask Bill at Ripley Builders supply or call Howelett House at 937-392-4261.

God's Closet, God's Kitchen, God's Pantry are all open this Saturday at the Russellville Church of Christ. Remember
if you have slightly used items that are no longer practical for you please donate them to God's Closet.

Ran into Robert Boyd this week; Robert is one of the re-enactors representing Brown Counties notable citizens. 
I just want to say I appreciate Robert and all the ones that are giving of their time, talents, and energies to promote historical facts and Brown County. I well know by working my own family tree the time and energy that goes into researching all facts and issues. I just want to say a big, big THANK YOU.

Miss Hallie came down a couple of days last week. During the time here she worked on her 4_H project. Her project this year was "Scrapbooking." How very happy I was hearing the report that she did very well for her first time.

Lately I heard about a group doing something that I always wanted to try-Archery. The webpage for this particular group is . Very cool!

Psalms 27:4 "One thing have I desired of the Lord, that will I seek after; That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all
the days of my life, To behold the beauty of the Lord, and to enquire in His temple. :5 "For in the time of trouble He shall hide me in His pavilion: In the secret of His tabernacle shall He hid me; He shall set me up upon a rock."


*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things, July 15, 2013

Again this week I paid an impromptu visit to the cemetery of the Red Oak Presbyterian Church. I love to shoot pictures there. I don't know why but that is what happens.
Anyway, on this particular day, and it seemed to be an especially blessed day, as I was doing a "photo shoot" a car came through the cemetery. In the car was my friend and long-time not seen co-worker from BCGH days, Freda, her sister Betty, her daughter and son-in-law. Oh how my heart was blessed to see Freda again! Huggles to all of you. Let me know if you have email so I can send pictures.
Well, I took a few more shots and decided to leave. After all that particular day I had been to the auction at the fairground in which Eddie Scott sold his beautiful collection of glassware and then spent the rest of the day touring Georgetown's yard-sales. However, after a relaxing bite at the Russellville Dairy Bar I seemed to feel energized thus the photo shoot.
As I turned down the little lane a car was coming up. It turned out to be my neice and her husband from New York. Oh what a wonderful surprise. Oh, what a wonderful visit in the most wonderful place in the world-in the shade of final resting places of our ancestors. Words cannot describe the wonder of that moment of being with Leeann and George in the shade of the trees of the Red Oak Cemetery! Huggles to you!
Well, if you have read Red oak News for very long you know that I have had severe issues with the family tree program over the years. Again lately. 
As a result of this I missed an important birthday, my friend, Berta Moffett. Happy Birthday Berta and many huggles to you!
Happy birthday to my brother Don Salisbury this week. I have always said that it is a miracle that any child grows to adulthood, growing up on the farm was good, especially things like jumping from the hayloft into the bin of wheat, or swinging out over a ravine on a big grapevine, and etc. Happy, Happy Birthday Don!
Speaking of the farm one cannot hardly find the farm it seems nowdays because of the lack of cattle upon the ground. Brush and shrubs have taken over, at least it seems that way to me. Yet, through it all the blackberries seem to be out in full force this year. This is what has been called by some ancestors as "Blackberry Summer." and believe it or not, and many thanks to Nancy and Fred, and to Bill for introducing me to Poison Ivy Soap, I was able to pick blackberries this year!!! The first time in centuries-well almost! Huggles to all!!!
Many Huggles to the Red Oak Ranchers for their community service. They will be out July 18th cleaning along Hartman and Bealer Roads so please watch out for them.
The Russellville Church of Christ is sponsoring Vacation Bible School from July 31st through to August 3rd . This will be held at the Russellville Church of Christ just a little south of the stoplight.
The upcoming worship leaders for the Red Oak Presbyterian Church are July are 14th - Ronnie Moffett; 21 - Barbara Jean Havens; 28 - Lisa Corum Fox.
Please remember if you have items that you are planning to discard please remember the outreach mission of the Russellville Church of Christ called God's Closet. There is a bin there waiting to receive your donations. Thank you very much.
Vacation Bible School will be held in Russellville from July 31st through to August 3rd . This will be held at the Russellville Church of Christ just a little south of the stoplight.
Lake Waynoka days are this Saturday July 20th. Many activites are going on. A great day for a family outing!
While you are out you might want to check out the Ohio Tobacco Museum of Ripley, Ohio. This is an unique museum, the only one of it's kind in the world. In the museum you will find displays of various kinds including but not limited to match book collection and a collection of advertising PR posters. The museum is dedicated to and explains the heritage and the art and the craft of raising tobacco, southern Ohio's unique agricultural history. Plan to spend some time browsing the many displays or viewing The Hall of Fame Room, The History Room, The Stripping Room, The Tobacco Farm Room, and watching the video presentations and visiting the Equipment Building. The museum is open Saturday and Sundays. The tour is by donation. For more information call 937-392-9410 or Jim Arnold at 937-549-8196 or Write The Ohio Tobacco Museum of Ripley, P.O. Box 61, 703 S. Second Street, Ripley, Ohio 45167. The museum is a 501c3 non-profit organization supported by donations, and memberships. It is operated by volunteers.
More than Music is having a concert Thursday evening. It is the opening concert for the 140th Annual Ruggles Campmeeting. It begins at 7pm. This will be very special!
Also very special is the monthly singing at the Manchester Presbyterian church . All are welcomed at 7pm to come and participate or just enjoy the music.
Then Friday night the Brown County Sing will be held at the Living Church of Five Mile. This church is located just north of Greenbush.
Birthdays 18
Elizabeth Gilliland Moore
Donald L. Salisbury , Kathy Hampton Roberts, Monica Mason, Heidi Moffett,Kimberly A. Meeker Fisher
Ann M. Meeker , Robert Girsovich, Gracie O'Conner , Georgia Adams , Gast Larry Bixler , Verna M. Corneluis Knechtly , Emma Knechtly Yochum , Jeff Campbell, Gracie O'Conner, Betty Kirk Taylor, Scott Dillion, Dean Dotson, April Alexander and Denny Shelton Jr., Breanna Fizer Mellisa Tackett Fulton, Shannon Dotson
I am extremely happy to announce that the store that "caters to everyone" is back in business in Ripley. Helen Highfield' Variety Shop , a tourist attraction for many years, has once more opened up for business in Ripley. That is good news! Many Huggles to you Helen and Leonard!
Validate your neighbor. Your blessing may be to only one they ever receive. Validate them and watch the results!
Many huggles to you!
*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things, July 8, 2013

Please nore Mary's new email address

An impromptu visit to Red Oak Presbyterian Church Saturday afternoon present a surprise. A carload of people were visting in the old stone-walled cemetery. It turned out to be Sally, the granddaughter of our former pastor Rev. James Tweedle and daughter of Sarah Jane "Sally" Wardlow, reminiscing of stories of Red Oak and singing the praises of my mom, Ruth Salisbury. She said, "When I think of Red Oak I think 'Ruth Salisbury.'" (Enough to bring tears to an old dirt road girls eyes.)

Sally, in from western Ky, along with her daughter and son and husband was full of tales of Bible School at Red Oak Presbyterian Church and how "Ruth" once pulled in all the young people of other churches and a man, "possibly your Dad" pulled us on a wagon to the big Experimental Farm-I think I may have some old photos of that ride. She could not talk fast enough and I was all ears! Also, Sally was thankful for the good maintenance and care now being shown to the old-stone-walled cemetery, she remembered as young child being brushy and over-grown. I along with Sally say many thanks to those responsible for the cemetery care of all three of them.

Praise the Lord for keeping us all safe-even when we do not realize the potentials. However, this time I am praising him because my flight attendant great niece, Rachael, just within seconds missed being where the airplane crashed in San Francisco. Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow!

Again, this week the Death Angel has come leaving empty places at the family dinner table. Many blessings to you for absence of your loved one but Praise the Lord for His blessed hope.

Sincere sympathy to all families, friends, and loved ones who are united and share in this experience of death, as we breathe in and breathe out and the moments pass and sometimes noone seems to take notice.

Sincere sympathy to the families, friends, and loved ones of Mary Jackson, Clarence Best, Milford Brown, Jim Fryman, Esther Faye Black, Laura Mofett, Ed Fath, Martha Adams, Gordon Thompson, Dick Taylor, Thomas Mason, Sr., William Ludlow Taft, John Wilson, Bill Sroufe, Tom Turner and Lowell Reid.

Last year, in preparation for the visit to Red Oak Presbyterian Church by the Poage descendents, Ernie Marshall and I cleaned out the brush and shrubs that had been allowed to grow up nearly to the door of fellowship room and over the path to the lower entrance to the old stone wall cemetery. Yesterday, I was very pleasantly surprised to see that once again that area had been mowed-something that was not possible prior to Ernie clearing it out last year. Many thanks to all involved with this. The church and the grounds look beautiful!

One of my great faults in life is that I get very excited about a project and then whether through my own fault or through some great unseen force my project dillydallys around until it appears nothing is happening. Such would appear the case of the Ohio Tobacco Museum, one of Ripley's best kept secrets and one of one in the whole world. The Tobacco Museum is dedicated to the history of the production of tobacco the main crop of southern Ohio and northern Ky. 

The Tobacco Museum is dedicated to every aspect and detail responsible for the grow and healthy production of the tobacco plant, from the seed to exactly where to place the seed in the earth for the best crop on through to insuring the barns are safe for hanging and on to the market. 

Tobacco has been the product that keeps the minds and hands young teenage boys (and girls) busy and tired enough that very little trouble was never known. Schools often excused students so that they could "work in tobacco." Tobacco has sent many young people to college. It paid for teenagers vehicles being allowed to be purchased, taught financial responsibility as money had to be earned and saved allowing for purchases , allowed young people the freedom of buying their own clothes and shoes and their own school supplies, allowed decent money for the making of a very good time at the county fair, brought in people who loved to work in the soil and taking on the name of farmer, built churches, built schools, and built communities and fellowship in a spirit of unity all based upon the needs of the tobacco farmer. Chances are Southern Ohio would not be where they are without the tobacco famer raising tobacco and giving young people a way to make a living. (Sidenote: It was told to me this week-end that Brown County is the number one drug using county in Ohio and that Adams was number two! Though I have not checked out these facts the person telling me has more and better access to that information than I do.)

Anyway, back to the Ohio Tobacco Museum of Ripley, this is a very unique museum, not only because it is the Only One Of It's Kind in the world but because it is reminiscent of a time when neighbors were in unity and there was nothing to overcome!

Please come visit the Tobacco Museum and come soon to hear Jim Arnold tell the story of the history of the production of tobacco he can tell in his unique way. It would be wonderful if someone did a video as Jim seems to 
be entering the winter of his life and the leaves are struggling to hold on to the tree. The museum is open holidays, Saturday and Sunday afternoon, and by appointment. Jim can be reached at 937-549-8196.

This past Sunday Ken Spielvogel was the worship leader at the Red Oak Presbyterian Church. Ken, a Marine, having many moons of life-learning experiences told of several mission outreach projects that he and his wife are involved with. The ones he stated are: Healing for American Hero's, Operation Heal Our Patriots, Samaritans Purse, and Fellowship Tract League. Many, many thanks to all involved in these Outreach for the Lord Ministries. 

Ken Spielvogel,also during his speaking said the words "rescue the perishing." Those particular words are also included and the name of one my favorite songs that says, "rescue the perishing, care for the dying Jesus is merciful, Jesus saves." That I believe with my whole heart, and Miss Christine Gilliland and her teachings and her flannel story boards are credited for fanning the flame that has kept that fire ablaze through it all these many blue moons. Rescue the perishing care for the dying, Jesus is merciful, Jesus saves, a promise for all, a promise that includes every child born into this world. Be validated because you are special and unique. Miss Christine said so!

The upcoming worship leaders for the Red Oak Presbyterian Church are July are 14th - Ronnie Moffett; 21 - Barbara Jean Havens; 28 - Lisa Corum Fox.

Please remember if you have items that you are planning to discard please remember the outreach mission of the Russellville Church of Christ called God's Closet. There is a bin there waiting to receive your donations. Thank you very much.

Many, many thanks to Larry Downing for his mission outreach to God's Pantry located at the Russellville Church of Christ. Thanks very much Larry. This mission is so very similar to that of what my Mom and Dad attempted throughout their life times, they always were taking in strangers, giving of their time and energies, Dad working on farmer's machinery and vehicles and charging hardly anything, if anything at all even though he always had to make at least one trip and sometimes several trips to the parts store before the project was done-never ever charging for the gas. 

Mom always gathered in clothing, furniture, appliances for fire victims or someone in need, her garden was always open to any who requested produce. Even when Dad became ill and started making trips to Cincinnati, the station wagon was always, every-time, loaded down with clothes for the homeless. They both gave tirelessly and never complained. Again, thanks Larry and to all who make God's Closet and God's Kitchen, God's Garden and God's Pantry a meaningful outreach mission.

Vacation Bible School will be held in Russellville from July 31st through to August 3rd . This will be held at the Russellville Church of Christ just a little south of the stoplight. 

A knitting/crochet group for all beginners and advanced levels will be held at the Faith in God Fellowship Church on Friday July 19th at 10am. This church is located south of the corporation limits of Russellville in the area formerly known as Reed's Park in the area of George Miller Road. You are invited.

The prayer list is enormous. Please pray for your neighbor!

Happy Birthday to you if is your day and also to Michael Schumann, Maria McFadden Finley, Paul Starrett, Paula Starrett Young,

David Webber, Adam Pennington, Myrta Beulah Shelton and Arthur Clinger, Ethel Weeks and Denver Shelton, Jennifer Tackett, Dan Kirk, Teresa Hoskins, Paul E. Fisher, Alyssa Huffman, Dorothy Edith Shelton Osman, Sarah Beth Titus, Jocab I. Wagoner, Bonnie Taylor Dotson, Charles A. Knechtly, Adam H. McFerson, Jennifer Tackett Cooper, Alma F. Knechtly West, Verlin ". Beath, Vicky Teeters Bixler Shannon Dotson, Charles Goodman, Sharon Gast Shelton

A unique experience happened this week. One of the children suddenly came up to me and urgently demanded that I pray-LOUD. I said, "what about?" "About the storm!" well, I looked and did not see anything in particular that raise my suspicion of a "storm." I brushed it off saying, "Everything is ok." Nothing doing for this young heart, many trips where made outside to check the clouds. Finally, after the third urgent demand the prayer was said asking the Lord to still the storm but if it had to rain that the rain would be a soft pleasant one. Well, that night my friend called and said that she had been down the road and coming back to home she got into a terrible rainburst and storm. She was praying about whether to pull over or not and the rain-storm suddenly stopped. Hmm. Well, the rain picked up a little later and continued until late Saturday afternoon-but it was a gentle rain, hmm.

I am a true facebook fan as my "friends" keep me in touch with a world that I would otherwise never hear about or see. New camera toting friends that I made over the 4th of July has some outstanding shots of the Aberdeen bridge and the 4th of July celebration over the river at Ripley. 

It was an extremely wet 4th of July week-end in the Ripley area this year, 2013, with the rain hitting a lull just in time for the fireworks crowd to gather. Shirley Brierly and I was at the 50's Diner. As I was eating my supper suddenly the sun appeared on the the very tips of the trees on the hills of Ripley. What a sight, and what a moment to be without my camera. I grabbed my camera phone and ran outside. As I was going out the door a fellow-patron said. "Get a picture of the cross!" Sure enough, the sun, though very low in the sky, had come out just in time and with just enough oomph to beautifully light up the cross St. Micheal's. What a spectacular picture. More patrons came out to rushed out to enjoy nature's fireworks, then suddenly someone exclaimed there is a rainbow. Sure enough, there it was and from where I was standing, in Ripley, the rainbow appeared to be right over my house! What a day to be without a camera! 

This past week my very best friend, my true confidant, my shoulder to cry on, my friend in any crowd or no crowd , my stabilizer in the times of grief, then one that can bring joy through tears appears to have died and I am the one that killed it. My camera fell no more than six inches, but that was just enough to tilt the lens where it would not retrack. Most of my shots are taken from a moving vehicle. The camera on the phone just does not quite met that option. I guess I just needed something to cry about.

This week I woke up with the word "Validate" on my mind. I have been pondering that word ever since by asking myself "What does that word mean to me? How does word affect me?" I ask you, what does that word mean to you? How does that word affect you? Validate according to Webster's New World Dictionary means true or sound.-with sound meaning that which is heard; seek the opinion of; free from defect, healthy, secure and wise. So, I ask again, What does that word "validate" mean to you? How does that word "validate" affect you? Comments, 937-392-1323, facebook-either one of two accounts and/or both.

My first comment is that I have chosen to take more responsibility by being validating to those around me such as thanking them for acts of kindness, sharing with others what has been done for me, thanking the Lord for who he has brought into my life to make life-learning experiences a lasting-learning experience, even through the tears.

John MacDonald of Nova Scotia seven years ago made it possible for the Red Oak News to be on the internet. Past Red Oak News items can be found under the name Red Oak Families. I want to thank John who I met through Delmar Watson, for the many years of patience that he has had with me. 

Also, I a requesting that you call the newspaper that is supplying today's news and thank them for printing the 
Red Oak News. 

Also, if possible visit the Good Seed Nursery and Landscaping and thank Steve for his outreach in helping many people such as myself with their various ideas. This is now located at Macon on Tri-County Road just a few feet off US 62. 

Thank you all so very much and many "huggles" to all of you and speaking of that I would like, from the very bottom of my heart, to thank the one person that has always directed me along my path, whether I wanted to hear that particular answer of not. I owe much gratitude to one of Ripley greatest treasures, librarian Allison Gibson. Thank you so very much Allison! You have are a great teacher and I certainly appreciate all that you have taught me through the years, especially the years that I returned to college and did not even know how to make a document! Though still learning today I sense that I have come a long way and I owe it in a great part to you and your patience (and your staff.) Thank you!!

Remember to join Decatur for their annual Decatur Day in the Park that this year has been extended to three days. 

on Saturday July 13th during the expanded three day annual Decatur Day in the Park Celebration they will be hosting a Car Show free registration begins at for more information on that contact Brian Day at 937-515-7519. 

Actually, the Decatur Day in the Park has expanded this year to three days and includes a Baby Show, Cornhole, kid's games, Parade, Bounce House, Dunk Tank, the annual 4-H Baking Contest, Horse Cookie Contest, Split the Pot, first annual Horse Show, Live Music including but not limited to the famous and awesome Liberty Band performing at 1pm Saturday, Food, HomeMade Ice Cream-the real kind! Contacts are Missy Day at 937-515-7735 for the Horse Show and Brian Day at 937-515-7519 for non-food vendors. Many thanks to the Byrd Township Fire Department and the Decatur Presbyterian Church and the Byrd Township School Preservation Committee for teaming up for this three day event starting July 12-14th..

Well, I always say, "It is a sad day when you do not learn anything new." Well, this week, thanks to brand new photography-loving camera-toting facebook friend, Marybeth, I learned a new word that I have fallen in love with; "huggles." And now I send to you many, many huggles along with blessings in the name of our Shepherd and 
Prince of Peace.

*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things, July 1, 2013

What does Ripley have that is no other place in the world? Give up?

Ripley has the most unique collection of memorabilia collected anywhere that is solely dedicated to the history of the industry that put southern Ohio on the map, by bringing in the men and women that loved the land and loved to work the land, built schools, provided work, built restaurants, built churches, paid mortgages, allowed teenagers to buy their own school clothes, and allowed teenage boys to look cool after working all day in the tobacco fields and then driving their own car to pick up their gal in the evening htime!

Anyway, Jim Arnold's tour, for only a donation, of the Ohio Tobacco Museum of Ripley, Ohio, the only one of it's kind in the world, is uniquely interesting as he tells the history of tobacco and reminisces about his days on the farm and 
in tobacco. Sadly, at least two of the people that dedicated themselves to this museum are no longer with us. Jim is now dedicated to the museum and loves to tell the story. It would be wonderful if someone did a video as Jim seems to be entering the winter of his life and the leaves are struggling to hold on to the tree. The museum is open holidays, Saturday and Sunday afternoon, and by appointment. Jim can be reached at 937-549-8196.

The first day of school Mr. Pitzer said, "You are having a test!" Well, that went over like a lead balloon! Then he said, "It is only one question. Let's see how well you do." He said, "What does Ripley have that is found nowhere else in Ohio?" know the answer? Call the what was then the scared silly little farm girl at 937-392-4261, email, facebook-(there are two different pages on facebook.)

Anyway, after hearing Jim Arnold's tobacco reminisces I came home and wrote some of my own; hugely because it was not until recently, when Ernie Marshall was my house guest, did I realize how important raising tobacco was to this area. After hearing all that Ernie said I gained a new respect for something that I thought I hated; not realizing the financial impact that raising tobacco had on my family and all other families that I knew. Now reading on the internet it said that tobacco raising was taken from the developed countries to under-developed countries. Hmm. People talk of so and so not working, but when I was coming up the farm always had something going on, especially if it was a tobacco raising farm. Now without tobacco there are many idle hands-and from what I have heard idle hands sometimes go astray from who the person really is meant to be.

Thinking back on this past week I remember an out-of-the-blue comment that goes along with this very thought of
the finances and raising a crop of tobacco. In this conversation the speaker was lamenting what the loss of tobacco meant to their farm and what they had to do to attempt to supplement. In my personal opinion they seemed to have had done a good job at making the change but then I did see their account book.

Please pray for the farmer-especially if you like to eat! It has been said to be healthier only eat the foods that are 
grown closest to your home and STAY away from plastics!

Happy 4th of July! There are many sights to see around about the community but while in Ripley be sure to visit the beautiful newly dedicated John P. Parker Park. I myself had an opportunity to visit there one evening at late dusk.
It is just beautiful being down by the river at that time day, almost spiritual. Congratulations to the John P. Parker House board and members that worked and dedicated themselves to this wonderful project. 

I am very proud of all the men and women that continue to dedicate themselves to Ripley, Ohio and to all who continue to serve compassionately with the Lions Club bring people into Ripley and showing how very beautiful Ripley really is and what Ripley has meant to southern Ohio and the world. All who spend time doing this has my respect! Actually that goes for all the towns and communities around also.

Happy, Happy 25th Birthday to the Byrd Township Fire Department! I am mighty proud of the men and women of this fire department, actually of fire departments and rescuers. Please pray for all; at least 19 firefighters lost their lives this week and that was in one fire. Please pray for all the children that will not see the parent on this side again.

Back to Bryd Township Fire Department; on Saturday July 13th during the expanded three day annual Decatur Day 
in the Park Celebration they will be hosting a Car Show free registration begins at for more information on that 
contact Brian Day at 937-515-7519. 

Actually, the Decatur Day in the Park has expanded this year to three days and includes a Baby Show, Cornhole, kid's games, Parade, Bounce House, Dunk Tank, the annual 4-H Baking Contest, Horse Cookie Contest, Split the Pot, first annual Horse Show, Live Music including but not limited to the famous and awesome Liberty Band performing at 1pm Saturday, Food, HomeMade Ice Cream-the real kind! Contacts are Missy Day at 937-515-7735 for the Horse Show and Brian Day at 937-515-7519 for non-food vendors. Many thanks to the Byrd Township Fire Department and the Decatur Presbyterian Church and the Byrd Township School Preservation Committee for teaming up for this three day event starting July 12-14th..

Please keep former co-worker, David Frasure, on your prayer list as he is awaiting a heart transplant.

Praise the Lord that Eddie Frazure and his co-workers were saved from a mechanical monster recently!!!

Sincere sympathy to the Moffett-Blackburn family. The death angel came and took Laura Blackburn Moffett from the family table.

A request has come in for information on the Gilliland family. In the near future some of the Gilliland relatives are coming on a family-tree-fact-finding-mission. Pleae call 937-392-4261 or email me at marysalisburyhowelett@gmail
Or facebook. Thanks. The Gilliland relatives will be staying here at Howelett House.

Happy, Happy Birthday and anniversary to: Arthur B. Hardyman, Ethel Weeks Shelton, Shannon W. Wagoner, Richard T. Wiles, Opal Cathy Conley, Dawna Weaver Wilson, Judy and Jerome Gallenstein, Eileen & Ashby Shelton, Samuel E. Doty, Juanita Lewis, James H. Gilliland, Jarrad Pelletier, Linda & Lou Conley, Joshua Smalley Joe Shelton, Jr. Gordon Clancey, Ernest Gilliland, Vicki Blair Carrington, Jr R. Gelter, Marshall C. Hardyman, Clifford Truesdell, and you if it is your birthday

Samuel Titus participated recently in a 2013 Great Cincinnati Harmony Festival at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.
This is a three day learning camp to learn how to sing acapella. Thanks to Ben Germann, of the Gateway Chorus,
for making all of that possible. To see Sam's group picture go to 

Congratulations to my great-niece Jaimie Salisbury and to Jarred M. Boone who married June 20th, 2013. 

The list for July's worship leaders at the Red Oak Presbyterian Church is as follows: the 7th Ken Spielvogel, the 14th Ronnie Moffett, the 21st Barbara Jean Havens, the 28th Lisa Corum Fox.

I heard from two different sources that the message at Red Oak Presbyterian was very good this past Sunday. Praise the Lord!!!

My Aunt Ethel celebrated her 91st birthday with friends and family this past Sunday. Unfortunately, I did not make it to the celebration. However, happy birthday Aunt Ethel. I love you!

Check out Ohio, featuring FREE and inexpensive attractions and events on the roads less traveled, says the editor of ZoneFree Publishing.

Howelett House was happy this week. Miss Hallie came for a visit. Then her friends Carter, Rose, Bobbi Jo, and Breanna came over. Oh, it was nice to hear the sounds of young people again at Howelett House and the tree in the front yard survived when all of them decided to climb inside the thick fullness. It does not take much to make a dirt road gal smile.

Please pray for your neighbors. You have no idea what they are going through and how much your pray will benefit
all of you in the future. As Don Francisco's song says, "Don't Shoot the Wounded, They Need you more Than Ever; Don't Shoot The Wounded, One Day YOU Might Be One!"

*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things,  June 23, 2013

Sometimes I think that I do nothing interesting but I did at least two things in the space of a few hours that seems interesting. One of the is that Shirley Brierly and I ate at Red Lobster Restaurant, it is true that they seated us in the bar instead of the dining area but I can say now that I have eaten there twice in my life, the last time many, many moons ago.

Later in the evening we visited at the beautiful home and on the patio admist an varied array of luscious flowers and herbs of our friend Gloria. It was a beautiful sunny no-humidity kind of day and Gloria proudly showed us her new chickens and their "Chicken Rivera." Truly, brother David designed and crafted a true work art that would make any chicken-raiser very proud and happy as the cage is designed so that it is extremely easy to care for.

Sincere sympathy to Doris Wilson on the loss of her son John. Condolences to John's family, friends, and loved ones's.

Sincere sympathy to the family, friends, and loved ones of Esther Faye Black.

Sincere sympathy to the family, friends and loved ones of Minnie Foster. Minnie and her husband Bob once shared a house with my Mom and Dad when the two men were in service during WWII. 

Sincere sympathy to the family, friends, and loved ones of Tom Turner. 

Wednesday, today, the Ripley Nazarene Church will be having the monthly song fest. Yo are invited.

Saturday, the 29th is another day for God's Closet. 

Saturday, the 29th a benefit for neighbor Brandon Fussnecker will be held at the Ohio Antique Machinery Show Grounds west of Georgetown, Ohio. There will be supper and then a dance. You are invited.

Also, Saturday the 29th, a benefit is being held at the Lake Waynoka Lodgge for former co-worker David Frazier.

On Sunday the 30th my Aunt Ethel Shelton is inviting all her family and friends to come to her 91st birthday party on Swope Road. Happy Happy Birthday Aunt Ethel!!!

Miss Hallie Salisbury, her Mom, and her friend along with members of her 4-H group The Russellville FireCrackers attended the Prom Saturday for the residents of the Ohio Valley Manor.

Happy, Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to: Nancy and William Baird Jr, Nathan Bixler , Job R. Finley Sandra F. Black Lori Dakin Godby Melody and Jonathan Campbell Arthur B. Hardyman Ethel Weeks Shelton Shannon W. Wagoner Richard T. Wiles Dawna Weaver Wilson Judy and Jerome Gallenstein , and to you if it is your birthday or anniversary!

Please pray blessings upon your neighbor. 

*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things,  June 17, 2013

At the suggestion of a person that has been very successful at business I am requesting that you contact the newspaper editor associated with this paper, the one that you are now reading, and thank the editor for printing this newspaper column and/or any other column that draws your attention. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

A surprise telephone call frm my friend Gloria ended up in an impromptu trip around the southern Ohio countryside. We had a delicious meal at the truckstop just east of Sardinia, visited Lyndon Yocum's gravesite on Father's Day, found out about two new businesses (at least to me), and had a great time conversing. The two new businesses in 
our small traveling area of US Route 62 to Sardinia through Arnheim is Indian Springs Winery and Farmers Market. They are open on Saturdays for both, and I forget the other day and I also forget the name of the road except to
know that it is the second road to the north after turning from Arnheim toward Lake Waynoka. 

The second business is the Good Seed Farms which has moved from beautiful but far-away Tranquilty to easily accessible Macon. You cannot miss this business. From the gas station go toward Winchester on the old highway. They are about one-half mile. It could have been the day of perfect temperatures and perfect sunshine but it seemed as if every plant in the the whole area was magically calling my name, "Mary, see how beautiful I am? Take me home with you!" Yes, every single one is beautiful and Steve Boehme and his knowledgeable staff were extremely helpful.

If you are interested in writing Jimmy Joe Eckler his address is James J. Eckler, 679-690, 15708 McConnelsville Road, Caldwell, Ohio, 43724

Mandolin Farm, located at Flemingsburg, Ky is having a brown bean and cornbread dinner on July 6th. Then at 10pm will be a fireworks display "Mandolin Farm style." The cost of admission (to cover the cost of the fireworks) is $5 a person or $10 a car load. There will also be different styles of music. Anyone interested can also camp on the grounds. Willie rents lots in many different time sequences including seasonal for very reasonable rates, at least they were that way last year.

The BCGH Retirees breakfast will be held May 25th at 9am at Lake Manor.

A benefit for David Frazier, our co-worker, will be held Saturday June 29th starting at 6 until 9pm at
Lake Waynoka clubhouse.

Also, the same day, the 29th, a benefit supper and dance will be held for our neighbor, Brandon Fussnecker, 
on the grounds of the Antique Machinery Show. 

Sincere sympathy to classmate Twila Lesoure Hauke's family, friends, and loved ones as the Death Angel came
and took her leaving her place empty at the family table. 

Congratulations to Nathan Bixler, the reason he and his 4-H teammates have been one of 55 qualified from Ohio 
that will participate for Global Competition at the University of Tennessee. The team members will compete with other teams from all over the world. The requirements they have to met sound very, very stiff to this technically
challengered author. All I can say to this team that in my eyes you are winners. Nathan is the grandson of Ruth Ann Teeters, and son of Larry and Vicki Bixler, coaches for this team along with Amy Combs. Congratulations Team.

The Brown County Sing will be held this month at the New Beginning's Church at Farmer's Chapel at 3417 White oak Valley Road, Georgetown, Ohio 45121. You are welcome.

Thursday evening I had the great pleasure of being one of the packed out audience at the Gaslight Theatre to see the Christian Theatre for Children 2013 Summer Theatre Presentation of Disney's "The Jungle Book." What a thrill for me to see the young people perform, their excitement, their enthusiasm! Many thanks to Dody Crisp Staker for realizing her dream and also for her hard work that went being awarded the State Farm Insurance Company $25,000 grant. Another production is scheduled to be presented at the Gaslight Theatre on December 6th. Also, many thanks to Sandy Hanselman Eversole, Debbie Haubner Adkins, and Jill McCarley Dotson for bringing this all together in a such a wonderful way. 

Recently we had yet another miracle on Mt. Aire Road and again it involved a tree. This time the tree, located in the near backyard of the house, fell during a wind storm. The miracle was that the tree fell away from the house instead of squarely on top of the house. I just want to Praise the Lord for his protection of that young family.

June is National Dairy month. Salute to all dairy farmers!

Do you like to eat? Salute to all farmers-even the ones that causes you to have to slow down driving.

Happy Birthday and anniversary to: Adam Klump, Travis Hamilton, Eric Greene, Trixie Goodman Clifton 

Happy Summer season that begins on the 20th. 

And lest that you might think that I have backslidden I will tell you about my devotional time this week. On different days I turned to the same passage Ezekiel 36: starting at verse 13. To me is sounded like that though we had been through an ugly fire that caused us many problems we are "spared for the sake of my holy name," vere 21 and according to the New English Bible.

Then one morning I woke up with the image of the painting I had seen many years ago of the little girl contently sitting at Jesus feet. Content and unmoved though fierceness was all around. 

Then I had the opportunity to read Wayne Frye excellent article on "Overcoming." and his reference to Revelation 21. 

I firmly 100% believe that after salvation overcoming is the key. While pondering the lives of people who have had their morning routine altered into the unbelievable I have also pondered my own routines and wondered how I would have fared if I had been one of the children of Israel living in the desert on nothing but mannon; or are there some things that would still be good to "overcome." 

Earlier this year I began longing strongly for my new home. Then one day it was revealed that for me to yearn so much was a temptation that would be beneficial for me to overcome. How do we discern if it is a temptation? If it lines up with scriptures.

Again my broken record and life-learning experiences have taught me that journalling the style of King David in Psalms and according to Dr. David Burns in his book "Feeling Good" will cause the truth to come out about the real issue that is causing a problem. This journalling style yhe author's eyes only, yet if some oomph would be beneficial call me at 937-392-4261 or email or contact me through the private messaging part of either one of my Facebook accounts. 

It is my belief that after salvation overcoming is the key to unlocking the door to finding out the why of life, however I also now believe that Ezekiel 36:20-21 reveals most of that answer.

Please contact this newspaper and let them know that you read this article in their newspaper.

May the blessing of the Lord be upon you and as the New English Bible says in Revelation 22:20, "He who gives this testimony speaks, 'Yes, I am coming soon!' Amen. Come, Lord Jesus! The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you all." and again before that verse up in verse 3, "He will dwell among them and they shall be His people....He shall wipe every tear from their eyes; there shall and end to death and to mourning and crying and pain for the old order has passed away!" Praise the Lord!!! 

There is an old song, one of my very favorites, called "What a Day That Shall Be!!! well, according to these passages that day is now, today, now, leading us to be overcomers.

*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things,  June 10, 2013

# In the last couple days I've been very blessed.. Actually I am very blessed all the time; as the words of the old hymn goes. "Count your blessings name them one by one,, count your many blessings see what God has done!"
There Have been several blessings while driving this week.  The memorable one was a coming out of Ripley and just starting up the Mile Hill . I saw a funny looking shape alongside the road . I couldn't decide , kept looking and looking from my angle it looked like a skinny dinosaur.I just couldn't decide what it was not until I reached the point  where it was standing. It was a huge beautiful peacock brilliant blue just beautiful !!!

# Many thanks to Bill of Ripley Builder Supply for introducing me to Poison Ivy Soap. Since I was in the event of popping out with poison ivy at the time of introduction it was already out of the package and being rubbed on the skin before ever getting it home. Of course since this is a huge problem with me, so much so that i cannot even pet my cats, I needed to make it more available to myself. This I did by melting some in spring water and spraying on at another "popping out event." this stuff is like a miracle! the next day I was able to ewcue my ornamental tree from poison ivy and honeysuckle. Something that would not have happened two days earlier. Of course, poison ivy attempted to take over my face and hands after the rescue but the soap was the ultimate rescue. 

My cats was extremely happy, as I was, that I could allow her to rub my head while sitting outside in her territory. Thanks be to the Lord and Thanks to Bill-my life has taken on new meaning!

# Well, for two days i have worked on this weeks column and just as I was putting on finishing touches I lost two days worth of work. How truly disgusting!

# A request has come in for Lime Thyme. If you know anything about this please call 937-392-4261. Thank you!

# Have you ever heard the Ray Boltz song, "Thank You for Giving Unto the Lord?"  Well, this week I was given the opportunity to run into a man that changed my life by his giving. I met John Van back in the 1980's. that was a very roller-coaster time for me as I was still spinning from the effects of a divorce that I did not want.   However, also during that time period in August 1980 at a church in Mt. Carmel, Ohio I said to the Lord," Lord, If you can use me hear I am!" Well, he led me to meet some really fine people and John Van was one of them.  As a group of us fellowshipped together John Van gave me one of my most precious ever gifts, the Partner Edition of the PTL Counselors Bible and then a little later nearly top that gift with The Strong's Complete Concordance-which contains every word of the Bible with it's meaning.  This was a very wonderful gift as morning after morning I would walk up with a word or a phrase on my mind. I would open the Strong's concordance and find that scripture for a more complete study.  As with life events sometimes there is a parting of the ways but not a parting of the heart, so it was seeing John Van this week, the man that influenced my life greatly-I cried-in public! Thank you John Van-for giving unto the Lord!

#The Ripley Assembly of God now has a new pastor. He and his wife Amanda, have moved to Ripley along with their three small daughters, Isabella, Audrey, and Amelia Lucy. Worship services begin at 11am with Sunday School prior. Wednesday night Bible Study begins at 6:30pm. The church is straight across from the Dairy Yum Yum. 

# Happy Birthday and anniversary: Terry W. Burson, Myra Kirk Jimison, Boyd Mattingly, Samarra Wagoner, Nellie Myers Baird, Stanley R. Kirk, Bill Fonner, Clayton Music, Will I. Wagoner Jr., Joe Watson, Keith Dillion, George Terry Vandy, Margaret Finley, William N. Hardyman, Alva Knechtly, Bradley J. Spires, Trina and Kevin Spires, Nancy Burbage Wiles, Robert Begley, Norville F. Hardyman, Mike Flaugher

# As many of you might know is that sometimes my attitude is not what it is suppose to be. Some might say that I suffer from Depression. Well, maybe so and possibly since early childhood. Part of this may be because "Little Christian Girls are not suppose to show anger. and suppose to turn the other cheek" Hmmm. Then a career of Networking for others and life-long Home Health provider seemed to feed into that depression as there seemed to be a a challenge to overcome grief, anger bitterness, and unforgiveness.  Lately, I found a scripture that has helped with the overcoming part. It is Luke 6:33-38. 

Through this journey of grief, anger, and bitterness I have felt led to the book called "Feeling Good" by Dr. David Burns. in this book he describes how one can overcome and how to discern the root cause of their actions and/or emotional dis-ease. His recommendation is through journalling. His book outlines four different types but for myself I have settled on the Thought-Arrow Technique. In studying this technique it appears to be very similar to the way that Psalms is written-by the man of many sorrows and issues. To hear more about this or the possiblity of a bible Study using this technique call 937-392-4261. or facebook both or one of my facebook accounts under Mary Howelett.   Remember this style of journalling is for your eyes only but call if interested.

# Many, many thanks to the ones that spent much time, effort, money into the planning and the making the Lion's Club Round Robin Jam Session a success. The music was great, the audience fine, and the food and drinks tasty and the backdrop of the Ohio River just beautiful.  I got an added bonus as I received a wonderful teaching about the fine feathered neighbors that immensely enjoyed watching the action below. The Martins now have a great fan club with Tom Fulton the leader and guide-very interesting-Thanks Tom, I love informational things like that!

# Do you know that the village of Ripley has a little recognized gem sitting in it's midst.?  Do you know that, many consider Ripley virtually none existent without the past production of tobacco and is concerned what the lack of tobacco is meaning to Ripley's future. Oh well, on with the original thought. Ripley has a gem- a fountain of information-none ike it anywhere else in the world-and it is going virtually unrecognized. What is it? The Ripley Tobacco Museum. Just like the Aunt Jemima grave-site at Red Oak the Ripley Tobacco Museum is unique.  For more information about the museum call 937-392-1323.

Please pray blessings for your neighbors.You have no idea what that will mean to you later. As the song by Don Francisco says, "Don't shoot the wounded, one day YOU might be one!"

*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things,  May 13, 2013

I want to thank my son, Mark Duane, for treating me to a delicious lunch at Eastgates beautiful El Rancho Grande 
on Mother's Day .

Shirley had a busy Mother's Day weekend. First her and Angie went to Maysville, Kentucky on Friday.  Then on Saturday they wentto MT. Orab and visit some places up there and then went down to Jarman's greenhouse in Felicity.

Nancy and Fred Paul spent Mother's Day at the Cincinnati Zoo with her two daughters and son in laws.Enjoying the day with Linda Marshall and Eliza and Steven Marshall, Michelle Marshall And Madison and Alex And Jonna and Andy Swearingen and their son Easton .
Earlier in the week Fred and Nancy celebrated with Mr Harold Clark his birthday at Chandlers in Maysville.

Jane Polley enjoyed Mother's Day by her children coming home and celebrating with her . She received many flowers in many gifts. She also received a call from Germany when her grandson Jerrod called and also one from Uganda when her grandson Clint called. All had a great time.
Bonnie Beath enjoyed a big Mother's Day family cookout at her house all had a great time.

Good news Don Salisbury who had previously broken his leg and ankle got out of his cast. He now has a walking boot so life is a lot better than the past several weeks.

Last week I announced  Rodney and Donna Taylor Spiller was proud grandparents of Molly Faith Spiller born to Lucas and his wife Adrienne And they are also grandparents to a new baby boy born April 26th to Jamie and his wife. Many congratulations to all!

May is older Americans month. CELEBRATE!!!

Happy Birthday and anniversary to William D. Fisher, Karen Schumacher Klump, Martha K. Kirk Polley, Billy Jones, Jessie R. Watson, Karen E. and Phillip White, Jared Cluxton, Zola Purdin, Susan Klump Molly Klump Jerry G. Oaks

Happy belated birthday to Mel Guenther.

Friday night the 17th the Brown County Sing will be held at the very beautiful and unique Ash Ridge Church located on US Route 62. What a beautiful time this will be. You are invited. Festivities begin at 7pm. 

Then after that good time of singing for the Lord there is an opportunity to visit Liberty Chapel at Panhandle to hear the Mennonite chior called "Still Waters."  if you have never heard this choir before be assured that you will not be disappointed, at least in this dirt road girl's opinion. This begins at 6pm.

Then on the 23rd the Brown County Historical Society will host the 2013 8th Grade Historical Essay winners at the beautiful Georgetown Methodist Church beginning at 6:30 pm. Congratulations to all the eight graders who participated in this project-you are winners in my eyes already- and of course many congratulations to the winning contestants. I am very proud of you!

Then on the 25th God's Closet will be open once again. If you have items-not furniture-that is in good usable condition please consider donating to God's Closet. If you have a need come partake; if you have an abundance please give. Also, open will be God's Kitchen. Come and enjoy a free lunch after shopping. Also, I would like to thank all who donate their time and energies to make this project a go. There are many people behind the scenes making this possible and I appreciate and thank all including Larry, Vicky, and Nathan Bixler for their fresh farm eggs. Many, many blessings to all!

Back in 2001, when I was in college, 

I read some  literature that made me believe that Ohio was already in a state of a financial crises.  Though I have not kept up with any statistics since then one might think that the economic situation is no better, which , would make one assume that the number 8th county of Ohio might be, could be suffering some of the blunt of this financial crisis.
However, as a citizen of this 8th county of Ohio I am proud of the people that are working hard to preserve history, teach the generations the importance of the ones that have paved their paths and make things easier for them,  also teaching the generations that it doesn't matter where you were born, what color your skin, you still are important and you may still have the possibility of being world-known even though you were born an African American girl on a dirt road in small town USA only to grow up to become Aunt Jemima of world-renown fame. I appreciate and thank all who strive to make Brown County a beautiful informative  tourist attraction and for teaching as they go!
That is why I am so amazed to pick up the newspaper and read headlines and articles that appears to seem to be a slap in the face to all working so hard to make Brown County a go-to-place. One can only wonder the agenda of these select few that seem to bent on smearing Brown County's name be what appears to to this dirt road girl to be nit-picking,  rude and crude and obnoxious. Is there agenda to run Brown County and all that Brown County stands for throughout time in history with it's famous historic people, people of influence, places of significance, and events of meaning into the ground? 
Just this weekend I was reading in Proverbs 24. Thinking back on those scriptures it seems interesting that some of those scriptures from Proverbs just might fit well into this particular situation in this dirt road girl's opinion. My Dad, always told me, "Do not make waves! No matter what Do Not Make Waves!" In regard to this particular item regarding Brown County and the economics of Brown County that advice may fit in several different ways. However, if directed at myself I can not help but remember what one woman-Just One Woman-meant to the course of history until there will be no more history-Just One Woman complaining about prayer in schools and the effects that her complaints has had upon the world has made me step back and take a longer look when someone refuses to stop whining. May the blessings of the Lord be upon all affected.

Please remember to pray blessings for your neighbor. You have no idea what that prayer might mean to them or their families. Let the love of The Christmas gift fill you now and forevermore.

*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things,  May 6, 2013

Happy Birthday to: John McNutt Audrey Wallingford Parker Barbara Bick Campbell Arthur L. Knoche Gary Neu 

Albert Ritchie Eva M. Hatten Schmidt

The Red Oak family tree grew this week with a birth of Molly Faith Spiller. She is the daughter of Lucas and Adrienne And the great granddaughter of Bud and Erma Spiller and Gene and Betty Taylor. Congratulations.

Happy birthday to Butch Woolard a man of strong faith and courage happy belated birthday Butch!

Working through some of my own health issues has kept me somewhat house bound, yet sometimes things like it makes one stronger; especially when there are excellent teachers on TV and radio spreading the word and Building the Kingdom.
Such a person was Dr Charles Stanley's Teaching on his 64 years experience of tithing And upon all the reasons 
And the excuses that people give for not tithing,  Dr. Stanley taught very clearly even so a child to understand. 

Also, this week Facebook again talked announced Rev. Billy Graham's 1973 article that claimed " America Diseased by Sin: National Crises is Spiritual, Not Economic"

Also, this week I found an old faithful, Jimmy Swaggart. He is still singing, songs of strength and encouragement
while still building the Kingdom. I praise the Lord for people like him that has been through a trial so great that it 
looks like there is no way out yet here he is still encouraging and drawing people not to him but to his Savior.

Friday May 10th is Military Spouses Day. My notion has always been that not enough credit has been given to the military spouses waiting and waiting and waiting, not knowing what news the ringing of the phone would bring
It has always been my notion that when the veterans stand that their spouses should stand also! Many blessings 
to all military spouses.

Saturday, May 11th the Gospel Sing out at Unity begins another season. Thee will be a covered dish dinner at 6pm with music afterward. You are invited, take table service along with a filled covered dish if going for the food and fellowship, beverages are provided. From West Union take State Route 247 to 3862 Unity Road, if you get to the 
stop sign you have gone too far. Also, from 32 take Unity Road and go through the 4-way stop sign.

May 15th is Peace Officer's Memorial Day. Many blessings to all peace officers.

May is older Americans Month. Adams County senior counsel has announced that on May 21st at the Adams County Fairgrounds the theme "unleash your power be a golden Buckeye" centers around the All County Senior Citizen 
Day celebration. There will be a covered dish carry-in great entertainment and speakers, well-deserved awards, door prizes, lots of fun and fellowship for everyone. In the article announcing this event credit is given the senior citizens as representing the generation that has care for us so well whether personally through guidance as parents or grandparents or in a broader sense of having provided our history. 

Brown County is also having Senior Citizen Recognition Day May 21st at the Georgetown Church of Christ.
No other info available at this time on that event.

Please pray blessings for your neighbor according to Matthew 18.

Rest and be blessed.

*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things,  April 29, 2013

Sincere sympathy to the family, friends and loved ones of Clem Schumacher. 

On a bight cheery morning with the song birds chirping their lovely songs and the sun shining it's beautiful morning golden sunrays I was traveling by the beautiful lake all aglow in morning spender and then I saw him, a horse; he was standing in a field of fresh green spring grass; a whole field full of green grass, but there he stood in an area of mud-just about his size- an circle of mud-as if he had been standing there for a very long time-standing there-just standing there staring at the mud. 

Sadly, I can relate to Mr. Horse, at many times, sadly; but, even worse, through my travels I have learned that I am not the only one with that look, the look of staring at a tiny circle of mud, located in a whole lush green field. 

For those who have never suffered any type of depression you have not any clue as to how extremely, extremely blessed that you are!!! 

The battle is severe, yet for me, that is why I read the Word, and yearn to walk closer with my friend and savior, the one that understands my confusion, has never tired of listening to my complaints, and patiently waits while I stare at the mud, and rejoices when I do make it through; making it through to once more lift my head and my eyes from the mud.

Happy Birthday and Anniversaries to : Catherine Gallenstein Morris Padgett Charlotte A. Salisbury Rankin, Harold Clark, Tiny Powell, Eli Knechtly Darrell W. Osman SR. Lowell Allen Robert Finley Margaret Finley Jackie Miller Scott Wagoner Ashley Bixler Dolores Pelletier Begley Jr Mary I. and Henry Falidorf Hannah Finley Jerome Gallenstien Doug Wilson, Brooklyn m. Burson, Brittany N. Carlisle, Lois Harris Gilliland, Dean Gilliland 

Happy belated birthday to Fred Paul.

Things I have learned lately: false teeth are designed to last only eight years; nerve pressure points are inside your mouth; teeth can cause severe seemingly non-related health issues and distresses; dieting affects the teeth; when baking cheep plastic spoons are great for dipping sticky stuff-the mixture does not stick to the plastic; I love running flowing water directly from the faucet; I very much appreciate all the men and women that keeps my loved ones safe, and with flowing water, and with working electric; The Lord's Prayer consists of two praising scriptures, the one in the beginning and the one at the end, in between it is about us; after the first praising phrases of the Lord's Prayer the first thing we are to say is Give us this day our daily bread"  which follows exactly the story of the manna n the desert; there is great differences in the wording in different translations of the Bible as we found out using 4 different one's while looking at the Lord's Prayer; it is wonderful teaching and encouraging others to grow and develop and expand their wings.

Saturday was a very pleasant day as I traveled to God's Closet and had a free lunch is God's Kitchen and took home food products from God's Pantry. There are enough words in my vocabulary to express the thanks and gratitude and appreciation to the women and men that make this outreach possible to the community. 

Again, if you have items that you are no longer needing please donate them to God's Closet. This is located at the Russellville Church of Christ just south of the stoplight and north of the dairy bar.

I was joined at the lunch table by my good friends Breanna and Bobbie Jo, who before the day was out ended up spending the night at Howelett House. (Forgot to say that last week Ernie, and his sister Glenna, transitioned to brighter horizons. May the blessings of the Lord continually be upon them.)

May 2nd is The National Day of Prayer. Please join the committee in "offering thanksgiving for how the lord has preserved our nation through times of war, political turmoil, corruption, financial crises, riots, and natural disasters.

Repent or occult and idolatrous practices that have been mixed into its establishment and culture. 

Intercede for a Christ-awakening, redemption, and deliverance among those adulterated with such belief systems, pray that these systems are dethroned . Pray for racial reconcilation, and for the salvation and well-being of Washington, D.C. Residents and public officials. Intercede for mothers who are widowed, single, struggling, or suffering seperation or loss of children through miscarriage, abortion, untimely death, divorce, drug abuse, or rebellion.  Pray all of this in Jesus name.

You are invited through "Interscessors for America" who also gave us the above information, you are invited to join in the May 19th with millions of other in the Global Day of Prayer. This is preceded starting May 9-18 to pray leading up to the 19th which is Pentecost Sunday.

*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things,  April 22, 2013

Friend of Red Oak Dody Staker says Here's your press release

Congratulations to the Christian Theatre for Children on their performance at the Gaslight Theater Talent show last weekend. Although they did not make it into the Top 10, the judges were kind enough to let them perform a second time and a talent show judge, Seth Carkreet, owner of Eco Pro donated $200 to the children for their performance. In addition, someone from the audience gave them another $50 to help support the organization. It turned out to be a wonderful evening for the children and the audience! They are now taking applications for their summer camp. For a registration form contact

Thanks for all the press that you have given us. We truly appreciate it. hope your grandchild registers for the camp.

The annual Red Oak Cemetery Perpetual Care meeting was held Friday evening. Anyone interested in the cemetery
or obtaining a plot is invited to call Don Salisbury at 513-218-4661 or 937-377-2005. The cemetery association is
always interested in donations. Once upon a time, and for several years, the association sponsored the 
Aunt Jemima Pancake Breakfasts on Memorial weekend. One of the unusual things that happened at this event was that people registered their name when they arrived. It was always fascinating to see the different areas that the
many, many people came from. Also, it is interesting to look at the many pictures taken of the many different pancake breakfasts. If you are interesed in being buried in the cemetery with world-famous Aunt Jemima call Don. If you are interested in being buried with rugged men and women, movers and shakers that formed and shaped Red Oak and Ripley of Southern Ohio into the unique places they are today give Don a call. 

Saturday I was very honored to receive at the Red Oak Presbyterian Church a large group of people off the Adams County Historical tour bus that included indiviaduals from Adams County and surrounding counties. They had left Peebles that morning after attending a quilt show, travelled to West Union and viewed the beautif murals of the jurys deliberation room inside the Adams County Courthouse, then traveled to manchester to visit the historic manchester Presbyterian Church with it's beautiful stain glass window, ate at Moyer's, enjoyed an oral history presentation at
the Parker House in Ripley, visited the Old Piano Factory, rode the big bus up the big hill to the Rankin House, and
the came to Red Oak to visit the gravesite of Aunt Jemima and to tour the historic Red Oak Presbyterian Church. 

This trip was sponsored by the Adams County Historical Society. Their next big event is coming up in August when they will be at the the Winchester's Red Barn with a two-day time of music partially in honor of Cowboy Copas's
100th birthday and a memorial tribute to other artist. 

While answering questions an pleasantly familiar face appeared. It was the face of Glenna Grooms of Roush
Insurance Company. She is the daughter of the founder Ralph Roush and his bride the former Hazel Hafer. 
The Roush Insurance Company, a three generation business, was founded 75 years ago this year. A celebration marking the occasion will be held May 10th Open house starting at 10am and continuing until 4pm with door 
prizes and refreshments. 

If you are interested in visiting Red Oak Presbyterian Church and visiting the gravesite of Aunt Jemima call me at 937-392-1323. 

This week Friday, the 26th the nation of Israel will be 65 years old. Sunday morning at the Red Oak Presbyterian Church the morning worship leader mentioned Wings as Eagles Ministry, which is a mission outreach to bring
elderly Jews back to their ancestral home land. A short afternoon internet study revealed the importance of 
Israel in relationship with today's modern times, as written by Dr. jack Hayford. . Happy, Happy 65th Birthday Israel!

Happy, Happy Birthday and Anniversary this week to Chuck Taylor Dalton Gallenstien Samantha Hamilton Kim Hedges Carol Burnett David Klump Ethel Edinfield Knechtly Mike Mitchell Jeanne Thomas Cindy Lee Kirker Rally
Cole Nancy Bassett Brittany Fisher Rick Shade Andrew Black Jillian Gallenstien Robin Phillips Klump William Ball America Montgomery Baird Arch L. Baird Geneva Hughes Baird Gerald Mitchell Tom White Ruby and Bill Marshall `James Finley Patricia Mattingly Joshua Smalley Lillie Vance Truesdell 

Hopefully you saw the meteroite shower April 22nd. 

Congratulations to Stephanie Taylor for winning first place and breaking her own sports record in High Jump at the Bethel Invitational but also setting a new record for RULH high School girls track! Way to go Stephanie!!!

Howelett House was glad to have Samuel Titus as a weekend visitor, along with short visits of other family members. April has has some beautiful sights this year. It seems as if all is beautiful-in it's own way. 

I want to thank my recent house guest Glenna for opening up a whole new world for me by teaching me to make her Mother's delicious fruit cobbler. Yum, Yum, Yummy! Made two this morning! 

Please pray blessings for your neighbor you have no idea what good that will do in the long run. There seems a tendency to shake our heads in disbelief and go on, but just this week take the challenge and pray blessings for
those names that enter your mind-no matter how you feel about them! I encourage you to pray blessings upon 
them which possibly will allow you to take a deep breath. Let me know what happened. or 937-392-4261.

*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things,  April 15, 2013

We have an exciting new children's ministry coming to Brown County! Christian Theatre for Children is hosting a summer theatre day camp June 5th - 13th at the Georgetown Presbyterian Church with their final production of The Jungle Book at the Gaslight Theater. Students entering 2nd grade through high school may register. The camp cost is $60.00 per child for students in 2nd - 8th grade. High school students may register for FREE, and may work as camp "counselors" helping students learn their lines, music, and dance routines or work on the stage crew. They may also audition for the musical if they wish.

Christian Theatre for Children exists to help children discover their God-given talents, to find joy and passion in mastering and sharing their talents with the community, and to provide a place for those talents to be displayed. The theatre camp is being directed by Dody Crisp Staker, Sandy Hanselman Eversole, Jill McCarley Dotson, and Debbie Haubner Adkins, all of Georgetown. They have more than 60 years of experience working with children's programming. CTC is a non-profit organization with an all volunteer staff. They exist to invest in the lives of children, not their bank accounts!

The camp is open to ALL children in Brown County and surrounding areas. Students do not have to audition to be a part of the summer camp, but they must register in advance. Registration forms can be found at the Christian Theatre for Children's Facebook page or at

We are excited to see what God has planned for the summer theater and for the children of Brown County. Get your registrations forms in now.

Happy. Happy Birthday to: Robert Bick, Robert S. Salisbury, Eileen Shelton, Debbie Parker Johnson, Heather N. Wallace Titus, Mildred Brown Brumley, June Himes Hafer, Teresa Black Germann, Larry W. Black, John Clark

Jennifer Moffett, Lauren B. Turner, Nicki Spiller Edmisten, Harvey Jones, Patsy Myers, Mary & John Stacey, John Finley, Brett Osman, Ryan Lorenz, Robert Carter, Mike Salisbury, Patricia Klump Cluxton, Ellen Lee Gelter, Corey Shelton, Thelma M. Stanfield Snyder, Cole C.A. Brown, Dorothy P. Hardyman Young, Carole Davis, Ulrich Knechtly, Laurel Polk McDonald, Chuck Taylor 

This Friday evening the Brown County Sing will be held at Georgetown's Apple Street Church beginning at 7pm. You are welcomed.

Also this Friday evening at 7pm the Red Oak Cemetery Perpetual Care Assn will be holding their annual meeting in the Fellowship room of the Red Oak Presbyterian Church. All property holders are encouraged to attend as are all future property holders.

This week with the trees out in beautiful bloom all I can think of is Mom and her love of the "Pear-apple Tree". This tree, one of her great pride and joys was nearly the first outside sight she saw in the morning. She never tired of talking of that tree and/or showing to each person that drove up the driveway. However, when it was in bloom she seemed to linger under it's branches like they were enveloping each other with a great unseen love. It seems now very odd that as her health went downhill so did the health of her beloved pear tree, yet it still blooms fragrantly well in my mind. I very much dislike what losses the years have brought!
*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things,  April 1, 2013

Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow. My good, good friend, a breast cancer and radiation treatment survivor, received a good report from the MRI test versus mammogram. Praise the Lord!! and I would like to think that BooBoo Eraser and Oomph Boost also had something to do with that good report. 

The RULH HS softball has started and so has Track! And 4H is on its way the Red Oak Ranchers have started their meetings and installed officers!!

Happy, Happu Birthday to:

Mary Jane Dugan, Danny J. Kirk ,George Shelton, Donna Day Starrett, Kathleen K. Waddell, James Woods II, Jeff Clifton, George R. Gordon, Sandra and Larry Schumann, Jim Schweichart, Melanie Thatcher, Louis E. Dixon, Catherine and Evans Montgomery, Sandy Foust Campbell ,Michelle W. Dotson, Lou E.M. Day Henry, Eric Stephan Mary Helen Bick, Verda Hollingsworth, Patricia Lawson, Cody A. Polley, Donald Rutherford, Carl Joseph Starrett, Jack Rutan, Doty Staker, Michelle Curtis- Franks, Amy Galbraith Weiskettle, Sara J. Bissantz, Wendell Hundley, Barbara Bick & Ray Campbell, Joshua Jewell, Mark Peters, Vickie Johnson, Fred Knechtly, Jon Osman, Pam & Dale Purdy, Courtney Schumann

Cherry Fork Community Building is the site that the Friends of Liberty (Liberty Township) has picked to hold a benefit this weekend for Linda Mowen. Linda recently lost her home to a fire. The festivities, and art and craft show will begin at 12 noon with The Stillwater Mennonite Choir singing at 6 pm followed by the Blood Bought Trio. A silent auction will also be held and sandwiches and soup, noodles, cakes and pies will be served. For more information call Julia at 937-544-3698 or pat at 937-544- 3082.

Mary Howelett recently had a very lovely visit with Mrs. Mildred Tracy. Ms. Mildred introduced the very beautiful song 
"I Was There To Hear Your Borning Cry".

Please keep "Dog Lady" Karen Robinson on your prayer list as she is facing eye surgery. This past week Shirley Brierly and Mary Howelett took Karen to Hamilton, OH. What did we learn? Hamilton is a long, long way off from Howelett House!

Please pray for Bonnie Beath's daughter, Trixie Goodman Clifton, who has been very ill with pneumonia lately.

Please pray for Dorothea's grandson who as been very ill and for Dorothea as she makes yet another transition
in her life.

On Saturday, the April 13th the unique Stone Chapel, east of West Union, will be the site of a quilt showing. This is beautiful church is located just off of State Route 125 on Compton Road, near the stone quarry. On the way out stop by Blake's Pharmacy and enjoy one of the last soda fountains in the state of Ohio while enjoying a large milkshake that only costs a dollar, or many more other soda fountain products that has not seen the cost of inflation.

On Sunday, April 14th, Decatur, OH will be the site of a Gospel Sing and Dinner at the Charles Moore Center starting at 1pm. You are welcomed. Bring some cans of food for the food pantry located in Decatur.

Please pray for your neighbor. You have no idea what they ae going through and how much your prayers would mean in their lives. Just this week I have heard some very sad stories and of illnesses and trials and tribulations of loved ones throughout the community. Please pray for your neighbors and the children-no matter their ages. 

Please pray blessings on them, God's blessings, and then take a deep, deep breath and many, many blessings to you.

*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things,  March 18, 2013

Happy Easter, as we celebrate Easter let us remember the plan that was set into place-for all eternity for us to be in unity as one-with our Father who art in heaven, waiting.

Something very important that I learned this week-did you know that if you a policy holder gets killed in a vhicle accident that your life is njot covered by insurance-at least, this is in many insurance companies policies. I had assumed that it was across the board but no-.There is one that I know does and one that I know does not. To get my findings call me at 937-392-4261.

I am seeking three different apartments or dwelling places, for rent or for sale, for three different bunches of individuals, one single, a couple, and a mother with young child. I am also seeking a vehicle. Please call 937-392-4261 and I will explain and pass the word on.

I want to praise the Lord again for BooBoo Eraser. This time for the sake of a mommy dog with hot, swollen, and sore breast after giving birth to her first litter of puppies. Between BooBoo Eraser AND prayer and a touch of mercy from the Lord all is well! Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow.

If you have facebook go to Nick Titus's page to see some of his recent marvelous artwork. He is the grandson of Ruth Salisbury. Great drawing and artistic talents run in that side of the family as Ruth's sister, Edith Osman, is the grandmother of J. J. Osman of Doll Star Studio specializing in tatoos, which are great works of art. I am very proud of both of these guys and of all my family.

Congratulations to Sam Titus for being one of the only two students from RULH to participate in the Honors Band District 16 week-end at Waverly, OH. Sorry I do not have all details; this is a concert event that lasts all weekend. I am very proud of Sam!

Sunday, I stopped by the house of my brother, Don Salisbury. In the past week he had had surgery on his leg and ankle after breaking them is a short fall off of a stool. Oh man, oh man. I was surprised to see my great niece and flight attendant Rachael Girsovich in for a short visit, always good to see her.

Please rember the Red Oak Cemetery Perpetual Care meeting April 19th at 7pm. Don is the contact person for the cemetery and can be reached at 513-218-4661. All donations toward the cemetery are accepted and can be sent to Don Salisbury, P.O. Box 173, Russellville, Oh 45168.

Helen Highfield would love to hear from you. If you would like to call Helen her phone number is 937-392-1695

The 27th, Wednesday evening at 7pm, is the singing at the Nazarene Church of Ripley. Oh what a precious time this has always been. One of those precious times was the night that I hears Mary Ruth Leasoure sing. How precious. I attempted to record her singing the song but have not listened to hear the results. Just so precious, but every singing and praising night is precious.

Happy, Happy 21st birthday to Stephanie Morgan. Her family and friends that met at Stone Creek Olive Garden in Colerain Cincinnati to celebrate included her father Gary Morgan of Kansas, Judy Morgan of Indianna, Angie Breirly, Danny Polley, grandmother shirley Brierly, sister Sabrinia and husband Dominque Rodriques of Chicago, and their daughter Isabella, mother Kathy Morgan of Columbus, and her friend Paige of Miami University.

Happy, Happy Birthday to Ashby Shelton.

Are you interested in guns? Well, Andy Ulrich formerly of Higginsport is now on radio talking all about guns. The program airs from 7-8pm Sunday nights on WKRC radio. Congratulations Andy!

There are only a few days left to help out a good organization called Hope Emergency at Fayetteville. Like God's Closet and God's Kitchen they are dedicated to serving other's. During the month of March a man named Alan Shawn Feinstein is donating one million dollars shared nationwide to hunger fighting agencies. Thus food and or cash donated to Hope Emergency during March and April is appreciated and you have participated in the 16th Annual $1 million Dollar Giveaway. Please help fight hunger. In Novemeber 2012 the households helped were 1,435 or 5, 015 individuals. Thank You!!!

A great source of income for Hope Emergency and or other charities is through customer purchases at Kroger's; go to to sign up. The amount of the purchase equals the portion of the award amount for your charity. Something else that I just learned!

Do you ever feel Provoked? Well, I decided to do a little Bible study on that word this week as most people associate that word with anger AND AS ALL PEOPLE KNOW Christians are NOT allowed to be angry!!! All I know is that I have a great concern for those who do not have a healthy father-child relationship with the Lord. What I learned during that study is that I had forgotten one of the exercises that I have always considered very important-sending what I can not change to the ROCK. Though I have a physical rock that I send it it to that is only a reminder of the real ROCK-Jesus Christ-through Him I move and have my being-I cannot not even walk without Him holding my hand. My anger. Well, though a work in progress He has made it manageable and I have been able to free my thinking to be able to move on into living. 

Happy, Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to: Minnie Bennett , Deborra Fite Gary Minton, Christian Gallenstein, 

Cathy K. Black , Mildred Watson Cluxton, Josh Deaton, Jacob Feugae, Lillie Salisbury Gilliland, Derek Jimison, Arlene Burbage Lang 

Kyle Prine, Brian Purdin Allison D. Pelletier, Martin E. Baird, John Ellis, Hazel Newman , Daniel Pelletier, Charles Ruffley, Carl L. Baird, Tim Benjamin, Janet Ulrich Galbraith, Bobbby Johnson Jr., Lawrence King, Henry Knechtly, Mary Jane Dugan, Danny J. Kirk , George Shelton ,Donna Day Starrett , Kathleen K. Waddell, James Woods II 

Sunday I had the great pleasure of hearing again the talented Bluegrass group the Burbages; what a pleasure. They were giving a concert for the residents of Villa Georgetown. While there I learned that my friend Milldred Tracy had been unable to attend her beloved church. I decided to check on her because I knew church was important in her life. A visit with her again proved to be as delightful as always; what a pleasure, what a complete delight Mildred is, her words and my thoughts of her warms my heart and I praise the Lord for her!

No, I not forgotten about Shawnee Forest. This forest Ohio's largest state forest, and often referred to as "The Little Smokies" covers 63,747 acres and is located in both Adams and Scioto Counties. A group of people concerned about Shawnee Forest have over the past months been diligently working to collect signed petitions to present to Gov. Kasich asking that he stop clear cut logging in Shawnee State Forest. A one minute video of this prenetation was made by NBC's channel 4 in Columbus. To view this video go to On February 20, 2013 Save Our Forest members Ed Gulick, Barbara Lund, Jon Srofe, Bill Tipton, spokesperson, and Cork Walker presented Gov. Kasich with 3,384 petitions. This group of dedicated and concerned individuals are congratulated for their tireless efforts. Clear cuts are a very ugly sight to see and very extremely dangerous not only to wildlife but to human life as nothing is in place to stop erosins and mudslides. What are they thinking to clear-cut? Clear cut logging removes all trees and anything else that grows. The rape of the land for real for real! Any one interested in seeing the effects of clear cutting only has to visit Cabin Creek or look over to Ky from U S Route 52 toward Manchester. Destructive clear cutting activities have greatly increased in all of the 21 state forests in 2012 according to Bob Tipton. Save Our Forest representatives can be reached at or 

Are you interested in a church where the pastor still uses scriptures ALL Throughout the sermon? Well then, the Decatur Methodist Church is the place for you. Not only does Pastor Gary Hopkins use scripture but it is understandable scripture that is relevant to the subject being spoken of at the moment.

Come, hear, and enjoy! 

Please continue to pray for the children, no matter their age; the enemy attempting to cause confusion, strive, and division. 

Life is full of disappointments, and rejections. Set your face like flint and look for that blessed hope. Because we live in a fallen world friends will/could fail you but the Lord never fails. As St. Paul said, "Demas has forsaken me, having loved this present world. At my first answer no man stood with me; all men forsook me; I pray God that it may not be laid to their charge; notwithstanding the Lord stood with me and strengthened me. 2 Tim 4: 10,16, 17 and again King David in Psalm 27:10 said. "en father and mother forsake me then the Lord will lift me up!" Bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me!
*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things,  March 18, 2013

Happy Birthday for Bea Hampton celebrations included her saying, "I sure did get a surprise today at the bowling alley!! all the kids and their spouses and several grandkids and Morgan and Margy came over with a huge cake they watched us bowl,and celebrated right there,!! "

On Bea's birthday her daughter, Linda and husband Leo Shelton took Bea to the Y restaurant. They were joined by Bea's son and daughter-in-law, Denny and Loretta Hampton. The staff of the Y Restruant sang Happy birthday to Bea and presented her with the opportunity for a free piece of their delicious pie. Little great-grandson Jesse Offill the youngest one of the family celebrates his birthday at the same time. Now days instead of gifts the Hampton family brings cards. The birthday person then has the unique opportunity to read each card out loud. Bea and Jesse have a great time reading their cards.

Happy, Happy belated Birthday 85th to Helen Highfield. If you would like to call Helen her phone number is 937-392-1695.

Gary Morgan, of Wichita, Kansas, was visiting his mother Shirley Brierly; coming Ohio to especially to celebrate his daughter, Stephanie's, 21st birthday. Happy, Happy Birthday Stephanie.

Shirley Brierly and Mary Howelett had a busy two days. Friday evening at the very last minute they decided to go to the Brown County Singing Convention at the Higginsport Christian Church. Oh my, what a very beautiful church.
Tiny said that when she first knew of that church it had wallpaper on the walls. When, a few years ago a restoration was started the wallpaper was removed from the walls to reveal beautiful angels under the wallpaper. Jerry explained that as the restoration was ongoing that he had suffered a heart attack yet he had the detailed information of the angels and had the plan/goal to restore them back upon the walls.

Many, many times have I driven by that church and thought that I would like to go inside but never had seized the opportunity. I am sure glad that I have now had the opportunity and many, many blessings to all who enter.

Many, many thanks to Barb and Larry Downing who continue to keep the Brown County Singing Convention going and growing. Though this is held in churches it is non-denominational, on this particular Friday night twenty different churches were represented. Praise the Lord!!!

The Singing Convention is held the third Friday of the month. Next month, April 19th, it will be held at the Apple Street Church in Georgetown, Oh. In May, the 17th, it will held at the beautiful unique Ash Ridge Church on U.S. Route 62. You are invited.

Thursday evening Southern State Community College is the site of a presentation about native plants.

The 27th, Wednesday evening at 7pm, is the singing at the Nazarene Church of Ripley. Oh what a precious time this has always been.

Lately, I called Doris Wilson seeking information and learned much about her family tree including her...oops, I made notes but failed to write down if Dr. Levi "Lee" Laycock of the early days of Decatur was her father or grandfather..oh well, the conversation was very interesting and informative. Thank you, Doris. Oh yes, I also learned that the Howland's of Howland Road were Doris's grandparents. Very interesting.

After receiving the Brown County Genealogical Society newsletter called "On The Trail" I noticed a Query by Ladonna Chapman inquiring about the names Geeslin, Paul, Payne, Carter, Hutchinson, Stevenson, and Baird. Knowning some of those ancestoral names I called her with the information that I thought that I knew. After some comparing notes we learned that we are first cousins back to Esther Smalley and William Baird. Very exciting! Their daughter Esther married Joseph Stevenson and the Stevenson name continued down to her. Her grandmother's names through those five generations included Paul, Geeslin, Baird. Very interesting!

Another item learned in the newsletter: June weddings coincided with slack time for farm work.

Happy, Happy birthday and Happy Anniversary to Mildred Stanfield/Marvin Huff, Alan Gast, Jenna L. Fisher, Jannie Frebis Wallace , Hazel R. Jackson Doty, Letha M. Knechtly Easter, Jeff Gelter , Rachel Campbell/James Salisbury, Melinda P. Rolph Jackson, Janet Wallace, Morton Whiteman, Burt Beardsworth, Chris Coleman, Gary McFerron, Cynthia and Jon Osman, Mary E. and Gene T. West, Donald Brown, Michelle/Andy Dotson, Andrew Creighton, Jeremy Knechtly , Elizabeth McFerson , Paul Purdin, Paula Swearingen, Esther Sparks Clark, Paul D. Fisher, Matthew Williams , Megan Williams, George Frazier, Bill Murray

The Manchester Sing will be held the 21st of March, at 7pm at the Manchester Presbyterian Church.

Bi-monthly, a gospel sing is presented, the first and third Friday of each month, at the Mt. Holly Christian Chapel, in Amelia, OH. It is free! Call Dan Cook 513-509-7312 or Kevin Cain 513-602-4654 for more information.

In this Dirt Road Country Gal's opinion farmer's, the people that bring us our food should be honored every day. However, Thursday, the 7th is Ohio Ag Day and then the 19th is National Ag Day, with the 17th through the 23rd is National Ag Week. Just drive around the countryside and view the empty barns, some of them in a state of disrepair, how very, very sad! Many are the battles that farmers have had to go through as they have had to deal with the weather conditions and many, many, many rules and regulations. Like to eat food? Thank a farmer! And to coin a phrase I say, Salute to all farmers, great or small! Salute!

Remember God's Closet and God's Kitchen will be open March 23rd. In the meanwhile, God's Closet is accepting donations. Several of the men of the church has been working to make the Closet more climate controlled. This is a very worthy ministry and donations of food and items are appreciated. God's Kitchen is also open. Come and enjoy good company and good food.

Please continue to pray for the children, no matter their age; the enemy attempting to cause confusion, strive, and division.

*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things,  March 11, 2013

In "Intercessors for America Newsletter" was an except and note by the author of the "The Circle Maker". Mark Batterson, the author of the book says; "The ultimate objective of prayer is to discern and do the will of God." and again, "There is nothing magical about drawing (walking)a prayer circle but there is something biblical about it." Personally, this has been a practice undertaken in Howelett House and though a journal has not been kept so far the results are such that all that can be said is, Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord!!! After all is that not what happened to the walls of Jericho!

Intercessors for America Newsletter, introduced to me years ago by Al and Patty Rhonemus, is a digest of happenings and events worthy of prayer visit for weekly prayer updates. The prayer team also prays especially the first Friday of the month. It is that day that everyone is encouraged to pray and fast for America. May 2nd, the first Thursday of May prayer gatherings are hosted around the country to honor this nationally recognized day of prayer. For more info on this event visit

The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it he hid it again and then in his joy went and sold all that he had and bought that field. Matthew 13: 44

Wow! That verse seemed to bring into remembrance all that I have been striving to obtain through the many moons of my earthly existence. My main goal in life has been for a healthier way of life for myself and for ALL that I come in contact with from the greatest to the least. This goal has been dreamed while living in a Pollyanna type state of mind, not taking into consideration that MY goal is not necessarily the goals of others. What would the conversation be if all was well in the world? Am I willing to sell out to my goal of attempting to be a blessing those around me, before the joy is stolen so badly that I miss heaven? However, remember through it all we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against powers, principalities and rulers of darkness. If circumstances arises look for the prince of the power of the air who was given earthly authority through the acts of Adam and Eve, but who through the acts of another one, named Jesus, all of that has been brought to nought! Do not look at circumstances, look as if at a treasure found hidden in the field.

Please pray blessings for the children-the children of all ages. You have no idea what your prayers might mean. Abraham was one man. Look what happened in his life, the life of one man-such as praying and Lot and his family being spared from the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah! Please pray blessings on God's gifts. Noah was also one man, who despite all adversity and appearances-after all he lived in a place where rain was very, very rare & here he is building not just a boat but an ark-would I have laughed at him if I had been there? Yet, look what happened in his life!

On Friday the 15th, the Brown County Singing Will be held at the Higginsport Church right there in downtown Higginsport. You all are welcomed.

Due to the death of Mary Louise Mitchell Koerner in January a special meeting of the Red Oak Cemetery Perpetual Care Assn. trustees was held . At that time Donald L. Salisbury was elected Acting Secretary/Treasurer. Don is the current contact for the purchase of graves and ploys. He can be reached at 513-218-4661. April 19th at 7pm the annual meeting will be held in the annex of the Red Oak Presbyterian Church for the purpose of electing officers, setting prices, contracting work and etc. The informational letter that this information is taken from says, "From the sales of grave-site and contributions we are able to maintain the quality of care expected at Red Oak. In Order to maintain the highest quality of care continued financial support is necessary. Donations and financial support can be sent to Red Oak Cemetery Perpetual Care Assn, c/o Donald Salisbury, P.O. Box 173, Russellville, OH 45168"

Mary Howelett enjoyed lunching with Mrs. Shirley Brierly and enjoying her delicious homemade chicken soup. 

Mary also had a special homemade chili lunch with Mrs. Gloria Ulrich. Then later in the week Mary visited with Gloria and great-niece Miss Lauren Weiskettel and enjoyed learning some tips for Miss Hallie from Miss Lauren. Plus Gloria introduced Mary, always the learner, to a new product that appears to be a great pain reliever. Of course for pain Traumeel is just about the greatest instant pain reliever tried so far to date but, this new clay is also very, very good. Thanks Gloria, always the teacher!

Please save your old batteries for a very special project that George Rooks participates with; thanks ahead of time! You can call me 937-392-1323 for more details.

The Manchester Sing will be held the 21st of March, at 7pm at the Manchester Presbyterian Church.

Bi-monthly, a gospel sing is presented, the first and third Friday of each month, at the Mt. Holly Christian Chapel, in Amelia, OH. It is free! Call Dan Cook 513-509-7312 or Kevin Cain 513-602-4654 for more information.

It is this Dirt Road Country Gal's opinion that farmer's, the people that bring us our food should be honored every day. However, Thursday, the 7th is Ohio Ag Day and then the 19th is National Ag Day, with the 17th through the 23rd is National Ag Week. I have known somewhat the battles that farmers have had to go through as they have had to deal with the weather conditions and many, many, many rules and regulations that have caused the folding of at least three dairy farms within spitting distance of my house. Like to eat food? Thank a farmer! And to coin a phrase I say, Salute to all farmers, great or small! Salute!

Please continue to pray for Brandon Fusssnecker. 

Happy, Happy Birthday and Happy anniversary to: Dave Rhoten, Sandy Berry Edminsten, Corryn Mullins, Ryan Poole, Willa Cooper, Mark Dotson, Anthony Gillian-Fisher, 

Keith Heaton, Phillip Dunn, Rusty Abner-Fisher, Grace Humble, Beth Camery, Jacob McCray, Junia A. Morgan, Ethel and Lee B. Knechtly, Myrtle M. Knechtly, Mikayla Pollitt, Alisha Fetters, Angie Regenstein, Hannah Dotson, Wayne Rush, Rickey L. Snyder, Ed Hansen, Rebecca Baird, Stephanie Morgan, Eddie Rau, Issac Smalley, William E. Baird, Amanda Mills, Jade Osman, Jody Rutherford, Bobby Carter

Remember God's Closet and God's Kitchen will be open March 23rd. In the meanwhile, God's Closet is accepting donations. Several of the men of the church has been working to make the Closet more climate controlled. This is a very worthy ministry and donations of food and items are appreciated.

Sincere sympathy to Dave Kilgore and family on the death of their mother.

The bible study based upon Dr. Charles Stanley's 30 Life Principles continue Wednesday evening at the Decatur Methodist Church at 7pm. You are welcomed.

Please continue to pray for the children, no matter their age.

Just listen to the news and you will hear all sorts of stories of the enemy attempting to cause confusion, strive, and division. Many good, good people are in jail-possibly because no one prayed for them. Please pray for the children-no matter their ages.

*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things,  March 10, 2013

Circle Maker-Praying Circles Around Your Children 

This week read about "The Circle Maker" in Intercessors for America newsletter. Mark Batterson says; "The ultimate objective of prayer is to discern and do the will of God." and again, "There is nothing magical about drawing (walking)a prayer circle but there is something biblical about it."

Intercessors for America is a digest of happenings and events worthy of prayer visit for weekly prayer updates. The first Friday of the month everyone is encouraged to pray and fast for America. March 2nd, is Women's Day of Prayer for more info visit May 2nd, the first Thursday of May prayer gatherings are hosted around the country to honor this nationally recognized day of prayer. For more info on this event visit

This Saturday evening starting at 6pm is the annual Ruanna Settles Songfest. You are invited to join in this celebration while enjoying a very pleasing evening of music and fellowship.

Next Sunday at 3pm Helena Methodist Church is having a healing service.

Congratulations to the Girl Scouts of USA Amercia founded 1912. Happy, Happy 101st Birthday, March 12, 2013

On Friday the 15th, the Brown County Singing Will be held at the Higginsport Church right there in downtown Higginsport. You all are welcomed.

Soon the time will change. Please save your old batteries for a project that George Rooks participates with; thanks ahead of time! You can call me 937-392-1323 for more details.

The Manchester Sing will be held the 21st of March, at 7pm at the Manchester Presbyterian Church.

Bi-monthly, a gospel sing is presented, the first and third Friday of each month, at the Mt. Holly Christian Chapel, in Amelia, OH. It is free! Call Dan Cook 513-509-7312 or Kevin Cain 513-602-4654 for more information.

In this Dirt Road Country Gal's opinion farmer's, the people that bring us our food should be honored every day. However, Thursday, the 7th is Ohio Ag Day and then the 19th is National Ag Day, with the 17th through the 23rd is National Ag Week. I have known somewhat the battles that farmers have had to go through as they have had to deal with the weather conditions and many, many, many rules and regulations that have caused the folding of at least three dairy farms within spitting distance of my house. Like to eat food? Thank a farmer! And to coin a phrase I say, Salute to all farmers, great or small! Salute!

Happy, Happy Birthday and Happy, Happy Anniversary to: 

William Knechtly, Jason Wright, Phyllis Roush Paeltz, Bethany Byar, Lee A. Ritchie Dillion 

Kimberly Gelter, Stanley Jennings, Danielle Moore, Jasmine Osman. Lillian Vandy, 

Justin Cassiday, Jonny Osman, Anna B. Knechtly, Jenna Tracy, Cassie Campbell, Carol Holton, 

Lola Gelter, Jeff Gallenstein, Donna Mahanes, Pastor K. Servera, Michael Sowers, John Bohl 

Amy S. Beyer, Doris A. Clinger Brown Cole, Vinnie Highfield, Amanda Holland, Debora Sells 

Denver Shelton Sr.

Wow, it looks like a busy birthday week for Mom's sister Edith Osman. Aunt Edith has between March 7th and March 13th birthdays of one cousin, one niece, 2 grandchildren, one great grandchild, one brother. Happy Birthday all!

Word came in last week that Dean Gilliland passed away recently. Many blessings to his family, friends, and loved ones. Dean and his wife Lois were missionaries to Africa. 

Many blessings to the family, friends and loved ones of Jerry Polley.

Please continue to pray for Brandon Fusssnecker. 

Word just came in that our facebook friend Adam Morgan passed away over the weekend. Sincere sympathy to his friends, family, and loved ones.

Sincere sympathy to friends, family and loved ones of Shirley Ruggles, Sebastin Schwartz, Harold Eyler, and Betty Marchese.

Remember God's Closet and God's Kitchen will be open March 23rd. In the meanwhile, God's Closet is accepting donations. Several of the men of the church has been working to make the Closet more climate controlled. This is a very worthy ministry and donations of food and items are appreciated.

I heard that this week that UPS has withdrawn it's financial support from the Boy Scouts of America.

The bible study based upon Dr. Charles Stanley's 30 Life Principles continue Wednesday evening at the Decatur Methodist Church at 7pm. You are welcomed.

Please continue to pray for the children, no matter their age. 

Just listen to the news and you will hear all sorts of stories of the enemy attempting to cause confusion, strive, and division. 

I am very excited. Through reading an obituary of a person I did not know I have made a connection that can reunite me with some my very best childhood friends! I can hardly wait to hear their voices again! In fact, a few years back when I reentered college one of my life-learning papers included my Saddler sister's, our days of walking the country roads, singing hymns, and talking of our Lord Jesus. Though I was still very young when they moved away whenever can I pass the house that they lived in under the hill on Hartman Road I still remember their daddy Johnny teaching me an unusual habit that I still do to this day. Johnny taught me to smash my brown beans as he called my name in his sweet southern accent what sounded like to me "Murray." I am so excited to be in contact with my Saddler sisters again!

*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things,  February 25, 2013

The Brown County Historical Society will be meeting at the JVS school in Georgetown Thursday at 7pm. the topic is  about Home Remedies.

On March 2nd is a very sad anniversary- it is the anniversary of the beginning of the Viet Nam War.
The next day March 3rd, in 1931 the Star Spangled Banner was made the United States National Anthem.
Happy, Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to: Kain Girsovich, Derron Johnson, Sarah/Valentine Shelton, Sharon A. Knoch, John Salisbury, Katrina Ernst Wagoner,  Lillie Adams Hines, Sandy Goodman Byar ,Kara Clifton, Anna Mae Hafer, Laurie Shelton Henderson, Eddie Berry,  H. C. Bryan,  Della M. and Albert D. Jones, Michael Kemmenter,  Natalie Kennard,  Ann and Joshua Smalley,  Blanche Brown Weitlauf , Ann Carr, Jackie Rhoten, Ashley Hall Flaugher, Elizabeth B. Finley Baird, Tara Paeltz Coleman, Auguest Germann, Robert Teeters,  Goldie G. Gill Cox,  Clifford Feugate, Robert Feugate, Arch Campbell Salsibury, Linda Creighton, Mary Finley, John Knechtly, Jacqueline M. Silka 

*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things,  February 18, 2013

Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat. Mother Teresa 

Happy, Happy birthday and Happy, Happy Anniversary to: Colin Flannery Payton G. Johnson, Esther Bick Kennedy, Opal A. Whiteman Powell. Cassandra M. Starrett, Marion Leroy Baird, Jimmy Je Eckler, Tommy Ramsey, 
Constance M. Brown, Carolyn Schumacher Kessell, Abigail Wung, Gloria/ John Ulrich, Martha Kincaid Clinger, Martha/Arthur Clinger, Gladys Mosley, Patty Rivers and Danny Hardyman, Raechel Stauder, Jennifer King, David Shelton, Minnie Stallard, Nancy West Grimes, Alice M. and Clarence Hardyman, Dolores Theders Pelletier, Linda Frankie Shelton, Zachary Zimmerman, Kain Girsovich, Derron Johnson, Sarah Jacobs and Valentine Shelton, 
Sharon A. Knoche, John Salisbury, Katrina Ernst Wagoner

Sincere sympathy to the family, friends, and loved ones of Maureen Mo Harvey.

Happy belated birthday to Mrs.Viola Lewis, 102 years young Feb 17th.

The Seth Blevins Schlorship Spagetti Dinner, the second annual, will be held starting at 5pm March 2nd, 2013 in Georgetown SHJVS on Hamer Road. 

Shirley Brierly and I had the sudden opportunity to travel the new Maysville by-pass this week thinking it would take us to Washington, Ky. Well, it kind of did. It comes out about a mile so south of Washington on U.S. Route 68. For Lexington (or south-bound) travelors it is a definite shortcut.

Lately I told about the changes at the Russellville Presbyterian Church. Here is more information written by Dallas Hurt. For many years now there has been a dispute in the mainline protestant churches over liberalism versus conservative theology. The Presbyterians are no different. In May of 2011, the Russellville and Wheat Ridge Churches withdrew from the Cincinnati Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church (USA) denomination. In November of 2011, they both applied for membership in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church denomination [EPC} which holds to the more conservative and traditional Bible based theology of the Church of former years. Both Churches were received by the Evangelical Presbyterians as transitional member churches subject to a review and examination of the beliefs and leadership of the local churches. 
On January 15th, a preliminary "dry-run" of the examination of Elders for both Churches that met on January 29th. The Midwest Presbytery of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church met this past Friday, Feb 8th in Auburn, Indiana and received both the Russellville and Wheat Ridge Churches into full membership. There were a total of eight members from the two churches in attendance to be received and recognized. Lay Pastor, Kevin Jodrey, who is temporarily filling the Russellville Presbyterian Pulpit, also accompanied the group as an observer. 
We understand that four Churches from the Cincinnati Presbytery and four Churches from the Dayton area Presbytery have made this change to the more conservative, Evangelical Presbyterian Church denomination. 

The Decatur's Byrd Township Fish Fry is happening every Friday through Lent, 5-8pm call 513-875-2202

CAUV meeting Tuesday, Feb 19th 6pm. Reservations 937-378-2212. Farmers will hear, seemingly after-the-fact, explanations of the sharp tax increases in the taxable value of their land.

A 80th birthday card shower has been requested for the Carol Jean Cluxton Hoffer, 1929 Southlawn, Fairborn, Ohio 45324. Carol, born March the 8th, is the daughter of Harold and Mildred Cluxton of Peebles, Ohio.
The Decatur Methodist is now having Wednesday evening Bible Study. This study is based upon the works of Dr. Charles Stanley.

Remember hearing of the icy bridge accident at Mt. Orab that claim the life of a Winchester lady? Well, the lady is the sister JoAnn Knechtly, wife of cousin Junior Knechtly. Sincere sympathy to all family, friends, and loved ones.

The monthly Manchester sing will be held this Thursday night at 7pm at the Presbyterian Church. All reports say that this is a wonderful event. You are welcomed.
The Ripley Nazarene will be holding their monthly sing

Recently thinking that it might be good to again to return to my basics, my foundation I began reading the story of the Adam and Eve in the Garden. Though read before I "found" new items to ponder, i.e., Eve's curse/woman's curse came before she had the name Eve-mother of all living; there appears to have been two trees in the garden because the woman wanted more knowledge-why? She had everything! A man that had just names every living thing in the Garden, a man that praised the Lord for her, and etc but she was beguiled into enjoying the tree of knowledge only to immediately learn that she was naked. She had gone from having everything to ;earning that she was naked. She had, before the beguilment, accepted her husband's words that he had been told of God regarding the tree, this was because she was not even formed yet when God had instructed Adam. At the same time while the woman was being beguiled the man, Adam was right there by her side, listening to the conversation-without one word of caution-and readily ate of the fruit and then blamed/damned God for creating the woman-the woman that he had just been rejoicing over.

Please pray for the children! Pray for the children-of all ages. It is said that we are born into a fallen world and getting through the only key seems to be prayer. Please pray for the children. They need you more than ever. Rape is a very ugly word possibly because it represents two very different people and seems to represent a trespass/invasion of one against another. Immediately, upon hearing the word in it's most common recognition form one cringes, however, rape seems to come in many forms and happens to many people throughout their life-time, mostly leaving the victim defenseless while the rapist (and sometimes their groupies) not even thinking or realizing what they have done and denying to the uttermost that a crime occurred. It is the opinion of one is that a rape is anytime and also by anyone that invades, attacks, assails, and/or intrudes upon another-whether physically or mentally. However, rape is not the unpardonable sin. My prayer is that the rapist realizes what is going on and repents and seeks the creator and the one that went to the cross so that the rapist might be set free from those actions of rape-physically and mentally occurring again.

This week is the birthday of my friend and mentor Dolores Pelletier. Dolores was a very creative craft-minded person. One of the last projects she created was a small patchwork heart. We talked of creating hearts to take to the children as a way to let children in distress to know that someone cared about them. This thought stemmed from a Hospice survivors group that i had attended where one of the participants shared that her young daughter came home from school very upset and saying, "No one cared that Grandpa died."

Once I had an opportunity to attend a gathering of children that had come to watch a presentation about the ills of drunk driving. I was just there as a background not-suppose-to-be-paying-attention-non-participant. As the explaination of the movie was being given one little boy said, "My Dad was killed last year in a truck accident by a drunk driver." My heart melted for his sake, partly because one of the many people that i have had at my house showed much emotion when she told that her mother had died as a result of a drunken driver and that she had to have heart surgery, and that her sister would always be in a nursing home all as a result of a drunken driver-in this case her own Dad. For this litle boy I wanted to go and at least give him a hug but....... and the people and the other children continued on as if he had never ever spoken. My concern is that if there is nothing for children of trama, nothing, no show of anything that someone cares outside of the home how will they know to care when it comes their time to show that they care about others? 

Lately, after what I considered a traumatic event for some children I stopped by the school inquiring about the possibility of the school system having anything available to reach out to a child, even a grand parent program. I do not know the answers but I do know one little girl sitting in her room staring out the window wondering if anyone cared; guess that is why it is good to recognize people at birthdays and Christmas, maybe; but then isn't that what knowning the peace of God through the power, the cross, and the blood of Jesus all about. There is no other one that cares more! Bless the Lord Oh, My soul!

Last week I put out a challenge for us to "bless our enemies" and to keep a journal for a couple of days. Well, hopefully the events and news and contacts of your week was alot more pleasant and less tearful than mine, which brings me back to me old, old story is "The Lord is My Shepherd and I Shall NOT WANT!!!

I thank the Lord God Almighty that an few years ago I found the life-changing book written by Dr. David Burns called "Feeling Good." This book took me from chasing rainbows and from actions resembling a dog chasing it's tail to a place calmness of "beside the still waters" as written of in Psalms.

Dr. Burns introduced his readers to four very different writing exercises that would bring about a discernment of their troubling thoughts. Two of these written exercises I have adopted, along with writing letters to God, and reading the Word; especially after times like recently when dreaming very revealing dreams of my life within the church body.

Another person who seemed to write similiar to the methods described by Dr. Burns was another David, King David of Psalms who started many of the Psalms sounding bewildered only to wind up praising the Lord from Whom all blessings flow. If you would like an answer to the troubling thought that seems to have no end and would like to settle that swirling thought down i strongly suggest attempting this writing exercise for more contentment and peace of mind,, 937-392-4261.

May the blessings of the Lord continue to be upon you. Watch the words that you speak, for we have been told 
"Life and death are in the power of the tongue!"

And I forgot to mention regarding woman's curse given in Genesis 3 starting at verse 14 we have been told that all of that curse went to the cross according to Galatians 3 and in Isaiah 54 that thy Maker is thy husband, the Lord of Hosts is His name and thy Redeemer the Holy One of Israel; the God of the whole earth shall He be called! Much more is written there within Isaiah including the word "widowhood" which according to study means discarded-as in divorce and as in death means bereaved. Blessings come in many forms keep you eyes and ears open and recieve and I strongly encourage you to read the Word for yourself, strongly!! You will be shockingly amazed!

*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things,  February 11, 2013

Doty Staker made this announcement lately. We have an exciting new children's ministry coming to Brown County! Christian Theatre for Children is hosting a summer theatre day camp June 5th - 13th at the Georgetown Presbyterian Church with their final production of The Jungle Book at the Gaslight Theater. Students entering 2nd grade through high school may register. The camp cost is $60.00 per child for students in 2nd - 8th grade. High school students may register for FREE, and may work as camp "counselors" helping students learn their lines, music, and dance routines or work on the stage crew. They may also audition for the musical if they wish.

Christian Theatre for Children exists to help children discover their God-given talents, to find joy and passion in mastering and sharing their talents with the community, and to provide a place for those talents to be displayed. The theatre camp is being directed by Dody Crisp Staker, Sandy Hanselman Eversole, Jill McCarley Dotson, and Debbie Haubner Adkins, all of Georgetown. They have more than 60 years of experience working with children's programming. CTC is a non-profit organization with an all volunteer staff. They exist to invest in the lives of children, not their bank accounts!

The camp is open to ALL children in Brown County and surrounding areas. Students do not have to audition to be a part of the summer camp, but they must register in advance. Registration forms can be found at the Christian Theatre for Children's Facebook page or at

We are excited to see what God has planned for the summer theatre and for the children of Brown County. Get your registrations forms in now.You are welcomed to come to the Red Oak Presbyterian Church at 10 am every Sunday. The following is the list of worship leaders through March.February 17, 2013Barbara Jean Havens, 24th-Ronnie Moffett, March 3rd Ronnie Moffett, 10th, Ken Spielvogel, 17th Lisa Corum Fox , 24th Barbara Jean Havens, 24th Palm Sunday / Communion. 

On February17th come at 9am and enjoy a breakfast of pancakes, orange juice, and coffee.

On Wednesday the 13th come and participate in Ash Wednesday services at 7pm. 

Also on Wednesday the 13th The new Russellville Evangelical Presbyterian Church (formerly Russellville Presbyterian Church USA) the pastor and congregation invite you to come to Ash Wednesday services at 7pm.

Also on Wednesday the 13th the Decatur Methodist Church invites you to their new Bible Study based on a biblical guide of Dr. Charles Stanley.

Friday the 15th the monthly Brown County Singing Convention will be held at Georgetown Nazarene which is straight across from McDonald's.

On the 21st is the 7pm Gospel Songfest at the Manchester Presbyterian Church. You are welcomed.

On Saturday the 22nd is God's Kitchen at the Russellville Church of Christ. Though God's Closet is closed until warmer weather please bring all donations to the church. This is a very worthy cause.

One of the facebook pictures this week was a dog sleeping on a bench. It was sleeping though covered with snow. Please realize that dogs are not the only creature of God sleeping in the snow plenty of humans are also. As the song says, "Don't Shoot the Wounded One Day You Might Be One." Please pray for your neighbor, even if they do not smile at you; you have no idea the heart of that person-no idea at all-please pray for them and all the children.

This weekend's visitor's with Shirley Brierly was her son Gary Morgan of Wichita, Kansas, her daughter Angie Brierly, her grandson Jonathan Brierly of Ripley.

Congratulations to Chad and Lisa Klump Taylor on the birth of their baby daughter. 

Congratulations to my baby for turning another year older. Helping him celebrate this event was Lisa and Hallie Salisbury, Jessica and Xavier Salisbury, and Mary Howelett.

Joyce Trunnel and Mary Howelett enjoyed spending lunch-time together at Lake Manor recently. The two had worked out of the same office years before. While still visiting with each other and catching up with the news of years since working together in comes mother and daughter duo of Elizabeth Holton and Jeannie Bolender, what a pleasant surprise. They were celebrating Jeannie's birthday.

Sincere sympathy sent to Bernice Johnson on the loss of her brother.

Sincere sympathy sent to Bonnie Kirk on the loss of her mother, Bessie Smith.

Happy, Happy Birthday and Happy, Happy anniversary to Sue /John Dryden, Hallie A. Salisbury, Jeremy Boldman James Black Darion Marshall-Bobbie J. Eckler Della M. Hardyman Jones Harry Knechtly 

Marcia Pelletier Vance, Kristen Rogers, Ruth Wilson, Donald R. Ligthner, JoAnn Holton/Billy Fauth Kathy/Gene Gast

Joe Wallingford, Robert Begley, Linda C. Parker, Laura E.Schussler, Emily Armacost, Douglas Dyer, April Kirschner

Dakota Marshall, Lindsey C. Parker, Hailey Kessel 

Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow. In the meanwhile it would be really good to wtch what words are spoken-from without and from within. We have been told that life and death are in the power of the tongue! Please pray for all children-of all ages. Life and death are in the power of the tongue. Matthew's words in red say bless your enemies. Actually why not try that for two days keeping a journal and see the effects of doing so. I would love to hear about this little tiny experiment. 937-392-4261 email Blessing your enemies-maybe just because it is written in red-where it is believed that hope is there within.

*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News, People, Places, Things,  February 4, 2013

This Friday, the 8th at 7pm local artist and those interested in hearing great talent are invited to the New Beginnings Church for a songfest to benefit their new food pantry. All are welcomed. New Beginnings Church is located in the former Farmer's Chapel on 3417 White Oak Road, Georgetown, Ohio; off US Route 68 in downtown Wahlsburg turn west on White Oak Station Road for approximately 3-4 miles. Can't miss the church sitting high on the right. 
For more info call the church at 937-379-9000.

The Church of the Nazarene was the site of a nice concert presented by Kenny Wayne Sears and his wife. Before 
they sang other members of the audience preformed! This time Ernie took his guitar and sat in with the musicians. WooHoo!!!

Each fourth Wednesday this church has a songfest which is always different and always good.

If you are interested in a website to go and hear your favorite music that would be a site called "Spotify." Very nice!

Also found is a very nice scriptural reference website called "" Along with many items regarding research it has two comparison columns of just about every Bible printed. Very nice!

The new Russellville Evangelical Presbyterian Church will be having Ash Wednesday services at 7pm Wednesday the 13th the day before Valentines Day, but more important it is six weeks before the greatest day in history, Easter!

The new Russellville Evangelical Presbyterian Church will be entertaining the Adams-Brown Brotherhood February the 25th at 7:30pm. The guest speaker for this meeting will be Ned Lodwick. 

The Russellville Presbyterian Church, formerly Presbyterian USA is now Evangelical Presbyterian Church. 

Dody Staker and friends is in the process of starting a Chrisitan Childrens Theatre. For more information go to the website by that name. 

Sunday, February 17th at 9:am the Red Oak Presbyterian Church, will be serving pancakes, orange juice, and coffee and people are invited to wear their pj's. 

February 16th the Sardinia Church of Christ Project Linus will met from 10-2pm. This is a very important project of making blankets to give to give to many, many different agencies throughout local area. Please bring sack lunch. For more information contact Carol Chambers at

Many people have gone on to their reward just lately, among them and having my condolences are:

Sincere sympathy to the families, friends, and loved ones of Sherry Woolard, She is the wife of Manchester Signal editor Butch Woolard.

Sincere sympathy to the families, friends, and loved ones of Ruth Ann Teeters brother, Walter Hutton.

Sincere sympathy to the families, friends, and loved ones of John Godby's father.

Sincere sympathy to the families, friends, and loved ones of Michael Hart's mother Lucille Hart.

Sincere sympathy to the families, friends, and loved ones of Larry Bixler's father.

Sincere sympathy to the families, friends, and loved ones of Eddie Carrington.

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to:

Yvonne Shelton Cochran,  Douglas Mitchell,  David E. Pixley,  Ruth Cluxton McFarland,  Mattie M. Knecthly,
Whisner Johnathan,  Kessel Ann Stewart McFerson, Laura A. Hardyman  Sheeley, Leora M. Baird Salisbury, Ernie Marshall, David Schular, James Salsibury, Thomas S.Salsibuury, Linda Cox Hampton, Issac Dotson, Michael Finley, Michael Pelletier Sr. , Louella M. and Olin B. Shelton Ross Daulton, Deanna Fontaine, Anita Griffin Kennedy, 
Jarrod Parker,  Lee B. Knechtly, Joseph Shelton, Jean Van Dalen Fonner, Niva Royal, Michelle F. Yockey White, 
Ralph H. West, Xana Brown, John Crossmock 

*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News January 27, 2013

Several more loved ones have move on through the last phase of their life here on this earth. 

Dear Mrs. Elizabeth Pennington ran the race and this weekend won her prize, never wavering from her faith, nor her opportunities to share her love for her family, friends, and acquaintances and all of their friends, families, and acquaintances. A true role model. Sincere sympathy to the her loved ones. 

Sincere sympathy to family, friends, and loved ones of Charles Ray Spires.

Sincere sympathy to the family, friends, and loved ones of Mary Covert Williams. Mary always showed great respect and care for those around her. Another role model has gone on to her reward.

This Friday, December 1st , at 7pm a special time of singing will be held at the Meadowwood Nursing Home. This indeed is a special time and you are invited.

Starting December 6 at 7pm the Decatur Methodist Church will begin having Wednesday night Bible Study under the the direction of Gary and Suzanne Hopkins, the new pastor and his wife. You are invited.

This Wednesday, the 30th, the Ripley Nazarene Church is sponsoring a concert by guitarist Kenny Wayne Sears. The last time (and first) that I heard Kenny Wayne I very much enjoyed his music.

Last week I attended the Brown County Seniors meeting held once a month, the fourth Wednesday, at the American Legion in Georgetown. It was a very enjoyable time and I met some new friends that turned out to be old friends of
Red Oak. Small world!

Speaking of Red Oak the cemetery association has a blow with the loss of their coordinator Mary Louise Mitchell Koernor. However, for right now to go to person regarding the cemetery is Kristel Titus at 937-213-1554 cell, and 937-392-4922 home, and the funeral homes also have that information.

Please keep Georgia Woolard's family in your prayers. Georgia and her family have long published the Manchester Signal newspaper. The "Signal" is read in 27 countries, so in the opinion of one this is not just any other small town newspaper. 

The Red Oak Presbyterian Church is planning an eventful day on February 17th when the congregation is to come 
in for pancakes, bacon, and orange juice and coffee at 9am. 

Congratulations to Stephanie Sizemore for winning first place in the high jump. Sorry that I did not get th
e information of where this completion was held but-we are mighty proud of her!

My Bible verses for the week are Psalms 6: 2-10, Matthew 20: 12-15, Matthew 20: 20-28.

Well, yet still another internet technician at Howelett House this week. However, this one introduced me to a
wonderful website call Spotify. There I can listen to any song that comes into my mind. Not only that I can make
my own list to play at my own leisure, and the most wonderful part is that this website is FREE!

Seems like ever other person on Facebook is complaining about feeling ill. Well, over the years I ave used Liquid Silver (Colloidal Silver) to ward off dis-ease. One Tablespoon or less taken at the first ting of sickness almost always knocks it right out. If is has progressed a tablespoon or less has most often restore better health within the hour.
A bottle is approximately $30 and is completely odorless and tasteless, because it is water based. In the opinion
of one, liquid silver is good for almost any complaints, as it kills multitude upon multitude of viruses and bacteria. Information about it is online.

Happy, Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to: Robin Burbage, Scott Hundley, Julia Hoover, Arthur Dakin, Grace Bowling Dickson, Carolyn/Chester Holton, Charles A. Gilliland, Lee/Roger Dillion, Charles F. Myers 

Randy Brown, Bob Salisbury, Tonya Dotson Schlomer-, Shirley and Will Wagoner Jr. ,James D. Haitz, Robert Poage

Lisa Shelton &Mark Duane Salisbury, Susan K. Watson Ratliff, Mark D. Salisbury, Nancy A. Salisbury, William M. Baird, Geannie and James Gilliland, Lorena/Elmer Carr, Maria Day Klump, Otis Kokensparger, Hanna Sherwood

As you may have noticed this week is the birthday of my son. I cannot let this opportunity pass without saying that YES, I had my son at circumstances that were truly less than favorable. Maybe someday I will write a book about 
being a young unwed mother before it became popular, and what it was like being the accussed (instead of a
victim in what is now considered a crime), maligned and labelled and the burden carrier of false guilt all because 
of the uninhibited acts and unbridled passion and selfish desires of one. However, through it all a miracle happened. Not only did i finally find out, but also realized, deep in my heart of hearts that all things work together for the good-just as Romans 8:28 says. 

I had the opportunity to be a mother only one time in my whole lifetime. How very, very thankful I have been that my baby was not aborted! 

Just this morning on Facebook was the figure that in 2011 there were 333,964 unborn babies slaughtered. Yes, slaughtered! After learning what the sperm has to go through to reach the egg I will never ever believe any

The scriptures tell us that children are a gift from God. How very thankful I am for my gift; and as far as unwed
mothers goes wasn't there yet another unwed mother in the world's history-she gave birth to the one that became 
the sacrificial Lamb of God.

*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News January 20, 2013

Well, sometime something goes wrong and something good comes from it-actually, that happens frequently;
this week the internet acted up. When the technician came he introduced me to a website called Spotify. It is a
free download and just about any song, album, and/or artist is available; for free!

For a very long time I have been wanting to hear "The Lord's Prayer" in song. What a blessing I got, well this was youtube-but it was John Denver teaching "The Lord's Prayer" in Indian sign language. Beautiful! 

If possible I would dedicate this preformance of John Denver preforming the Lord' Prayer to the Gifts of God that
have been aborted since 40 years ago this week when the decision was made to make abortion legal.

Also, found on youtube was one of my favorite songs introduced to me by the unique talents of Jeff Campbell of Adams County-Wow! Can he ever sing that song! Every time I heard him sing "The Anchor Holds" I would cry-never knowing why. Then this week I learned that the pastor and his wife suffered their third miscarriage. They had
prayed so hard for this baby. He held his tiny little baby in his hand and cried to Lord. To make their story shorter
he said that in the grief of his heart he went to the piano and just played for hours and hours. From that time of
playing came the song "The Anchor Holds"

This week Shirley Brierly and I attended a meeting at the Russellville Presbyterian Church. Russellville along with Wheat Ridge are two local Presbyterian churches that have made a decision severe affliations with Presbyterian Church U.S.A. And join Evangelical Presbyterian Church, who does not support same-sex marriage nor abortions. Ministers formerly in Brown County have already severed memberships. If you would like more information about being a Presbyterian the Presbytery mets February 8th.

Sincere sympathy to family, friends, and loved ones of Dan Klump.

Sincere sympathy to family, friends, and loved ones of Donna Neu.

Talked with my friend Ruth Ann Teeters. She celebrated her birthday at Red Lobster with her Granddaughter Ashley and John Sharp, daughter Vicki and Larry Bixler, and their son Nathan Bixler. Later in the week Larry, Vicki, and Nathan met up with Ruth Ann's son, daughter-in-law, and grandson Larry, Michelle, and Duane Teeters, in Gatlinburg, TN meeting to celebrate Ruth Ann's birthday. Many more birthdays Ruth Ann.

Ruth Ann is the president of the Brown County Seniors that meet once a month, the fourth Wednesday of the month, at the American Legion, on south old U.S. 68. Ruth Ann says, that they are "old and intelligent! Amen Ruth Ann!

If you like some good, good singing then you are invited to the Ripley Nazarene Church at 7pm this Wednesday evening.

The next Wednesday, January 30th, Kenny Wayne Sears will be in concert at 7pm. You are welcome.

This past week Jane and Herb Polley celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary. Their son Kenny brought them 
some of his German Chocolate birthday cake and daughter Lisa brought them a cherry pie. Happy, Happy
anniversary Jane and Herb.

Best wishes to our friend Elizabeth Pennington. Happy birthday to daughter Edna.

Angie Brierly took her Mom for a Sunday afternoon ride and outing. They ended up eating at Pasquale's in 
Maysville. Poor, poor me didn't have any Pasquale's.

Just found out that the cinnamon that we are using might be Cassia Cinnamon-and it is not real and has a potentia
for causing liver damage. The real cinnamon is Ceylon Cinnamon.

A while back I was inquiring at the Sunshine Health Food Store about a product called Sanicle that reportably
shrinks tumors. Susan introduced me to cancer fighting information about the locally grown Paw-Paw as an 
effective cancer fighting agent. Then within days of being at The SunShine Health Food Store for more Liquid Silver and supplies I received this post from face-book friend Nancy Godinho about the Paw-Paw. Besides being a cancer remedy, the Graviola or Sour Sop fruit is a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent for both bacterial and fungal infections [and therefore cancer], is effective against internal parasites and worms, lowers high blood pressure and is used for depression, stress and nervous disorders. Various parts of the Graviola tree-including the bark, leaves, roots, fruit 
and fruit-seeds-have been used for centuries by medicine men and native Indians in South America.

However it appears that perhaps the 'Graviola is Inferior to Paw Paw as a Cancer-Fighting Supplement'. Read the thought provoking article at:

Happy birthday and Happy anniversary to:Savannah M. Gaskins, Earl Turner Lisa Polley Fussnecker William H.B. Haitz, Ed Richey, Jeannie Holton Bolender, Lucille Gelter , Stacey Shelton, William Baird Jr, Mary B. And Herman Becraft, Jonathan M. Black, Gloria and Jack Rutan, Marvin Case, Dave Deininger-, Ralph Dotson, Steven W. Pelletier Sr., Jody Wilson, Bryson Kennedy, Nancy/ Donald L. Salisbury, Esther Cook Salisbury, Gladys/Jim Bowman, 
Charles L. Swearingen, Robin Burbage , Scott Hundley, Julia Hoover, Arthur Dakin, Grace Bowling Dickson, Carolyn/Chester Holton

*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

Red Oak News January 14, 2013

Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Nathan and Thelma Petry Poff celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary! Friends,
family and loved ones are invited to join the the celebration of this joyous occasion January 19th at the Ripley Methodist Church second Street Ripley from 2-4pm

Mrs. Jane Polley expresses her appreciation to her family, friends, and loved ones for the wonderful 80th birthday party given in her honor at the Ripley Church of the Nazarene. .

Sincere sympathy to the family, friends, and loved ones of Laura Cooper White.

Twelve months ago I made a discussion, based upon the neighbor's dog, to open my home to a homeless man
living in a tent in a ravine under the guardrail down in Ripley. Though he had tried he could not get any kind of 
service and/or assistance. As a result he was eating out of garbage containers. But worse than that he had three
very large hernias that severally limited his activities.

I could write a book on these last twelve month's but the book would be all about praising the Lord for what
He has done in Ernie's life in the past twelve months.

It was not until very recently that I learned that Ernie has multiple musical talents making a guitar, piano, harmonica 
do things that just makes one drop their jaw in wonderment. Like I said I have only learned this recently. A whole lot
of prayer and trusting the Lord has gone into this past twelve months and continues on in a second to second basis.
I can not recommend opening your home up to a stranger-unless God is in the whole situation. It has not been boring-to say the least.

This week two of Mom's best friends were buried; on the same day. Oh my! Well, we decided to travel to West Union for the funeral of Louise Shelton. It is hard to believe that Louise so very full of life is now gone. Oh my! And to hear what a blessing knowing her had been to ones that spoke, what a thrill!

Jack Arrasmith, former meat cutter turned minister spoke of Louise leaving the "Land of the Dying and now being in the Land of the Living."

The song Lord, I'm Coming Home" sang by a group called "Canton Junction" was indeed very touching.

Returning home I researched this song to find that the group is made up of John Hagee's son, Aaron Crabb of the Crabb Family, the familiar bass singer from the Gaither group that I can not remember his name, and another man. I could not find that song but found some other that where close. The strange part was that lately I have been blessed with an internet server that will allow time enough for youtube. We had been watching the Crabb Family songs and touching testimonies earlier in the week.

A Buy Local Seminar is set for Sunday, January 20t, h from 1:45 to 5pm at St. George's Parish Hall, 509 East State Street (the main drag) of Georgetown, Ohio. The keynote speaker will be Dr. Tom Synder from OSU South Centers. 
In addition there will be several workshops and discussions of interest to consumers and producers. For more information call Julie Kline937-392-1543 or Pat Hornschemeier at 937-378-4796. the public is invited to attend at no cost.

Ernie and I have found a new place to shop. It is called "Redeemed Treasures" and is located on the north side of the old West Union Hospital. All proceeds from the store go to support the Adams County Christian School, that receives no government funding. Store hours are from 11 to 4pm on Tuesday through Friday and 10am to 2pm on Saturday. Very nice shop.

Sunday, January 20th is the closest Sunday to January 22, 1973, the 40th anniversary of Roe versus Wade and Doe verus Bolton. On this date the U. Supreme Court handed down the decision making abortion legal. It has been said that over Three Hundred and Thirty-Three Thousand Gifts from God, as the scripture calls a baby, were killed in the last year. (Rating in the very top of learning experiences of my life was within the Biology class taught by Jeff Foster 
at Southern State Community College. Along with his lecture was a film describing the reproduction process. What I gleaned from this is that for the male sperm to even reach the female egg the sperm goes through a very fierce war;truly a miracle that the sperm reaches the egg in the first place, and then what happens later is still miraculous.)

Americans, or at least some, now observe the Sunday prior to that date as Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.

Many communities have Pregnancy Resources Centers; Brown County is no exception. This is a Christian
non-profit organization whose goal is to assist women in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy giving them the opportunity to chose life for their child. All services are free and not affiliate with any government agency and
receives no government funds. It is solely 100% supported by churches, private donations and fund-raising events.

Somewhat along the same subject this would be a good place to mention that I am extremely proud of the many Presbyterian Churches who have taken a Biblical stand and have withdrawn their affiliations with Presbyterian Church U.S.A. Due to their stance on abortion and on gay marriages, and their thinking that the Bible is only partly right. The Russellville Presbyterian Church is one of these churches, as is Wheat Ridge, and College Hill Presbyterian-this news pleases me-because of my attendance years ago in a Inner Healing Seminar. May the blessings of the Lord continue to be with those that have taken the stand to stay true to the foundations of their 
faith and the faith of their fathers!

This past week I read the story of how Saul threw a javelin at David two different times while David played music to soothe him. Both times the javelin missed David and Saul became afraid of him. David did what was right and pleasing.

Sometimes we might have the javelin thrown at us, just avoid being hit, be aware of your surroundings, and go on doing right in the eyes of the Lord Almighty. Remember you are a gift also.

May the blessings of the Lord continually be upon you!

Red Oak News January 7, 2013

A baby was a visitor at the Red Oak Presbyterian Church Sunday. This I was not aware of until I heard the near newborn hiccup.
Just as we were finding out this is the week of the Feast of the Epiphany and the story of the wise men on the search for baby Jesus, Matthew's version. Oh how sweetly that little hiccup sounded. Precious just precious! A reminder that we are told in Psalms that "Children are a gift from God." it is true that I have had to remind myself of that fact from time to time, while at the same time having to remind myself that Jesus came to earth for one thingaccording to the Word and one instance is found right there in the 21st verse of chapeter one of Matthew. In earlier years Joseph's trials and tribulations all led up to one event that saved his people, Esther experience's led up to the fact that the Jewish people were saved and their enemy destroyed. Oh, I hope that infant comes back again

Sincere sympathy to the family of Tim Doyle and Jerry Utterback who lost their lives this week in a vehicle accident. Tim has been over to the Red Oak Presbyterian Church a couple of times sharing with us his beautiful voice and his love for his savior, Jesus Christ

Red Oak has lost two former neighbors and good friends this week.

Louise Shelton was in our home many times throughout the years. Approximately five years ago Sarah Beth had a bad, bad case of poison ivy. A thought came to me to get her out and hopefully her mind off her pain. I bought her a pretty two piece green flowered dress outfit, and letting use my camera to snap my drive-by shots we along with Mom started out. Well, soon we asked Shirley Brierly to join us, and she quickly jumped in the vehicle. Then as we meandered along my vehicle took us to West Union. As we approached Mom began talking. It did not take me long to figure out that she wanted to see her dear friend Louise Shelton. Well, lo and behold Louise wanted to go meandering also; going clear over to Serpent Mound! We had great fun! And Sarah got some excellent photos 
and it even seemed like that her poison ivy was much healed at the end of that day! Then the next thing I heard was that Louise had gotten married to John Rhoades. They never stopped celebrating their honeymoon! Louise so full of life died New Year's Day. My sympathy to her family, friends, and loved ones. Mom loved her like a sister and now they are together again.

Our friend Bernice Fryer joined her Frankie this past week. Bernice was our friend with a caring heart. Their house has been gone for many years but I never pass by without remembering Bernice. Now her and Mom can finish their conversation. Sincere sympathy to family, friends, and loved ones. 

Today I saw a scientific program based on the works of H.B. Wells called something like Prophecy in Science. Within this program it told of books that he had written about the seemingly doomsday Island Mauro and how many prophecies that he told that came true including the A-Bomb. The whole program was interesting especially where scientist are now injecting pre-born sheep with human cells, much like in Mr. Wells book. 

Please put Danny Wilson on your prayer list. He is the nephew of Berta Snider Moffett. Danny is a non-military person sent to Ethiopia.

Congratulations to Breanna Wagner, daughter of Leigh Anne Yocum and PJ Wagner of Manchester. Breanna graduated this week and is now an official member of the U.S. Coast Guard. Way to go Breanna! Breanna is also the granddaughter of Lyn Yocum and great granddaughter of Bea Fiscus.

We of Red Oak are very saddened that our very good friend has been stricken with health issues. My, what a friend Mary Louise has been to us throughout the years! Mary Louise grew up at Red Oak in the house that is now an implement dealer business. Just south of that house stands a barn-alone- a constant remeinder that a fine, beautiful home once stood near-by. One night from our house, across the fields we saw the house blazing. Dad allowed me to ride down there with him. Oh what a very sad sight indeed that was even to a very young girl. Today it is still sad. Anyway, that is were Mary Louise's grandfather lived. Throughout the years Mary Louise has said that she often came over to visit with Miss Annie McPherson and my real grandma, named Dessie, who died when I was a year old.

Now that Christmas is over and you are reorganizing please remember any gently used items will be accepted at God's Closet. This is an outreach ministry of the Russellville Church of Christ. Also, they have a food pantry and also serve a hot meal once a month, the last Saturday of the month for both God's Kitchen and God's Closet.

Something I forgot last week was to tell of the wonderful Christmas Eve service held at the Red oak Presbyterian Church. Barb and Sara Campbell played the pian. Sam Titus did a solo on his clarienet, and Paul Woods played his harmonica, Dale Ryan of Wheat Ridge accompanied Barb on the piano, and nathan Woods led the service.

The special singing over at the Meadowwood Nursing Center was called off this week due to so many people being ill. The plan is to have this singing the first Friday of the month.

Also, remember to save your used batteries for George Rooks. George collects them to take to a school for their projects. You can call me at 937-392-4261 if you have some to pick up.

The Eastern Area Churches will be gathering for leadership training at the Decatur office on Saturday, January the 19th beginning 8:30am.

Don't be robbed! Cover yourself over with the blood of the Lamb and read in the Word-the lamp unto your feet, a guide unto your path!

Be aware of your surroundings. Do not be caught off guard. Stay focused like the people of Matthew 11 who followed Jesus though the Pharisees were seeking to kill him they followed him and he healed them all! 

Happy Birthday and Birthday Remembrances and Happy Anniversary and Anniversary Remembrances this week to:

Wm Flaugher Jr , Rhonda Frodge ,Cheryl McClain, Louella M. Black Shelton -123, Dale West , Duane Ebeling ,Lynn Lawhun, Alice Tull Spires, Beverly Kilgore Stephanson, Greg Applegate ,

Brett Fisher, Mildred Dixon Kirk, Jared Polley, Dorothea and Jeff Tackett, Melinda Stephanson Allen, Ann Cooper, Betty Gilliland Sheely, Greg Stephanson, Michelle Shelton Poole, Billie Pelletier Applegate, Andy Black, Evelyn and Bill Downing, Gene Linville ,Wynne S. Kroemer, Mary A. McFerson, Sarah McFerson, Mima Simpson Fulton, Carolyn M. West Holton, Marion Jenkins, Clem Osman, Amy Stout, Dylan Dotson ,Helen M. Salisbury Klump, Jane and Herbert Polley Sr., James C. Knoche, Brandi Logan, Kenny Polley, Teresa Yockey

*Mary Ruth Salisbury Howelett- Still believing the words in Red!*

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